How to Meditate with Rose Quartz: Some Helpful Tips 

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In this blog, we share some helpful tips on how to meditate with rose quartz. We also answer some questions like what does rose quartz do spiritually?   

When we think of meditating, what usually comes to mind is sitting crossed legged with our eyes closed while trying to clear our minds.   There are different ways to meditate.  Using rose quartz known as the chakra heart stone can be a beautiful and effective way to connect with the heart chakra.

To learn how to practice rose quartz meditation, let’s first understand the ancient origins and long history of this holistic practice.  Also, how the chakras, crystal meditation and yoga are inextricably linked.  

A ‘chakra’ is a Sanskrit term that refers to the seven main ‘wheels’ of energy within the subtle body that are located along the spine. The term ‘subtle body’ or ‘energetic body’ refers to this spiritual flow within your body of the 7 main points.

These are the:

According to this theory, the entire universe is composed of this spiritual energy. Our bodies contain a scale of up to 114 of these frequencies and vibrations, which are also referred to as energies.  Each of these 7 main wheels of energy has unique links to our spiritual and physical wellbeing. 

In other words, they correspond with different internal organs and nerve bundles. This system originates from the same texts and period as yoga. This dates back to around  1,500 BC.   Guided meditation, healing crystals and yoga are therefore often practised in tandem. 

When a chakra is blocked or low in energy, it can be difficult to express the qualities that are linked to the area concerned.  This can have negative effects on our spiritual and physical wellbeing and show up as negative emotions within daily life. 

To unblock a chakra there are a number of practices that can be adopted including yoga postures and chakra meditation.  During these holistic practices, it is also normal to place crystals in particular areas of focus. 

Breathing and meditation can be used to cleanse your rose quartz healing crystal as well as connect you with your higher self.  Rose quartz gemstones are  associated with pure love and the central chakra, which is the Heart chakra. 

So once cleansed and correctly placed, these stones  are used alongside meditation or yoga practice to encourage emotional health and heal emotional wounds. 

Chakra Heart Stone Known As Rose Quartz

By meditating with the heart chakra stone known as rose quartz, we can work on opening our heart area and cultivating more love in our lives.

Rose quartz is associated with love and forgiveness.  This type of quartz is said to help when we have strong emotions around our heart chakra related to various types of love.

When we work with the rose quartz, we can begin to clear any blocks that might be preventing us from giving or receiving love fully.  This helps to open our hearts and cultivate more love in our lives – both for ourselves and for others.

Here is a guided meditation to help with healing heart chakra area.  It’s only about 10 minutes, and it’s perfect to do with a piece of rose quartz

This can be in the form of jewelry, a tumbled rose quartz or raw quartz.   It can be placed close to you or you can hold the piece close to your heart during the meditation practice.

There are many benefits to meditation in general, but meditating with a chakra heart stone can help to focus and amplify the effects of the practice.  Rose quartz is also known as a “master healing crystal” it’s said to be helpful for just about any type of healing.

The Heart chakra is also referred to as the ‘Anahata Chakra’.  Its color is green and its element is air and its primary sense is touch

Some people ask whether, the heart chakra is pink or green?  The answer is both. The heart chakra is associated with the element of air which is green.  Air often represents change, new beginnings and healing. 

Pink is also associated with healing, but this type of healing is more focused on emotions and the heart. This can help to shift the energy in the chakras and clear out any blockages.

It’s believed to emit strong vibrations of self love, joy and healing properties. This stone resonates with personal change and transformation, as well as peace and tranquility. 

Because of these strong links alongside its soft pink color, the rose quartz crystal can also often be found in the shape of a heart. 

This makes it the perfect choice of crystal gift to help with family or romantic relationships.  If you’re having a difficult time getting along with a close friend or family member, this pink crystal is a great way to help you unblock that chakra. It intuitively begins emitting positive energy through meditation practice.  If you’re hoping to manifest a new relationship and deepen existing ones, this unconditional love crystal would be the top pick. 

How To Meditate With Rose Quartz

rose quartz mala beads

Because your heart chakra is the meeting point for both the lower and higher chakras, it’s the center energy that affects our capacity to connect with others.  Here are some easy yet practical tips on how to meditate with rose quartz-

  1. Create a comfortable and quiet space to ensure a smooth and productive meditation session. You may like to include soothing heart chakra music for spiritual ambience and burn a candle to further enhance your senses.

  2. Rose quartz stones may be worn as a necklace, set in a sacred space or special altar, or held in your right hand. Alternatively, you may wish to place rose quartz directly over your heart center for maximum impact. Or to focus the stone energies on external relationships and romantic love, you can place a crystal in the southwest corner of your room. 

  3. Once you have set up your surroundings, it is time to get comfortable. You may wish to lie down using a meditation cushion or mat or sit in a cross-legged pose with your palms raised to the air. 

  4. Now that you are fully prepared, you can begin your meditation. Six is a number that is often associated with self love, so you may choose to focus your quartz meditation around this particular number.

  5. When using this stone for meditation purposes, you will benefit most by setting your intention in line with the emotions related to the Heart chakra. 

Some ideas that you can include are: 

6. If you are doing a guided meditation in tandem with soft yoga poses to unblock this chakra, you may wish to consider focusing on poses that open your heart. 

rose quartz yoga

This can include any of the below positions: 

7. Take your time during the guided meditation process, consider any thoughts or feelings that arise as a result of your session and focus on your breathing. A crystal meditation can evoke a feeling of great calm and last any duration of time. There is no correct duration, so feel free to continue from several hours to a just few minutes.

What Does Rose Quartz Do Spiritually?

Many people use rose quartz because spiritually it helps them attract and maintain love. It’s also said to be helpful in dealing with grief, anger, and heartache.  Rose quartz is a gentle stone that has been used to bring calm and peace to any situation.

At its essence, rose quartz meditation is a spiritual and well-being practise to calm the mind through breath work and to help you connect with the present moment. 

Breath work helps you to become aware of the present world without engaging in it, rather than focus on past events or worry about the future. By acknowledging the present moment in the modern world, we are able to make observations about our situation. This way we gain greater clarity on our thoughts and feelings. 

Meditation and yoga combined with rose quartz crystals and heart chakra cleansing are powerful ways to restore inner peace and reduce feelings of anxiety.  So, you’ll most likely leave your session feeling lighter with your inner harmony restored.  

The more you meditate, the more inner peace and balance you’ll gain from these sessions.  Don’t be disheartened if you struggle to concentrate the first time around

The popularity and teachings of these holistic practices date back thousands of years.  They function on many different spiritual and physical levels, working toward finding inner peace and alleviate stress in many different ways over our lifetime. 

You can simply focus on your breath and your thoughts, or you can progress further to combine this with movement with your rose quartz crystal. 

As you begin your practice, it can help to work alongside a trained practitioner to deepen your understanding of the yoga poses and breathwork.

This can extend to individual lessons or group classes where you are able to work on your movement, breathwork and understanding of crystals together. But really there is no right or wrong route to finding inner peace. You will instinctively know what works best for you by trying out the different options and rediscovering the abundance of the universe. 

Final Thoughts On Rose Quartz Meditation

The use of the rose quartz gemstone in self care work is well-established through many thousands of years.  With the multiple beneficial properties, it’s easy to see why rose quartz crystals are continually popular with any meditation or yoga session.  Regular spiritual practise encourages personal transformation and this, in turn, is strongly aligned with the heart chakra. 

While these practices are steeped in a rich history of learnings, how you best utilise them and their healing properties is really up to you.  With any spiritual practice, as your learning develops so do the increase of benefits through time. 

It’s impossible to conceive of finding inner peace and unconditional love as a one-time occurrence.  It is something you nurture and work on.  Working with your rose quartz stone or jewelry while concentrating on the present with breathwork can enhance the practice of being in “the moment.”

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