What Are The 7 Essential Life Skills?

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What Are The 7 Essential Life Skills?

This article will provide you with seven essential life skills that are all about you.

Some of these might not be new for you, but they can help make your life a lot easier with goals, habits and communication skills in everyday life. 

So please read on to find out more and get some great insights into what it takes to live a happy and fulfilling life!

1. Self-Care

Self-care is all about making yourself happy and healthy so that you can carry on with life’s daily tasks. 

You might think it’s a part of selfish life goals or just personal gratification, but in reality, if you don’t set some healthy habits for yourself, then nobody else will!

Remember to keep fueling yourself with positive energy that lifts your “bounce” in life, so you can keep on going in your daily life’s tasks, which can be draining sometimes.

It’s more about external self-awareness and internal self-awareness, being more in tune with your biofeedback mechanisms, nurturing and empowering your mind and body.

Create a lifestyle design where you have some quality time to learn how to pamper yourself. Even if this means creating a day spa experience at home, it’s important to have “self- care”; you time. 

Go on,……. set it all up, relaxing meditation music video playing in the background, lovely food and drink. Put your feet up into a delightful spa, either a foot massager or home Pedi spa

It doesn’t always need to be about purchasing more personal belongings or buying the most up-to-date mobile devices or getting more on your credit card so you lead a lifestyle that can only lead to more stressful debt

It’s all about self-awareness in caring for your mind, body, and soul; you may question if  this is part of our basic life skills or even essential skills within the limited time you have left in your day. 

But so many people ignore or don’t even think of it as a necessary list of life skills they need to focus on, as other aspects of life tend to take-up the already limited time in their professional and personal lives. So self care gets to be put on the “back burner”.

One of the best ways to take care of yourself is by forming healthy habits; it’s important to maintain your quality of health lifestyle.  One way you can do that is through self-care, and for some people, this is a common daily goal,  to maintain their overall wellbeing.

2. Resilience Bounce back

Stress is a hustle, but not everyone faces it the same. Stress can accumulate in our bodies as easily and naturally as dust accumulates on furniture or floors – leading to consequences like decreased immune response and headaches, among many other things. 

It’s an unfortunate truth that stress is a part of life, regardless of the industry you’re in. This means that it’ll be your job to figure out how to manage and relieve this pressure when necessary! 

To do so – one can choose from various methods, including reading, exercise or meditation, for starters.

Knowing when the stress tank is getting full and emptying it before it overflows will help avoid unnecessary struggles and hardships. You know the old saying “prevention is better than cure”.

This seemingly minor but significant strategy will allow you to prevent a lot of clean-up in the aftermath.

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Lastly, figure out how to deal with the stress when you’re feeling it. There are many ways of coping, such as deep breathing and relaxation techniques, which can help ease your tension and anxiety levels.

Here is a guided meditation to help you out.

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3. Saying Sorry

I know that you are probably used to hearing “I’m sorry” from others, but now it’s time for YOU. That three-letter word is one of the most challenging words we will ever have to say. 

Yet apologizing can help heal us more,  because when a person apologizes, they are more likely to release themselves of emotional burdens or guilt. 

It also removes resistance blocks of energy within your system as well, opening you up for better things to come.  As long as you are not always apologizing for everything all the time, you will be able to enjoy your life. 

You deserve happiness, and you DO many good things too, so it’s important to remember this!


4. Things To Be Grateful For About Yourself

This last skill might be the most critical and challenging life skill that is all about you. It can be challenging to cultivate gratitude because it is more about yourself than other people. 

To develop this skill, you can be grateful at least once a day and with emotional intention.

Start the day by identifying at least three things that you are grateful for, to help develop this life skill. Remember it shifts your energy to a whole new level for more good things to come.

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Here are some journals that are geared with prompts inside to help you improve your skills in gratitude. This will give the energy levels a boost and result in more positive outcomes for you.

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Yes, you might be thankful for your job. But what specifically about your career are you grateful for?

Are you grateful for paid holidays and the food in front of you, and grateful to have a roof over your head? 

Those things go without saying. What is it that wakes you up every morning with genuine joy and interest?

It’s interesting how gratitude can be found in the most unexpected places, such as flexible hours and type of work.

It makes you realize that to make it a lifestyle, we can thank these things every day! This brings about more positive results in our lives and more favorable outcomes, as we develop and nurture a positive mindset.

5. Feedback Loop

Feedback is a method that can enhance your strengths and help you identify areas of improvement. Feedback may come from an external source, but receiving feedback is also steering you onto a certain path in life. 

There are many different types of feedback given to individuals: solicited or unsolicited feedback; formalized input like performance reviews or informal with conversations with co-workers who know about the work that we do (hallway chats). 

So whether at school/at home/or just hanging out–receiving feedback well, will make us better people!

Certain characteristics are more comfortable with feedback, and it’s these characteristics that can be developed—factors like being prepared to receive and learn to be open with your communication in a more positive way. 

Feedback isn’t always easy or comfortable- especially when people are criticizing your work/projects! It sounds harsh on paper: But once someone takes the time to offer their opinion about something essential for them, be thankful because, without feedback, we may never improve ourselves enough until some sort of crisis.

Look at feedback like a cherry tree. If you take the fruit from it, then leave all of the branches behind and just focus on what’s good for your life – that feedback will be nourishing to use in order to help shape your career path into something better.

6. Self-Motivation Tips

If you want to motivate yourself, first identify what makes you happy and excited about life. 

For some people, it is reading books or experiencing new cultures; for others playing sports or cooking…while others enjoy writing or taking up some art to have fun and experiment with colors.

If you’re passionate about something, find a way to use that passion as motivation toward your goals and desires in life.

Some  of the TED Talks are short, inspirational speeches, which will give you a boost when you need it. They’re designed to motivate and inspire you with their clever topics from a wide range of industries.

Others prefer to listen to hypnosis audios to get more motivation and inspiration- here is one that you might like, just read more about it to see if this one suits you. These are written by professional clinical hypnotherapists, and they have a whole lot of subject areas that are covered- just click here to find out more.

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Self-motivation can be learned and developed because it boils down to understanding what you want out of life, finding what motivates you and keeps you moving forward. 

Once someone understands how the the self-motivating cycle works, they can identify their areas in need of improvement or change to be the best version of  themselves and those around them.

7. Focus And Self-Control

What’s the meaning of self-focus? To keep moving forward on a particular goal with pure focus, positive thinking and self-affirmations, as you are your own person. 

You have control over yourself so get that self-motivation to get what you want.

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One of the most important steps you can take to improve your life is to work on yourself. When we focus on ourselves rather than others, our thoughts are more positive, and it becomes much easier for us to grow as people and keep on our future path that we want to achieve.

Many people have a hard time moving past self-doubt and self-criticism.

This is because, whilst self-doubt can help you to look outside of yourself and question a few things about yourself, it still helps you to tweak a few things to fine-tune yourself in life, so you can keep moving forward.  

Self-criticism, on the other hand, often causes us to become self conscious and sometimes even self-destructive. So be mindful of your own dialogue and how you think and speak about yourself.

When you’re self-aware, it’s much easier to understand where it would help if you worked on yourself to improve your life rather than feel self-conscious about it. It’s about having an open mind for improvement and not putting yourself down (even in a joking fashion.)

Being self-aware means to be conscious of your strengths and weaknesses, what you like and dislike, what motivates you and what drains your energy. Then you know when to top yourself up with a self care nurturing day.


If you’ve found yourself feeling less confident, stuck in a rut, or just generally stifled with your life lately, it might be time to take the reins and work on what part of your thinking thoughts needs improvement?

Yes, you are ready to bring more sunshine into your life! One of the easiest ways is by developing skills that are all about you. 

So try at least one of the 7  skills that are worth mastering and will help give you more sunny days of happiness, confidence, and motivation in your day-to-day life! 

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