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Can Law Of Attraction journals help you attract positivity into your life and magnetize your goals.

The Law of Attraction can be used to draw positive outcomes and goals into your life. The idea that like attracts like is not new to physics.

The idea that you can utilize it for a better personal life isn’t new either, and it could offer you a totally new perspective that helps you achieve your life goals and start heading toward your dream life.

Before we talk about certain manifestation techniques using gratitude journals, manifestation journal or an attraction planner toward the Law of Attraction, let’s do a review of what it is and how you can use it.

How to Use the Law of Attraction?

We have covered the Law of Attraction in a previous blog here, for those that need further background. For everyone else, let’s start at the beginning.

The Law of Attraction is based on a scientific principal in which a positive charge attracts a positive charge, and a negative charge attracts a negative charge. 

law of attraction - positive mindset - Meditation Hypnosis

Ergo the phrase was born: “Like attracts like”. You can learn about it on Quantum Physics.aps.

The idea behind the Law of Attraction technique is the very same thing. If you put out positive vibrational energy to the world, you get positivity returned to you in many ways, it’s a fun and an amazing process.

If you put out negativity into the world, you will attract more negativity and more unfavorable outcomes, which in turn are emotions of sadness, anger, regret, jealousy, all the feelings nobody wants.

To use the Law of Attraction methods, practice daily your attraction with mindfulness as part of your new positive mindset. You’ll feel the ripple effect and learn how to shift your vibrational frequencies more toward happiness and abundance for yourself and others around you.

Over time this has become both a universally accepted concept, and a new age way of living life.

The modern trend of learning about powerful manifestation techniques and attraction efforts have somewhat predictably found its way full circle to the Law of Attraction once more.

As far as trends go, the idea that a daily habit of being positive passes on positivity is not a bad one, as it’s all about vibrational energy that makes us feel happy anyway, we pass the “feel good vibes” onto the next person. It’s a ripple effect, right?

The modern belief system regarding manifestation and the LOA crept into being in 1877 when Helena Blavatsky, the Russian Occultist, wrote about it in her book.

She used it to describe the power of the connection between attraction and the spirit realm.

To add weight to her work as an occultist, Helena traveled the world after being born into a rich family. 

She eventually met with the Masters of Ancient Wisdom in Tibet, who trained her in religion, philosophy, and science.

In the 70s she was involved in the Spiritualist movement but vehemently denied that it had to do with the land of the dead. 

She published her book in 1875, aligning it with esoteric doctrines and introducing the concept of the LOA for the first time.

The concept would later be first spoken about publicly by Prentice Mulford, who some attribute as the creator of the concept, mistakenly.

What are the 7 Laws of Attraction?

To further define this concept, modern schools of thought have divided it into 7 distinctive steps, or components.

In modern spiritualism, the 7 sub-categories of the LOA are as follows:

positive mindset - Meditation Hypnosis - self-care tips

1. The Law of Manifestation, which points out that the thing we think about most, will eventually appear in our lives.

2. The Law of Magnetism, which points out that out own vibrational energy is what causes that which comes back.

3. The Law of Unwavering Desire, which is the process of understanding why not all our desires are answered.

4. The Law of Delicate Balance, which is the manifestation of the workings of the Universe in the process of the LOA.

5. The Law of Harmony, which lends the power of the universe to your own manifestation journey.

6. The Law of Right Action, which teaches us the processes by which us achieving our dream life and fulfilling our goals can impact other people.

7. The Law of Universal Influence, which urges us to be aware of our manifestation journey and how it fits into the universe.

What is the proof of the law of attraction?

Since the LOA has its roots in scientific principles of like attracting like, there are studies that prove it inadvertently.

In Psychology, for example, we find that we are attracted to those like ourselves.

In our careers, working hard attracts the benefits of that hard work. 

In science, there are few studies we can draw from to specifically state the LOA is true: but there are hundreds of thousands of studies about how like particles go together, how things match, how the Universe aligns in exactly the correct way to create life…

Law of Attraction Guided Journal

If you still need convincing as to why it’s a good idea to keep a manifestation journal, you should read our past article on journaling.

Journaling is a key tool used in psychology to help us to understand our journey so far and it can also be used in the same way to keep track of our manifestations, to see how far we’ve  come with energy shifting so we can become a money magnet to an abundant life, or a life we are happy with.

positive mindset - Meditation Hypnosis

So with the 7 laws above, you can practice all of them or some of them with your attraction journal technique.

In your daily attraction journaling, you can also see how your attraction increased to manifesting your biggest goals, with attraction mantras. 

So when you use your attraction diary, you can also measure how long it took to manifest your particular goal or intention with  attraction practice.

What Should I Write in My Law of Attraction Journal?

To start your manifestation journal, just grab your Law of Attraction Journal, it has many wonderful  journaling prompts inside, it also has this fold out vision board so you can always carry this with you, to remind you of your vision to keep your energy vibration strong on your intent.

This law of attraction planner

Comes in different colors and a variety of embossed symbols on the cover of each journal.

Faux_leather / Hardcover
A life goal planner guiding you how to become the best version of yourself on a mental, physical

positive mindset - Meditation Hypnosis - self-care tips
  • All the success tools you need to become that magnet to the law of attraction
  •  248 pages of life transformation; 
  • 52 weekly, 
  • 12 monthly planning overviews & reflection,
  • 45 journal pages, 
  • habit trackers, mind maps
  • foldable vision board, morning & evening routines
  • Achieve your goals using the law of attraction; learn how to set big goals, be happy and manage your time well, follow the same methods millionaires around the world use to set goals and achieve them
journals - positive mindset - Meditation Hypnosis

Law of Attraction Planner - July 2021 Deluxe Weekly, Monthly Planner, a 12 Month Journey to Increase Productivity & Happiness - Life Organizer, Gratitude Journal, and Stickers

Once you have your attraction tool kit with all sorts of journaling prompts inside, stickers, fold out vision board, it will be a fun journey to discover how you can turn your desire into reality, by practicing your  manifestation process.

One of the best ways to do this, is to describe the things you want to attract into your life by using a scripting process like your goals are already manifested. 

It’s a fun and effortless process as you use your daily writing prompts.

If you wanted to attract a new love, for example, you could describe how you and your new partner spent the day, the intentions are to be written and then spoken out loud with conviction and emotion.

Some people prefer to do this manifestation process as a daily habit and part of their evening writing prompts

Similarly, if you need a new job, you could use this daily writing habit on what your new job might entail, attract and pull this into your life.

If you wanted a new happier social circle, writing and using manifestation mantras will bring them so much closer to your surrounding environment.

You can use this same approach in manifesting so many things into your life.

Setting your affirmations daily,  using those daily prompts inside of your manifestation journal is a great way of creating a higher vibrational frequency toward attracting abundance into your life.

Each time you write and speak out loud your affirmations, you are vibrationally setting the tone of your day and  your life. (Just like a director of a movie- your movie.)

Your approach to manifesting this way, could be first thing in the morning. Your action through writing out some short phrases you could use as your creative visualization exercise that will stick in your mind all day.

These will progress and elevate you on your manifestation journey for your day .

It might be something like-

I am confident.

I am happy.

I am going to have a great day today. 

I am making more money today.

I delight in abundance.

I am open to an abundance of gifts today.

I open the gates of abundance into my life now.

Your affirmations can be anything you like – as long as you keep them in a positive tone.

positive mindset - Meditation Hypnosis - self-care tips
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