Positive Zen Energy:

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Enhances self-awareness, focus, & concentration, enhancing peace of mind and physical well-being, leading to success. A great way to alleviate the stress and anxiety of our world. Also helps us to connect to the cosmos and magnetize the law of attraction into our life!


Used for centuries by indigenous cultures and ancient traditions around the world, crystals are powerful tools used to amplify the flow of energy and intention.

They have an intuitively positive effect on our mind, body and spirit as they create a beautiful and sacred environment, as we connect to mother earth!


Scientifically proven, the right mindset can help achieve success in career, business, and even relationships. Our perspective is fundamental to improving our lifestyle.


A healthy mindset toolkit used for many purposes, including weight loss, stress and anxiety reduction, habit control (smoking cessation), confidence building, sleeping better, self-esteem, goals, etc.


Provides us opportunity to find the root of our concerns and develop solutions. It helps us stay focused on what we want so that it can become a reality through using various techniques so we can achieve our goals. Makes us accountable, to keep moving forward, so we don’t slip back!


Ankica D

Ankica D


I have been working in the mental wellness, life coaching, and clinical hypnotherapy sector for more than three decades in total. I collaborate with many holistic and mainstream practitioners across several different areas to ensure you can gain updated information and resources for self-care. 

I understand how important it is to move from stress to success. That’s why I’ve made it my mission to help you acquire the mindset toolkits you need to empower yourself and smoothly transition into moving forward so you can shine your brilliance to the world and live your very best life! 

Discover Your Positive Zen Energy On YouTube

Our YouTube Positive Zen Energy Channel should be your first port of call for guided and meditation music pieces to help you relax, soothe the tired mind, meditate and balance your chakras. Binaurals, solfeggio, and soothing sound healing music will be shared on a weekly basis to bring peace and balance to your life.

Music has the power to shift our mindset, so let go of negative energy and embrace Positive Zen Energy today. Our videos are created specifically to inspire relaxation and to rejuvenate your mind, body, and soul, so take some self-care time now to rest, relax, meditate, and breathe as you explore our channel and live your best life.