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Success can be a hard thing to obtain. The chances to find it may be fleeting, or outside forces may threaten the success you already have.

Protection stones help you maintain a state of body and spirit that allows you to take advantage of the chances given to you. These stones also help shield you from negative energies that may hinder your fortunes.

Here, we’ll review some of the best crystals for success and abundance available today.

Choosing the right one can significantly enhance your chances of enjoying triumph and prosperity.

Best Crystals for Success and Abundance Reviews

Raw Lapis Lazuli Crystal Pendant Necklace

A stone that has been used in ceremonies and rituals since ancient times, lapis lazuli is a protection stone worth getting. Available here as a very attractive pendant, this will ensure that you’re never without the security that it can provide.


The energies of the lapis lazuli activate both the Throat Chakra and the Third Eye Chakra, which increases both luck and aptitude for communication. This ability to attract good fortune is why lapis lazuli has been prized as a great protection stone. It’s also known to draw in negativity and transform it into positive energy.

This capacity to shield the owner from unfavorable influences helps them capitalize on the success that they already have.

Because it activates the Throat Chakra, it improves your ability to communicate effectively. A person who constantly has to engage in business dealings will be well served by a lapis lazuli protection stone.

The connection lapis has with the Third Eye Chakra gives its owner the skill to recognize great opportunities. Along with the clarity of mind given by enhanced intuition, it allows the owner to take advantage of the opportunities given.

This particular lapis lazuli protection stone comes as a very charming pendant, made from the crystal’s natural raw form. With a silver-plated necklace to promote comfort, it’s surely an accessory anyone would love to own.

With the variances present in the mineral though, you may not get a pattern that you like. This, unfortunately, isn’t something you can avoid. But with a 100% money-back guarantee, you can at least rest assured that you can return it if you aren’t satisfied with the product.


  • Enhances communication and intuition
  • Activates both Throat and Third Eye Chakras
  • Repels negativity
  • Comes with a money-back guarantee


Pattern variety is unpredictable

Top Plaza Chakra Healing Crystals Copper Money Tree

A combination of both Eastern and Western spiritual sensibilities, the Top Plaza Healing Crystals Copper Money Tree is certainly a great good luck charm. Meant to attract fortune for your business, it’s sure to improve the flow of luck within your enterprise.


Primarily connected to the Heart Chakra, the rose quartz is a crystal that has been considered as a good luck charm for a very long time.

Its energies are meant to stimulate the imagination, allowing the business owner to come up with great ideas for their venture.

Because of its connection to romantic emotions, it’s meant to give out a calming aura that will promote harmony in your home or business.

The sharp rational thinking that rose quartz complements in terms of relationships is also handy in an enterprise.

The heightened intellect and perception provided by the influence of the rose quartz give the owner the capacity to identify great opportunities. It may be primarily a crystal to improve luck in love, but it’s also meant to attract success.

The copper in this figurine is meant to channel luck and fortune. It also helps regulate the flow of positive energy in your surroundings. Combined with the money tree design, it calls upon the Chinese tradition of feng shui to invite good luck and prosperity.

A nitpick is that the figurine may either be too small or too big depending on the customer’s tastes. The rose quartz base can sometimes vary in size. It can also be a bit pricey if it still is a very charming figurine.


  • Stimulates imagination and intellect
  • Promotes calm and clear thinking
  • Activates the Heart Chakra
  • Combination of Eastern and Western mysticism


  • Size may vary
  • May be a bit pricey

Triple Stone Ultimate Success Bracelet

A three-in-one protection stone combination, the Triple Stone Ultimate Success Bracelet features peridot, red garnet, and citrine crystals in a beautiful wearable accessory.


Peridot is a protection stone that enhances the owner’s physical, emotional, and spiritual growth. It activates the Heart Chakra which is meant to regulate a person’s emotional wellbeing. Its energies are also meant to attract fortune and help the owner gain wealth.

The use of peridot in jewelry goes as far back as 1500 BC, and even after all that time, its popularity has yet to wane. Its uses in the realm of the Chinese art of feng shui relates to its power to draw in good luck.

Its abilities as a protection stone that assist in healing is a bonus that this very versatile crystal has.

Citrine is a protection stone with the ability to energize the owner during moments of stress. It may not be as powerful as some more potent protection stones, but it’s during these moments that one may need balance the most.

A lot of business transactions happen in this kind of environment, and that’s what citrine is meant to aid.

Citrine’s ability to efficiently transfer energy from one person to another is also why it’s known as the Merchant’s Stone. For those that regularly engage in face to face deals with customers, this is a handy stone to have around.

Red garnet is a protection stone that complements peridot. Its energies are meant to enhance aspects of love, commitment, and loyalty. It’s meant to activate the root chakra which helps promote balance and stability.

It also activates two secondary chakra points, namely the heart and sacral chakras. This was meant to complement both peridot and citrine that have primary heart and sacral chakras respectively.

Because the red garnet also promotes balance and pragmatism, an owner of this protection stone can make well-thought-out decisions. This is essential for someone who desires a successful business venture.

One of the few nitpicks that one can find in a bracelet with such complementary protection stones is that it’s rather expensive. If it’s within your budget though, it’s a wonderful accessory to have.


  • A combination of complementary crystals
  • Activates the heart, sacral, and root chakra
  • Enhances a lot of qualities


Rather expensive

Feng Shui Natural Citrine Crystal Sphere Ball

This very attractive tabletop decoration is sure to draw not only fortune but attention. The Feng Shui Natural Citrine Crystal Sphere Ball is a great way to promote smooth business transactions.


The sacral chakra that the citrine is meant to activate is said to boost one’s creativity, confidence, and desire. It’s these characteristics that a business owner needs to succeed in their chosen endeavors.

Famously known as the Merchant’s Stone, citrine allows the efficient transfer of energies between persons.

This means that those who transact business negotiations while under the influencing energies of citrine can come to prompt and meaningful agreements.

It’s a lovely trinket if many might find it a bit too small for their liking.


  • Promotes smooth transactions
  • Activates the Sacral Chakra
  • Boosts creativity


Can be a bit small

Malachite Tumbled Stones

Malachite is a protection stone whose mystical properties have been known since ancient Egyptian times. It’s a very potent aid for those seeking both healing and renewal.


Known as a great attractor of wealth and good fortune, malachite symbolizes new beginnings and a chance at fresh opportunities.

Malachite activates the heart chakra, which, though meant to benefit relationships, can also greatly assist in the furtherance of industry and business.

The clear thinking and interpersonal relationships necessary in love can also aid one during negotiations.

Malachite is also a great stone to use when meditating. It bolsters open-mindedness and introspection, giving the owner a better chance to come up with new ideas when it seems you’re in a slump.

Its ability to promote thinking out of the box is surely an advantage to the diligent entrepreneur.

However, the stone may sometimes be smaller than one would expect, and it can suffer scratches in transit. It’s also relatively pricey relative to its size.


  • Promotes open-mindedness
  • Activates the Heart Chakra
  • Attracts good fortune


  • Can be a bit small
  • Can get damaged in transit
  • Relatively pricey

Final Verdict

The clear best pick of the crystals for success and abundance is the Triple Stone Ultimate Success Bracelet. The combination of red garnet, peridot, and citrine provides such a great union of energies that enhance and complement each other.

It may be a bit pricey, but it’s definitely worth the investment. With three different protection stones that allow you to replenish your energies related to the business side of things, it’s certainly an ideal accessory to have.

If you want a less expensive alternative while still enjoying fine protective properties, try the Raw Lapis Lazuli Crystal Pendant Necklace. It won’t get in the way, and also comes with a money-back guarantee ensuring customer satisfaction.

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