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You want to feel good – great even, but you’ve done the breathwork and it’s just not happening. You’re stuck, frustrated, and ready to give up.


Self care is is also part of your “holistic” package of who you really are, it’s the “totality” of YOU. 

When you achieve overall wellness,  you are taking care of your mind, body, and soul. It means getting out of your head (although it can be such a bully sometimes) but it also is about being more mindful on how you look and feel – and inviting ALL areas of your life to take part. 

After all you are a part of this universe and it is part of you, so you and you alone are very unique in this world, so its time to incorporate some self care and wellness philosophies to bring out the best version of yourself with rejuvenated energy levels right?

I know it sounds like a lot, but when you let your mind and body go with it, you’ll love how you feel.

Ready to learn more? Let’s dive in.

What is Self Care that integrates a Zen Wellness attitude?
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Self Care with a Zen wellness attitude occurs when you feel good from the inside out. It’s not the temporary happiness that a candy bar gives you or the high you get when you splurge on your favorite purse or makeup. Sure, those are fun, but they are temporary. They usually leave you feeling empty after a little while and looking for the next best thing right?

Zen wellness embodies your mind,spirit and self caring for your body. It makes you feel good from the inside out and from the outside in. You won’t be able to help but exude happiness and good energy when you take care of the totality of YOU. 

When you feel good, you automatically spread goodness around you – you can’t help but share your good energy when you’re centered and feeling great.

Who doesn’t love a feeling of overall wellness and success?

Take Time for Self-Care
positive mindset - Meditation Hypnosis - self-care tips

Everyone has a different definition of self-care because each individual is unique. Stop and think about what makes YOU happy. Self-care could look like:

  • Journaling before getting out of bed or before going to bed at night
  • Praying
  • Meditating
  • Stretching or implementing movement
  • Using organic skin and body care products
  • Lighting a candle and sitting in peace and quiet
  • Taking a long walk
  • Taking a long enjoyable drive

Try many things and see what works for you – what brings you back to your core and makes you able to take care of yourself and those around you.

Healing and Empowering yourself Through Color

Everywhere you look there are colors – right? How much do you invite them into your life? 

How much do you think about the color of your clothes or even the color of your makeup?  

Color therapy is an amazing way to invoke the best feelings in your body and mind without even trying.

But what would happen if you intentionally introduce a certain colour for your day.

Are you wearing certain colors today, to make you feel happy?

What about wearing certain colors to make you feel more empowered or inspired?

What about wearing certain shade of colors to make you more successful or to attract a loving partner into your life?

I bet you put on your clothes and make up quickly to get to work, but probably not give it a second thought about how certain colours of clothes and make up do make a difference in your day.

It’s not just about how people perceive you, but its more about a certain energy and the energy of color that helps with projecting a certain message, to magnetize you towards the outcome you are hoping for.

positive mindset - Meditation Hypnosis - self-care tips

Color affects everything from your mood to your thoughts and even your behavior. Think about the colors that soothe you, what about how you feel when you enter a room?

Now think about the colors that make you feel more frazzled or angry.

See the difference in your feelings?

Colors invoke feelings and even motivate you (or the opposite) to take action. Think about what you want for your day – what you want to accomplish and how you want to feel and then choose the colors that will create this for you and watch how your life transforms.

Think more intentionally about how YOU want to set your day, its like writing your movie script for the new day you are about to enter.

Color is everywhere – in your clothing, in your makeup, and even in the ways you choose to spend your day, (consciously and subconsciously).

Create your own Sanctuary

Everyone needs their ‘own space’ or an area you go to that is just for you – no one else. It should be a quiet area – an area you can come back to yourself to “reconnect or re-group”, an area you can nurture yourself back to YOU. 

When you go out in the world or even throughout your own house, there are other energies pulling at you and influencing you all the time. If you’re an empath, you can’t help but embody them – it’s your natural instinct and that’s okay – as long as you make sure to take care of you and replenish your energy.

Your sanctuary should be filled with all the things that lift you up including:

  • Essential oils
  • Scented candles
  • Your favorite crystals
  • Soft music
  • Soft areas to lay, relax and stretch out and tense muscles
positive mindset - Meditation Hypnosis - self-care tips

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Know that your area is always set up and ready when you arrive home, to release any toxic energy you may have collected before you move on to the rest of your evening with your family and or loved pet.

Find your True Path to Happiness

Taking care of yourself inside and out sets you on the path to happiness and success, but knowing where you’re headed or meant to be headed helps too.

Astrology, numerology, and Fengshui are all ways to get to know you more and more about your true path. They can help you understand why you’re here and what you’re meant to accomplish. Think of it as your guide or template to work with – your reason ‘why’ and your motivation to improve your life.

They may not determine what you do, but they’ll point you in the right direction. Think of them as the ‘aha moment’ when you realize your role in the universe. It’s enlightening, empowering, and fun in so many ways.

Developing a More Mindful Way of Life
positive mindset - Meditation Hypnosis - self-care tips

Knowing how to shift your energy so you affect those around you (positively) is the key. Even when you think you’re living mindfully, there are always ways to improve and transform it. Meditation, journaling, and hypnosis are just a few ways to embrace what you want to be and to strengthen your direction and focus. 

Think about what you want to do with your life – what do you want to accomplish? Then start asking the powerful questions – whilst journaling and meditating on them. 

You’ll definitely get the answers when you’re in silence, listening to the energies around you. 

Self care with Zen wellness is more than just feeling good – it’s about seeing yourself for who you truly are and what you can achieve. You are an integral part of this universe – you may feel small but you have an incredible role here and never forget this! 

Embrace all of the tools available to you and see how different you feel. Breathwork, colors, symbols, crystals, mediation, and journaling all play a vital role in your life – they are what will center you and help you achieve what you were put here on this Earth to do.

Are you ready to embody all the gifts you have and to make your mark on this world?

It’s time to shine your brilliance in this world.

 It’s time to realize your true potential, but are you ready?

Let us know.

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