How Do You Balance Your Root Chakra : 9 Ways To Do This

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The root chakra is really important in your body. It is located at the base of our spine and is responsible for grounding us to the earth.  When this Chakra isn’t balanced, we may feel unstable, ungrounded, or anxious.  The question most ask is, how do you balance your root chakra? In this blog post, we look at 9 ways to do this.

Element Of Root Chakra

Your root chakra, otherwise called “Muladhara,” is your body’s foundation.  It’s the energy center that helps you feel grounded and connected to your physical body.

Since it’s the first in a line of chakras, it’s thought to provide energy to the rest of your chakras.

When this chakra is in balance, one feel’s safe. You have a strong sense of self-preservation and security in relationships and finances. 

The Muladhara, a spinning wheel through which energy flows, a blockage can have some strong, energetic issues.

When it’s blocked, you may feel insecure or overwhelmed. Have difficulty manifesting your desires

Signs Of A Blocked Root Chakra

Do you ever feel like you’re stuck?  Like you can’t get moving no matter how hard you try?  If you are feeling out of balance, there is a good chance these may be some signs of a blocked root chakra.   Blockages can cause physical, mental, and emotional issues from an energetic level.

Physical signs may resonate with:

Mental & emotional signs may resonate with:

9 Ways To Unblocking Your Root Chakra:

Are you experiencing multiple signs of a blocked root chakra? In that case, it’s time to focus on unblocking the flow in this area, so there is balance within this energy system again. Here are 9 ways to unblocking your root chakra that can help.

1. Root chakra exercise

One way to unblock this is to do some root chakra exercises, yoga, or Pilates. You can try to go for a run or walk in nature. Take the shoes off, feel the ground beneath your feet when you’re outside. Allow yourself to go within, and take a deep breath to base yourself as you sense the powerful energy of mother earth beneath your feet.

2. Root chakra foods

When it comes to this chakra, think grounding root chakra foods.  Foods that are rich in minerals and offer stability are key here.

Root vegetables like sweet potatoes, carrots, beets, and red peppers are all great options.  

Dark leafy greens like spinach and kale are also excellent choices.

Fruits like strawberries, cherries and other fruits that are red in color. Other good foods include legumes, nuts, and seeds. Incorporating these into your diet on a regular basis can help to keep this Chakra in balance.

3. Essential oils for root chakra

Essential oils for root chakra are normally made with certain blends for each chakra. The ideal combination can include grounding essential oils like patchouli and vetiver for this particular energy center.

If applying an essential oil onto the skin area, make sure it’s diluted in an oil base such as jojoba. Most essential oils which are not diluted, are not to be applied directly onto the skin. Always test your skin in case of any allergies to any aromatic or essential oils.

Some like to lightly apply diluted essential oil to the bottom of their feet when meditating.  

Many use essential oils for root chakra in a diffuser or a tea light oil burner.

If so, remember that many of these essential oils can be overpowering.  So always get a good balance of ventilation in your area of intended use.

4. How To Meditate On Root Chakra

Use a guided meditation or visualize healing this chakra center with breathwork using solfeggio soundwaves of root chakra Hz music.

Repeat the same process as many times as needed to feel grounded again.

You can even use root chakra affirmations within your meditation. Here are a few to get you started

5. How To Use Crystals For Root Chakra

Specific root chakra stones emit the perfect vibrations to help soothe and open up the energy of this chakra.  How to use crystals for root chakra is as simple as placing the stone or chakra crystal on the base of the spine.

You can even hold the chakra stone during your meditation practice.  Or you can carry a thumb stone in your pocket throughout the day to reap the benefits of its healing properties.

Stones with particular healing properties like:

6. Stretches For Root Chakra

Here are a few stretches for root chakra you may want to try

You can also try root chakra stretches by lying down

7. Root Chakra Visualization

Imagine a glowing red base chakra. When you’re feeling off-balance, take a few minutes to close your eyes and try this root chakra visualization.

8. Root Chakra Healing Music

There are many healing benefits associated with listening to different solfeggio frequencies. For this chakra, 396 Hz benefits have a powerful and healing influence that brings the listener peace and relaxation.

This meditation music with a 396 hertz sound is used to destroy unconscious blockages and negativity metaphysically.  You connect with your intuition, release fear, and feel more empowered as you ground yourself.

Here is a 396 Hz solfeggio music video, perfectly aligned for root chakra healing and balancing.

9. Power Of Repetition Affirmations

Studies have shown that the power of repetition affirmations regularly can condition the subconscious mind.  The more you repeat an affirmation, the more likely it will become true.  The more you say them, the more likely you will believe them and see results.

Affirmations are a powerful psychological tool because they take advantage of our brain’s tendency towards confirmation bias.  If you believe something is confirmed, you will experience and feel it more throughout your day.

You can help balance and open your root chakra by repeating phrases like

Final Take

So we hope we’ve answered the question of how do you balance your root chakra and shown you the 9 ways to do this.  This helps with the process of grounding and healing the root chakra.

Remember that it can take a bit of time and patience to restore balance in your energy

centers (chakras.)   So don’t give up if you don’t see results right away.  With a little effort, you should start to feel more grounded and centered in no time.

Leave a comment below if you’ve tried any of the tips shown in this post and how has it helped to shift chakra energy?

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