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Scented Candles

Candles have been around for over 5,000 years, but they are more popular than ever in homes today. Whether you have them in your home for cultural reasons, for relaxation, or just for décor, they are a wonderful addition to any home.

But everyone wants to know, ‘Are scented candles good for you?’

A quick search online and some searches that pop up tell us about the danger of candles or warn us about candles health. So with a little digging, getting the facts, and understanding the true benefits of candles though, you’ll see the benefits of burning scented candles in your home.

They aren’t as bad as people make them out to be, and there have even been studies to prove the opposite. But in saying this, you must always check to see if there are fragrances and aromas that have an effect on your health and breathing, before purchasing any.

Why do Scented Candles Sometimes Have a Bad Reputation?

In our society, unfortunately, once someone reports one ‘bad’ thing about an object, like candles, we hold onto that belief even though it may no longer be true. While once upon a time candle wicks did have lead in them, they have been outlawed since 2003, so there’s no reason to worry about that anymore (unless you have old candles lying around)?

So people usually ask questions these days like, are candles toxic, and also ask are soy candles toxic?

So no wonder people get a little skeptical on whether scented candles are toxic or not?

So we found that some researchers in a European study found that most candles produce water and carbon dioxide, and no harmful chemicals. If the candle has a fragrance, it emits that as well, which is one benefit of burning candles, especially as part of a burning candle meditation. Certain scents can help your body, mind, and soul and are a great form of self-care.

So be sure to choose the right scent that you are drawn towards as this helps with your meditative ritual.

Why you Should Love Burning Scented Candles

This brings us back to the question, ‘Are scented candles good for you?’

In short, yes. They are a great way to meditate, relax, or fill your home with joy. Here are some of our favorite reasons to love burning scented candles:

  • Promotes a soothing environment
  • Helps your meditation practice
  • Promotes relaxation
  • Help improve your mood

Not everyone will experience the same effects of burning a scented candle, but overall, we all have an incredible sense of smell. When you smell something pleasurable, it stimulates your brain to produce the ‘good hormones.’ This helps improve your mood and may even boost your memory.

The ‘good hormones’ help clear your mind, which promotes relaxation and good feelings.

When you aren’t as stressed, you can think clearer, make better decisions, and decide how to structure your day.

All of this occurs subconsciously, just by smelling a scented candle.

Think about certain smells you come across and how they make you feel.

The smell of freshly baked cookies may bring back warm memories of your grandmother’s house or the smell of the woods may bring back memories of your favorite camping trips.

Some scents make you remember and take you back to places you love.

Other scents, though aren’t particular to a time and place but are generally relaxing.

Scents like lavender, peppermint, and geranium promote feelings of overall wellness and are a great option for candles.

There are even some amazing yet unusual fragrances that are scented candles for men, have a look here to see for yourself and check out some of these fragrances right ?

Even without the scent of a candle, think of the ambiance it sets.

A flickering candle in the dark sets the mood, whether romantic, calming, or cozy.

It makes you feel warm and fuzzy inside and helps your mind transform without you consciously making it happen.

Think about what massage therapists or even counselors do when you walk into a room.

If it’s meant to be calming or to reduce anxiety, they may have a candle lit in the center of the room with the lights off, or off in the corner with dim lights on.

Add a scent to the candles and the calming effects are magnified, especially when used in a burning candle meditation.

Try this, if you’re feeling extra stressed out, light a scented candle, turn the lights off, and sit in front of it for 5 minutes.

Try to shut your brain off and only focus on the flicker of the flame.

The flame itself will feel mesmerizing and the scents will help bring you back to your center, allowing you to feel calm and better able to handle what’s coming your way.

If you aren’t taking care of yourself, you also sometimes unintentionally hurt everyone around you as well.

You can’t take care of anyone else if you don’t take care of yourself.

This includes acting as a parent, an aid to your parents, an employee, or a helper in society.

You need to take care of yourself.

No matter how busy you may feel or how ‘selfish’ you think self-care is, it’s imperative, it’s like a life source that radiates more positive energy around you as well.

It doesn’t have to mean weekly trips to the spa or taking hours for yourself to just sit and watch TV.

Sometimes it means something as small as lighting a scented candle and meditating or lighting a candle and take a warm bath to “chill out”, as these are some of the nice things to do to relieve stress.

Let candles play a part in your self-care and watch your body and mind naturally relax.

You won’t have to do anything extra except allow yourself a few minutes to let the flame and the candle’s scents do their thing.

Bottom Line

The answer to ‘Are scented candles good for you’ is a solid yes, when used right.

Most candles are completely safe.

If you have allergies or reactions to certain scents, avoid them at all costs.

If scents bother you or trigger migraines, choose unscented candles, if you love burning candles to relax and unwind.

Otherwise, they are normally safe and even beneficial to add to your special self-care routine.

Even just a few minutes twice a week can help your body, mind, and soul rejuvenate.

You won’t notice a difference right away, but with a regular routine of burning candle meditation and using candles throughout the house, you’ll find yourself naturally unwinding and feeling more relaxed.

Here are some amazing scented candle sets with lovely fragrances you might enjoy, although there’s a huge variety at Amazon here for you (just remember out tips)

Hope you find the perfect relaxing scented candles for you to melt away that stress, enjoy.


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