Crystal Must Haves

bearded man meditating in spring garden

New To Crystals? See 7 Of The Best Crystals For Beginners

If you want to connect with Mother Earth’s spiritual energy, consider using crystals. Many cultures believe these pretty, semi-precious stones have various benefits, such as healing and calming properties or attracting fortune and romance. But if you are new to

Men's Pearl Bracelets

Why Men’s Pearl Bracelets Are the Latest Must-Have Accessory

Looking to upgrade your fashion game? Let’s explore why men’s pearl bracelets are making a comeback—tips for care and (FAQs) concerning pearl bracelets. Men’s pearl bracelets have been used for centuries, serving as amulets for power and luck in war

Crystal Bracelets for Men

9 Crystal Bracelets For Men: Meanings, Zodiac & Good Vibes

Looking for the best crystal bracelets for men to add to your collection?  You’re in luck!  This article lists the 9 best crystal bracelets for men, along with their meanings and corresponding zodiac signs. Whether you’re a believer in crystal

How to Meditate with Rose Quartz

How to Meditate with Rose Quartz: Some Helpful Tips 

In this blog, we share some helpful tips on how to meditate with rose quartz.  We also answer some questions like what does rose quartz do spiritually?    When we think of meditating, what usually comes to mind is sitting