Meditation Styles

Different Styles of Meditation and Mindfulness

Want to learn about the Different Types and Styles of Meditation and Mindfulness?
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Meditation tools for Beginners Beginner’s meditation tools Best meditation Tools

7+ Best Meditation Tools For Beginners & How To Use Them

Meditation is a relaxing and healing practice, if the health benefits of it are anything to go by. However, speaking from personal experience it could be difficult for a beginner to go into the meditative zone without any help. Especially,

Best meditation gifts

Meditation Gifts: 11 Great Gifts For A Mindful Lifestyle

Looking for the perfect gift for someone who practices meditation?  Check our list of 11 great meditation gifts to inspire and enhance their mindful lifestyle.  Our 11 gift ideas, include   meditation cushions, healing crystals or Japa mala beads, or

How long should I meditate - young lady meditating on her room

How Long Should You Meditate To See Results?

The practice of meditation has been around for centuries, and there’s a reason why it has withstood the test of time. Regular meditation practice can help improve your mental wellbeing, reduce stress, and even improve your physical health.  But how long should