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Have you ever found yourself wondering how different your life could be, if you did things differently………………

What if you thought differently…………..or

Behaved differently…………..

Used different self talk perhaps?

The list can go on………right?.

With self hypnosis you could change your life, re-invent yourself toward more positive outcomes  in life in reaching your goals.

Hypnosis  refers to a trance state that we are all familiar with believe it or not, it could be like watching your favorite sunset, reading a book or watching your favorite movie that you are so mesmerized by it that time just slips away.

What is self hypnosis?

It’s a particular state of mind when we are deeply focused on something and yet so relaxed at the same time. 

This particular state is the same one we can achieve with hypnosis and is highly beneficial for us, especially if we learn to practice self-hypnosis.

Self-hypnosis is a practice of becoming very focused and absorbed in an experience while offering yourself positive suggestions about your goals, self-esteem, view of yourself, and a whole lot more. 

It is a practice you can do on your own and with a bit of practice one that can be improved with effort and new techniques. 

Unlike traditional hypnotherapy, you don’t need to find a therapist, instead, you can do it all in the comfort of your home.

(Although always make sure you check with your medical practitioner first to make sure that this is a safe practice for you to do on your own.)

You might even want to see a clinical hypnotherapist as your first experience to see how hypnosis feels to you. This way you could actually talk about any unwanted behavior patterns that could be stopping you from achieving certain goals in life.

hypnosis - positive mindset - Meditation Hypnosis

Is hypnosis real?

Yes, it is a state that we often reach without even knowing it. 

It  has nothing to do with magic tricks. 

Instead, it is a self-care practice that can help you with a variety of situations in your life.

What can self-hypnosis do for you?

It can motivate you to accomplish a goal and encourage you to work at the peak of your abilities. 

It can provide opportunities to be more creative and successful with achieving certain goals.

Can Hypnosis Help With Better Sleep?​

Yes, this is another benefit, as self-hypnosis can help you relax, reduce your worries and distress, and help you sleep better.  (but always check with your medical practitioner first as there are various anxiety levels and conditions)

Here are some self hypnosis audios that could help, as we personally have used these audios and some of us are still using these audios, cause let’s face it who doesn’t want a good night’s sleep, ridding you of those eternal spinning thoughts, right?

Have a look and see what you think-

Self-Hypnosis Is Not Unlike Meditation.​

It does help you to relax and also involves a deep state of focus that you achieve on your own. 

However, the key difference lies in that you will have a specific goal in mind for self-hypnosis, whereas this is not the case for meditation. 

Meditation usually involves letting go of goals, while self-hypnosis focuses on specific goals.

How does hypnosis work?

 It helps our brain and body reach a state of very deep relaxation where we are ready and willing to absorb the suggestions we want to use as our new belief system in order to move us toward our goal.

This  means that we are more sensitive to ideas and change and that is an effective tool for coping with sleep problems, anxiety, or focusing on our goals. 

The idea of hypnosis is that you bypass that critical and analytical state of thinking conscious mind and those newly focused suggestions go straight to the subconscious mind as a stored asset that strengthens throughout time.

How To Practice Self-Hypnosis?​

Let’s take a look. 

You will need to find a place to relax and feel comfortable. 

This is important for any type of practice, but especially for self-hypnosis.

Make sure that you will have some time during which you won´t be interrupted for the next half an hour or so. 

Being comfortable, especially when you first start to practice self-hypnosis, make sure that you are not hungry or too full, that your clothes are very comfortable, and that you are in a position you can maintain for a while without interupting your session. 

This will help you avoid distractions. 

The second step is to relax through the hypnotic induction. 

hypnosis - positive mindset - Meditation Hypnosis

You can use different techniques, for instance, a muscle relaxation, counting or a meditation-like practice. 

This involves focusing your attention on something specific – your breath, your body relaxing little by little, or something similar. 

The goal is to keep going until you are completely relaxed. 

Once you are relaxed, you can start working on the suggestion. 

The suggestion is usually framed as an affirmation that can help you sleep better, let  go of worries, or focus on a specific goal or desire in your life.

There are many different goals you can set up for yourself. 

It really depends of the aspect of your life that you want to change. 

You can increase your self-esteemreduce your smoking habit or another compulsive behavior, visualize and focus on a particular outcome. 

Some of the ways for better sleep people use self hypnosis audios so they don’t struggle to fall asleep.

A good idea is to set the intention clear in your mind when you relax.

You can create your own suggestions, framing them as affirmations in your mind or you can record them. Or you can skip this step altogether , if it’s too time consuming for you and go  straight to this full library of ready- made self hypnosis audios by professional hypnotherapists.

Here we have placed a search button to make it easier for you and get straight to the target you want to work on in your life.

After all, there’s probably something that has been nagging you for years, something you would like to change, in order to be the “best version of you, right?” 

Hypnosis audios are guided messages that specifically guide you through a relaxation process and  provide positive suggestions towards your goal. 

There are plenty of hypnosis downloads that you can use and also discover ones you would love to try for a particular goal you have in mind.

What To Look For In Hypnosis Audios?​

First, you want something that expresses the message you need.  

Be it confidence, good sleep, or something else, you want the audio to be aligned with your particular goals. 

Secondly, you want a voice and music that soothes you. 

It’s  worth noting that self-hypnosis audios are a good add on self care tool, but it’s  important to focus and recognize the potential limitations. 

It’s not a magic pill – for instance, you probably can support your weight loss journey with self-hypnosis but you won’t be able to simply to suggest yourself to lose a lot of weight without any positive action, but what self hypnosis does in this instance is it usually starts to shift you into a healthier thought and behavior pattern. 

It usually helps you to move on realistic goals, for example, more exercising, or eating healthier meals, or other healthy suggestions.

positive mindset - Meditation Hypnosis

What Else Should You Keep In Mind When Creating Your Own Suggestions Or Using Hypnosis Downloads?​

It’s important that the suggestions are expressed with confidence, but without being forceful or stressful. 

Suggestions should be expressed positively and focus on what you want rather than the things you don’t want. 

It helps to go beyond the words and use images that the guide or that your imagination provide. 

If you want to focus on confidence, create images that make you feel confident, visualize yourself being and acting in a certain way. 

Bringing in sensory details and feelings will make your suggestions more effective.

There are many good reasons to practice self-hypnosis. 

First, it is more likely to be affordable than traditional hypnosis and can be practiced in your own environment.

Once you get more familiar with the process, it becomes easier and you get more benefits as the suggestions strengthen your belief system for your new goal. 

Secondly, this process helps you stay in control. 

For some individuals, hypnosis can be stressful due to the vulnerability it could entail. 

Here, you can remain in control throughout and become more familiar with the whole thing. 

self hypnosis - positive mindset - Meditation Hypnosis

Of course, hypnosis with a professional can be more effective and structured, but self-hypnosis also has so many benefits.. For example you might want to start by seeing a clinically hypnotherapist and then follow through regularly with tailored audios.

It can be something that helps you better manage your stressful thoughts and emotions so you have more control in your life. 

But it is usually not recommended as the main course of treatment and your medical practitioner will always advise if self hypnosis is complimenting your medical concerns or not, especially where medication is concerned. 

It’s an excellent way to support and promote your well-being. 

There is evidence to suggest it can reduce anxiety, for instance, and stress.

Hypnosis for success can help you become more focused, more confident, and more goal-oriented. 

It can be used as an additional tool to create and fulfill your goals and reduce inner resistance to change.

What Do You Need To Get Started With Self-Hypnosis?​

If you have never done it before, look for hypnosis audios and do some more research into the topic. 

The audios can walk you through a relaxation process and then the suggestions as well.

See What Works For You And What Doesn’t​

As you try it again, you can experiment, write it all down in your journal to see the success and any tweaks you may need for next time. 

It’s relatively easy to master and with some practice, you can apply it more and more effectively.

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