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Why Men’s Pearl Bracelets Are the Latest Must-Have Accessory

Looking to upgrade your fashion game? Let’s explore why men’s pearl bracelets are making a comeback—tips for care and (FAQs) concerning pearl bracelets.

Men’s pearl bracelets have been used for centuries, serving as amulets for power and luck in war or ancient beliefs that revolve around attracting wealth and success. In this blog post, we explore why men’s pearl bracelets are making a comeback.

Whichever way we see them, these bracelets are experiencing a significant resurgence in popularity. Many men are incorporating pearl bracelets into their outfits for the trend or classy edge and stylish look and the metaphysical aspects these gems are known for.

These days men’s bracelets are available in both traditional and contemporary styles. While diamonds may be considered a girl’s best friend, pearls are gaining popularity among men. Men’s pearl bracelets have captured the attention of mainstream celebrities, and let’s delve into the history of pearls and their significance in men’s jewelry as accessories. 

Additionally, the article will provide tips on incorporating pearl bracelets into your outfits and offer a few pointers on caring for them.

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Are Men’s Pearl Bracelets Just A Trend Or Here To Stay?

Although for the past few decades, pearls were adorned mainly by women, this elegant-looking jewel has caught the attention of men time and time again throughout history. So, it would be incorrect to call this a new trend, right?

Also, it’s no news that men wore jewelry just as much as women did in the past. However, as the times changed, accessories and jewelry were primarily marketed toward female customers.

Unlike other gemstones, pearls have entered the world of men’s fashion once more. And looking at the number of men spotted wearing pearl bracelets, it would be safe to say that this style is timeless and here to stay.  

Moreover, when pop culture icons like Harry Styles, A$AP Rocky, Steven Tyler, and Shawn Mendes sport the trend in public, it’s not going anywhere anytime soon.

What Are The Benefits Of Wearing Pearl Bracelets For Men?

Emotional Healing

Like other gems, pearls are also cloaked in metaphysical benefits. According to Anjie Cho, a certified Feng Shui consultant, and author, “pearls are connected to the energetic vibrations of the moon as well as innocence, faith, and integrity.”

Cho adds that pearls also help create a clear receptive channel to receive spiritual insights. Some believe that pearls may help men facing anxiety, nervousness, mood swings, and tension, even though no study or proof indicates the same.

Physical Healing

Pearls have been associated with a wide range of metaphysical healing properties and are rumoured to be beneficial for lung diseases and liver, heart, kidney, and urinary problems. Ancient healers used pearls to cure several disorders, but little knowledge is available today to support these claims.

Metaphysical Benefits

Pearls have many metaphysical benefits, as the stone attunes the wearer to the natural flow of life.
If you are trying to manifest abundance, peace, wealth, and good fortune, wearing a pearl bracelet can be your focus tool to align yourself with your goals.
Pearls are also related to wisdom, so men seeking clarity in life could give pearl bracelets a go.

See for yourself the variety of mens pearl bracelets available online, such as shell pearls with brushed steel and adjustable clasps, chain & pearl bracelet, or even rosary pearl bracelets.


Details To Keep In Mind While Wearing Pearl Bracelets

The first and foremost thing to get the most out of your pearl bracelet when wearing it; it helps you return your focus on your goals each time you touch it around your wrist.  It can be similar to the EFT (emotional freedom technique.) As it’s touching your skin and reminding you of the positive endeavours you want to accomplish.

Keep It Simple: If you’re unsure about how to proceed with pearls, it’s best to keep it minimalistic. A simple single-layer bracelet or even a pearl on a leather band is enough to introduce yourself to the style.

Comfort Comes First: Just like tight shoes can irritate you, tight bracelets, rings, or choker necklaces can be uncomfortable too.  It’s best to wear pearl jewelry that is comfortable and allows you the ease to flow with energy.

Safety First: If you are a medical professional or work amongst heavy equipment, take special care of your pearl bracelet for sanitary and energetic reasons and for safety reasons.

How To Care For Men’s Pearl Bracelets

Compared to other gems and semi-precious stones, pearls may seem easier to maintain. However, if you wish your precious pearl bracelet to be passed down as an heirloom, here is how you can care for them.

1. Do Not Drop Your Pearl Bracelets

Yep! You read it right, do not drop or handle your pear bracelet in a way it can crack. Pearls are more delicate than you think. Even a small impact is enough to damage these gems.

2. Keep Your Pearl Bracelet Separately

If you wear your bracelet regularly, keep it in a separate box. Don’t toss it with other gemstones in a jewelry box, as the pearls may get scratched or even crack over time. 

If you do not have a separate box to hold your pearl bracelet, wrap it in a soft cloth or a small cloth bag to prevent wear and tear. Or you can opt for a special travel jewelry organizer like this one, that is great for most types of jewelry, one that is soft and not too bulky. 

However, it’s best not to keep the pearl bracelet in an air-tight or sealed container, as most pearls need moisture in the air to last long. Always read the care instructions when you’ve made that purchase.

3. Avoid Chemicals

Most men tend to wear deodorant or cologne daily. Most of these products contain chemicals that are harmful to pearls. So, it’s best to put your pearl bracelet on after you’ve applied these products so you aren’t directly spraying the jewelry.

Even something as simple as lemon juice or body lotions can steal the luster from your pearl. Take off your pearl bracelet before showering, swimming, or the gym. As the chemicals in the bathing products, or the pool water may dull your pearls over time.

4. Check The Strength Of The String Regularly

Your pearl bracelet is often held together, usually by a string or stretch band. If you wear your pearl bracelet often, the string or stretch band may get loose. It’s best to rest your bracelet by laying it on a flat surface instead of hanging it to ensure it won’t break or fall off. This will help the string to last longer.


Men's Pearl Bracelets

5. Clean Your Pearl Bracelets

Regularly wipe your pearl bracelet with a soft wet cloth if you wear your bracelet daily,  or your can get yourself a gentle jewelry cleaner solution kit which cleans most types of jewelry.  This will get rid of any sweat or built-up residue on it and any stagnant energy as well!

While pearls are one of the few gems to become popular amongst men and women, many high-profile men are breaking gender stereotypes by wearing men’s pearl bracelets, necklaces, rings, and other jewelry.

Thanks for being here, and we hope this article offers you helpful information about this trend of being bold while wearing pearls, with some tips to look after them.

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