Different Uses of Crystals in Everyday Life

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People have been using crystals since ancient times for healing, sacred rituals, offerings, or other purposes. Their popularity has not faded over time though. It seems that crystals have found their use in various aspects of modern life more than ever before. 

Do Crystals Emit Energy:
The Science Behind the Use of Crystals

Many people wonder how crystals work. 

Do stones and crystals have energy? 

Do they really have healing properties? 

It is natural that there are still a lot of people out there who are unsure about the power of crystals. 

However, the whole universe is made of energy that manifests through vibrations. 

Each vibration is unique – each lifeform, thought, or emotion has its unique vibration. 

Each crystal has its specific vibration too that can help manifest your deepest desires and wishes and attract positive outcomes. 

It is believed that positive thoughts can enhance a crystal’s efficiency. 

If you have confidence that crystals will emit or absorb energy for you, it will happen. 

And vice versa, negative thoughts such as doubt or denial create negative vibes that can affect your crystal’s effectiveness. 

We are surrounded by various forms of energy such as electrical, light, magnetic, and subtle energy from crystals. 

A field of alternative medicine known as energy medicine or EM focuses on the interactions of the human energy field with these other energy fields.

According to a study published in the medical journal Global Advances in Health and Medicine, there is a link between irregularities in energy patterns and illnesses. 

These and similar findings may suggest that various vibrations can have therapeutic benefits. 


How to Choose the Right Crystals to Work With?

It is natural for a crystal beginner to wonder do crystals emit energy and how to choose the right stones to work with. 

The most important factor to consider is your intended purpose of working with crystals. 

Do you want to boost energy, attract love, health, or good luck, or to increase vibration, motivation, and energy? 

As each crystal has its unique quality of vibration attributed to them, it would be the best to use specific stones depending on what you want to manifest. 

For example, some general intentions for crystals as jade is particularly known to attract the energies of success, while quartz attracts love and self-compassion, amethyst helps relieve stress and anxiety, and so on.

If a crystal feels right, if you feel drawn to it, it is likely that you can utilize it in your life. 

When you sense a crystal’s comforting vibration or its glorious beauty, it is definitely a good sign that it’s the right crystal to work with. 

Its energy will work in harmony with yours to attract things you want or that have been out of reach. 

Using Crystals in Everyday Life

different uses for crystals

Once you’ve decided which crystals you want to work with, sit calmly and think about what you want to attract. 

Gemstones have been known as powerful amplifiers, so many people meditate with crystals to clarify their thoughts and set intentions about their manifestations.  

Here is the simplest way to use crystals in everyday life to activate them and put them into action. 

1. Dedicate Selected Crystals to an Intention

Each crystal has its healing properties for the mind, soul, and body. 

They are believed to enhance the flow of good energy, absorb negative energy, and help the mind and body release it. 

However, the key in crystal use in everyday life is mindfulness, reflection, and intention setting.

Therefore, it’s a great idea to dedicate each crystal to a specific intention.

What does this mean?

For instance, don’t simply get pyrite and say, “I want more abundance.” 

Instead, hold it mindfully in your hand and repeat, “Please help me get attract more clients for my business.” 

Visualization is another essential tool in attracting positive energy and abundance. 

Envision what it would look and feel like to finally achieve that success as you are stating it.  

Visualization would activate your crystal towards manifesting your intent.

2. Keep Your Stones Close

While meditating with crystals can enhance the experience and charge your crystal with personal energy, improving its efficiency, doing so might not be enough for manifesting a palette of your goals and intentions.  

Wearing crystals as an accessory or getting a pocket stone or a thumb stone may be a wonderful way to increase your vibration, keep you protected from negative energy while attracting positive vibrations.

For example, you might want to consider wearing an azurite crystal as a pendant if you want some assistance in gaining more confidence when communicating with other people. 

Or you can carry onyx in your pocket or purse when you need support and strength in stressful situations.

3. Meditate with Crystals

Incorporating crystals in your mindfulness meditation can help deepen your meditative state, increase awareness about your thoughts, and help focus on your intention. 

You can either hold a stone in your hand while meditating or make it a focal point of your meditation spot.

4. Communicate with Crystals

Crystals have an amazing ability to help communicate spiritual energy and connect with the energy of the universe. 

You can use them as a medium to talk to spiritual entities or to the Divine. 

As crystals have been present in the earth’s surface for billions of years, they hold the energy of the planet and the wisdom from the beginning of the world. 


5. Use Crystals during Your Rituals

Finally, use your crystals when performing sacred rituals and during prayer to help enrich your spiritual practice and connect to the Divine.

Crystals Applications at Home

Those who have been working with energy and vibrations have undoubtedly heard of feng shui already.

It is the practice of arranging the elements of an interior space (both decorative and architectural) to influence the energy flowing through it.

However, feng shui also has its limitations. 

There are times when energies simply cling to a place due to its history. 

Some spaces have permanent elements you can’t really do anything about; for example, if you are occupying a rental space with poor architectural planning. 

This is when crystals can come in handy.

You can use them to rid any negative vibrations stubbornly clinging to a space, amplify the energies you’d rather enjoy in your home, or both.

Using crystals to enhance energy in your home, however, might require further research to determine the best locations to place your crystals in.

Here are a few ideas:

 • Place protective crystals near doors and windows.

 • Crystals that help in boosting creativity and mental clarity can be placed in workspaces.

 • Those that promote tranquility can be placed under your pillows, on your bedstand, or even under your bed.

 • Crystals that boost one’s energy or stamina, or those that encourage positivity and happiness, can be placed on shared spaces, such as the living room.


Pro Tip: Since quartz can amplify energies, you can place it near other crystals to give them a power boost and make them more effective. 


It is fun to explore different crystals and their uses because of their ability to influence the surrounding energy with their own. 

You can use a crystal to achieve personal goals, improve your health, and even give your home a spiritual layer of protection. 

While there are different factors you should consider when choosing the best crystal to work with for your specific intention, it is still best to trust and follow your intuition. 

Even if crystals have the power to further enrich and bring magic into your life, keep in mind that they are still merely tools. 

In other words, stones are only as efficient and powerful as the hand that wields them.

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