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Even though we have various authors who contribute to our posts on certain topic areas, here are our main authors.


Psychologist and Writer

Teacher with over 7 years of clinical experience

Practices Meditation and Mindfulness and other Positive Psychology practices such as daily journaling.


Psychologist with over sixteen years of experience in mental health, positive mindset, counseling, and education.

Passionate about exploring and writing about the subtle layers of the human inner world. Happy to share knowledge, doubts, and experience with others. A writer with eight years of experience enjoys researching and writing unique and enlightening articles on various psychology, mental health, and child development topics. 

Currently living between Canada and Europe. A wife and mother of two. Loves travel, seashores, cats, and books.

Ankica D- Founder 

Has worked in the mental health industry, life coaching, and clinical hypnotherapy for over 30 years. 

She works closely with a number of practitioners in various areas to help her audience get the information and skills they need for self care, as moving from stress-to success is an important part for many.  So it’s crucial that we all have some mindset toolkits under our belt, to empower ourselves and   have a smooth transition in moving forward to shine our brilliance to this world!


Ankica D–  I am honored to share this moment with you.

First, I’d like to share a little about what I believe as this helps you to understand my site and channel:

  •  I believe that within each of us lies the power for greatness.
  •  Setting intentions and opening up to the cosmos, each of us can unlock a world of possibility.
  •  Through meditation and hypnosis, we can heal past wounds and discover new strengths we never     knew we had.
  •  Crystals, colors, and chakras, help us to ground ourselves and create a nurturing and spiritual   environment of color and beauty.
  •  Each of us has the power to change someone’s life – no matter how small the gesture.

From the moment our consciousness comes alive, our journey to find happiness begins.  

For some of us, the road that leads to our authentic life can be impacted by forces and experiences we can’t understand.  

Sometimes we lose sight of the beautiful life that is our birthright because of trauma, negative energy or hardship.

…my purpose is to help you uncover, rediscover, and reclaim the joy and purpose in your life.

As a clinical hypnotherapist and life coach, (also over 30 yrs in mental health work) 

My clients have learned how to pull the power they have within them and use it to build the life they not only deserve but were born to have, with more success and abundance they thought possible.  

I totally understand hardship, fear, and doubt, as a single mum of three infant children, I was penniless and homeless.  It was through hypnosis, meditation, journaling, chakra alignment using crystals that helped me with moving forward in life. By creating a nurturing and empowering environment using these mindset tools, I was able to transform not only my life, but the lives of many.

Cast out the negative energy and open yourself to the beautiful purpose of joy, happiness, love, and success you were born to experience.

Welcome to the rest of your life, it’s NEVER too late to re-invent and live the magical YOU! 

When using these life-changing toolkits, not only can we overcome challenges or obstacles, we can create a life of success & abundance, living our best version in life.

Positive Zen Energy team:
Our main topic areas we love to write about

Enhances self-awareness, focus, & concentration, enhancing peace of mind and physical well-being, leading to success. A great way to alleviate the stress and anxiety of our world. Also helps us to connect to the cosmos and magnetize  the law of attraction into our life!

Used for centuries by indigenous cultures and ancient traditions around the world, crystals are powerful tools used to amplify the flow of energy and intention. 

They have an intuitively positive effect on our mind, body and spirit as they create a beautiful and sacred environment, as we connect to mother earth!

Scientifically proven, the right mindset can help achieve success in career, business, and even relationships. Our perspective is fundamental to improving our lifestyle.

A healthy mindset toolkit used for many purposes, including weight loss, stress and anxiety reduction, habit control (smoking cessation), confidence building, sleeping better, self-esteem, goals, etc.

Provides us opportunity to find the root of our concerns and develop solutions. It helps us stay focused on what we want so that it can become a reality through using various techniques so we can achieve our goals. Makes us accountable, to keep moving forward, so we don’t slip back!

Check out Our YouTube Channel

Our Positive Zen Energy Channel, we create guided and meditation music pieces so you can relax, meditate, clear chakras with intention-setting music. These include binaurals, solfeggio, and soothing sound healing music. 

We share a new piece of music weekly, to inspire peace and also balance our chakra energy centers.

Music to help you stop! Take a breath, smile, and keep moving forward into your own brilliance!

One way to stay healthy and happy is by having some “self-care” time, rest, relax, meditate and breathe. Rejuvenating your mind, body, and soul!

Our videos are purposefully created to inspire relaxation.

In stillness, you can let the universe help you to embrace feelings, center your thoughts, and set your intentions.  

There are so many wonders within us that are yet to be unleashed. From mood enhancement and relaxation to full-blown oneness with the cosmos, music has the ability to powerfully shift our state of mind.

Always make sure you check with your medical practitioner if you are unsure about anything, as we provide general information which should never be replaced by medical treatments or advice. We want to make sure you look after your health and wellbeing the best possible way!

Let go of negative energy and embrace Positive Zen Energy. 

Thank You For Being Here And Supporting Us!

Our Mission And Philosophy

The team at Positive Zen Energy believes when you put all the tools together you can live your best life. Throughout our website you’ll find buyer’s guides, self-care tips, reviews, and tools to help you along in your daily journey of life in becoming that magnet towards the law of attraction as you align with positive energy.

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