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9 Crystal Bracelets For Men: Meanings, Zodiac & Good Vibes

Crystal Bracelets for Men

Looking for the best crystal bracelets for men to add to your collection?  You’re in luck!  This article lists the 9 best crystal bracelets for men, along with their meanings and corresponding zodiac signs. Whether you’re a believer in crystal mysticism or just appreciate their looks, keep reading to discover your perfect good vibes bracelet today.

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They are all made from different quality crystals and gemstones like ObsidianTiger’s EyeJadeLapis LazuliJasperAgateBlack OnyxTurquoise and  SodaliteSo depending on the bracelets gemstone and make, the price will vary. 

Crystal Bracelets For Men Aren’t Those Just For Women?

These days there is a common misconception that crystals are for women only, but this couldn’t be further from the truth. If we go back in time, we see that crystals have always held a deep meaning for men and women alike.

Around the world, crystals were prominent in almost every culture. Turquoise is said to be the life of the Indian American tribes; Ancient Egyptians wore lapis lazuli,  carnelian, turquoise, emerald, and clear quartz in their jewelry. 

The Greek worriers rubbed Hematite over their bodies before the battle. 

The Chinese and the South Americans believed jade to have healing properties. And the Maoris of New Zealand had ancestral jade pendants passed down generations through the male line. To date, they consider jade to be a lucky gemstone.

Does this prove that men have adorned the crystals more than women throughout the ages? Furthermore, today we spot many male celebrities like David Beckham, Jonny Depp, Cristiano Ronaldo, Chris Hemsworth (a.k.a. Thor), and many more flaunt these gemstone bracelets pretty often.

There are beaded bracelet crystals that are more suited for men, as they align with their male energies and enhance masculinity. So, if you wish to try these crystal bracelets, now is your chance!

Crystal Bracelets for Men And Their Characteristics

1. Tiger's Eye Bracelet (Courage)

The most popular crystal amongst men these days seems to be tiger eye. Tiger-eye bracelet resonates with success. Tiger-Eye is said to help with focus on  goals and energetically laying the road toward achievement.

This natural stone symbolizes purpose, ambition, and courage. These three qualities are pillars of success.

There are several types of Tiger-Eye crystals, and it’s important to pick the one that suits you the most.   

Zodiac Sign: Aries, Leo

Tiger-Eye is more aligned for the men of these two zodiac signs, for their energetic vibrations such as temperament and strength.

Benefits: As the name suggests, this gemstone resembles a tiger’s skin. This bracelet symbolizes courage and strength of a tiger, along with power and integrity.

Many also believe that this bracelet can ward off the evil eye.

2. Obsidian Bracelet (Clarity)

Obstacles are part and parcel of life. However, if you struggle to navigate through them or feel negative energy, an Obsidian Bracelet could be what you need?

Suppose you feel like you are derailed from your chosen path and wish to get your life back on track. This healing crystal bracelet may offer an extra energetic nudge to move forward.

Zodiac Sign: Libra, Scorpio, and Aries


Obsidian, especially black Obsidian, appeals to the psyche of these zodiac signs. 

Benefits: Obsidian is worn not just for clarity but to gain balance, feel centered, and have clear energy.

3. Jade Bracelet (Healing)

Jade is known to be a healing stone in many cultures throughout the globe. Back in the day, diseases related to the kidney and the gall bladder were metaphysically relieved by Jade. Although there is no proof, Jade has similar importance even today. That’s why Jade bracelets men wear are very symbolic.

White jade is said to improve one’s relationship with one’s self. Jade is not just a trendy crystal but also worn as a beacon of luck for the wearer.

Zodiac Sign: Pisces


Some Pisceans may suffer from a weak immune system, so Jade crystals are known to bring wonderful energy into the life of these worrisome souls, metaphysically caring for health and heart.

Benefits: Jade resonates with clarity in relationshipsincreases fortune, and grounds a person, bringing peace to the wearer’s life.

4. Jasper Bracelet (Peace)

A beautiful opaque stone with emotional healing properties that resonate with joy. Jasper is an excellent stone usually used when feeling lonely or sad.

Suppose you find yourself feeling overwhelmed. Jasper is believed to metaphysically help when overworked or difficulty keeping calm—a great stone used as a reminder to keep any negative reactions grounded and calm.

Zodiac Sign: Cancer


Cancerians often struggle with emotions, so Jasper could be the perfect stone for this zodiac sign.

Benefits: Jasper, just like Jade, symbolically offers peace. However, it’s more famous for its metaphysical healing properties.

5. Lapis Lazuli Bracelet (Confidence)

Sometimes, it can be tough to be confident and opinionated in a day and age where social pressure is tremendous. So Lapis Lazuli bracelet for men, metaphysically reminds one to be confident.

It is used to boost self-confidence and helps the wearer stabilize themselves and gain a strong footing in a rapidly changing environment. It is also said it makes the wearer more compassionate toward others, whether personally or professionally.

Zodiac Sign: Libra

Some Libras need help focusing on things that matter most to them. Lapis Lazuli resonates with  people under this sign to channel their focus on important stuff with achieving goals.

Benefits: Lapis Lazuli aligns the wearer with higher energies and enhances their vibration when it comes to confidence.

6. Agate Bracelet (Hope)

Agate is a crystal that comes in many colors. It’s a stone normally used when building inner strength energetically.

If you’re looking for healing bracelets for men, an agate bracelet will most likely pop up in your search. Black agate bracelet, in particular, can look classy on casual and formal attires.

Agate is used to reduce panic in the wearer’s mind and allows him to have a work-life balance.

Zodiac Sign: Gemini


Not only is Agate a birthstone of this zodiac sign, but it is used as a symbol to bring in luck and fortune to the wearer under this sign.

Benefits: Agate crystals metaphysically facilitates positive thinking, with hope and resilience. Like many other crystals, it’s used to ward off the evil eye. Moreover, it also used for spiritual protection.

7. Turquoise Bracelet (Optimism)

Turquoise is an enticing blue stone that metaphysically soothes the body, mind, and soul. It has always had an important place in native American cultures and is mainly worn by men to war off the evil eye and symbolize luck during wars. 

Men going through a rough relationship patch can give turquoise a go, since it symbolizes luck during difficult times. Its magnificent color resembles the water and the sky and can make it stand out amongst other crystals.

Zodiac Sign: Sagittarius   


It’s the birthstone of most people born in December under the sign Sagittarius. However, it can also be worn by Pisces and Aquarius, along with a few other zodiac signs.

Benefits: Wearing Turquoise is used for optimism. Not just that, it’s considered a good-luck charm in many cultures to increase physical strength and boosts immunity.

8. Black Onyx Bracelet (Strength)

Men also deal with negative feelings like insecurity and jealousy. Or the ones who find it difficult to control their anger can try Black Onyx Bracelet. It’s a crystal metaphysically used for strength to rise above negativity and promote positive behavior.

It’s also about intuitively feeling safe and secure in one’s environment, whether professionally or personally. Black Onyx Bracelet is a great symbolic charm for the strength one might need.

Zodiac Sign: Capricorn, Leo   


This is the birthstone of people native to Leo and Capricorn signs. 

Benefits: With its metaphysically calming energies, Black Onyx resonates with balance. Spiritually guides the wearer through challenging emotions like grief, anxiety, and depression.

9. Sodalite Bracelet (Truth)

Sodalite is the stone of self-expression with the promise of eternal truth. The wearer can see the world for what it is with a sense of clarity.

Men looking to connect with themselves deeper may want to try this crystal bracelet for its symbolic  nature. It is also used to open up channels for direct communication with others.

Sodalite can be found in green, white, red, and yellow colors. A great spiritual stone used to  cleanse the auric field. 

Zodiac Sign: Sagittarius   


Sodalite is a perfect crystal for the wild and truth-seeking Sagittarius. Although Turquoise is their birthstone, Sodalite aligns with their curious and energetic spirit.

Benefits: Sodalite symbolically encourages truth and enhances intuitionovercoming negative thoughts. Also corresponds to the third-eye chakra.

Final Take

Crystals and semi-precious stones have been used as a source of metaphysical healing and power since the ages. 

While there are plenty of crystal bracelets for men available on the market, you need to pick the one that resonates with you. Read our blog posts to learn more about crystals, their meanings, and the many ways you can use them.

Moreover, always remember that crystals’ true power lies in the wearer’s belief, whether using them as focus stones or the way you work with them (for example- intention setting rituals.) So, enjoy your intuitive and energetic journey with these stunning crystal bracelets for men.

Let us know your favorite stone and the energetic purpose it is used for (if it’s not too much of a secret, that is?)

Disclaimer: Our web pages and blog posts provide general information for general purposes only and not to be used for any medical, legal or alternative health advice for any type of physical, mental health or financial concerns.Always speak to your practitioner before embarking on any new alternative treatments. If you have concerns about any medical matters, you should always consult your healthcare provider without delay.We thank you for taking full responsibility for your own health and wellbeing in life. ☺

Disclaimer: Our web pages and blog posts provide general information for general purposes only and not to be used for any medical, legal or alternative health advice for any type of physical, mental health or financial concerns.Always speak to your practitioner before embarking on any new alternative treatments. If you have concerns about any medical matters, you should always consult your healthcare provider without delay.We thank you for taking full responsibility for your own health and wellbeing in life. ☺


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