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Crystals For Pisces: Every Pisces Must Have And Know About

There are many different Pisces crystals and stones that are associated with this zodiac.   If you want to tap into some of that Piscean energy in your life, then these crystals are a must-have to add to your list.

Pisces is the twelfth zodiac sign representing people born between February 19 and March 20 of any year. The ruling planet of Pisces is Neptune and Jupiter. 

Folks under the sign of Pisces are creative, loving, imaginative, and helpful. They are also loyal and supportive individuals.

Pisces is the symbology of two fish swimming in opposite directions; they are a water sign representing calm and generosity.

The zodiac sign Pisces has a high level of caring attitude and will be deeply affected by things in their lives. Some other Pisces traits include:

When you’re feeling emotional or down, know that a Pisces is always there to provide a shoulder to cry on.

  • Pisces have a sixth sense. They can see what others cannot.
  • The incredible ability to encourage others makes Pisces the real mentor.
  • Paying attention to the minor things makes them keen-sighted individuals.
  • If you break a Pisces heart, they go through a long stage of sadness.
  • And finally, no matter what’s going on, trust that a Pisces will be there for you when you feel the most alone.
Have you ever wondered which is the luckiest stone for Pisces?
The following is a list of lucky gemstones for Pisces. Many of these are also known as Pisces birthstones.

Wearing them or using them in a chakra meditation, can metaphysically boost the natural energies to bring a healing and soothing effect for a healthy body, mind, soul lifestyle.

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Pisces Stones And Crystals : Must Haves

The Pisces stones and crystals are must haves for a Piscean.  These are used to metaphysically help with releasing any negative energy, and boosting happiness, success, and prosperity.

Pisces stands as the last zodiac sign. When the Pisces season is near, their birthstones and crystals can be helpful to overcome any weaknesses and gain strength.


Here are their lucky gemstones:

  •   Amethyst
  •   Ametrine
  •   Aquamarine
  •   Black Onyx
  • Yellow Sapphire
  • Red Jasper
  • Jade
  •   Carnelian
  •   Clear Quartz
  •   Labradorite
  •   Lepidolite
  •   Ruby
  •  Blue sapphire

  • Fluorite

Now For The Stones Meanings

Each stone comes with its own symbolic meaning and a quick link to related products, saving you time from endless searching. We hope you like some of  our handpicked selection. Happy browsing!

Aquamarine Stone 

The aquamarine stone is the best crystal for Pisces people. It is a crystal of strength and is available in various blue tones, from light to dark.
The blue/green aquamarine color reflects the spiritual healing energy. Pisceans can benefit from this stone since it embodies the beauty in nature of peaceful oceans. As a result, Pisces, who seek spiritual understanding and connection, will benefit from this gemstone.

Yellow Sapphire 

Yellow Sapphire is the lucky stone for anyone born under the sign of Pisces. Its fascinating outlook has a lasting impression on the most influential people in society.

The wearer of this gemstone receives a variety of spiritual benefits in the form of uncountable blessings. It bestows health and strength upon Pisces’ zodiac sign.

It brings a lot of positive energy changes to a Pisces’ life and a lot of advantages in various ways, from personal life to goal achievements.

If the wearer is a woman, it is worn as a symbol to bring her love and happiness in their married life. 

Red Jasper 

The red Jasper stone is also another one known as lucky gemstone for Pisces that stands for creativity and connection.

In the mythology Folklore, written by Maria Leach, ” the ancient Egyptians gave importance to Red Jasper as it was a symbol of “blood of Isis.”

Also, this Pisces gemstone is said to have a lasting impact on young women for holding grace and beauty.

The Jasper Stone has been used to help Pisceans feel more stable in their mood. It helps them to balance work and home life in a positive way.

This stone is also known as the Supreme Protector because it spiritually protects and cleanses the aura of its water wearer.


The talismanic stones for Pisces are ruby. It brings overall well-being to the Pisces’ life boosting energy with courage, confidence, passion, and hard work. This Pisces stone is also said to enable it’s user to live in peace with enemies.

However, if Pisces is ruling over the 6th house, avoid wearing the Ruby stone as it might have unpleasant vibes. Always ensure to consult your astrologer in this regard for these gemstones.

Why Is Amethyst Good For Pisces ?

The healing crystals of amethyst provide the Pisces with courage and strength. Amethyst tends to metaphysically ease pain and helps with sound sleep.

It metaphysically brings loving ideas for inner peace necessary to replace bad habits or negative emotions with positive ones.

Lucky Stones For Pisces Women

Blue Sapphire

Blue sapphire, also known as the Neelam Stone, is a lucky gemstone for Pisces women. It saves her against psychic attacks.

It can generate some auric superpowers for its wearers.


Fluorite benefits Pisces women because it’s of its intuition. It’s a crystal that spiritually helps with the emotional self.

As a crystal of discernment, it also powers up attention and determination.

Lucky Stones For Pisces Men


Jade is also another Pisces birthstone that makes a good luck charm, especially for ambitious Pisces people.

Clear Quartz

Clear Quartz– a diamond-like crystal is both attractive and suitable for a Pisces man. This Quartz cleanses negative emotions and amplifies the positive energy they require.

A crystal that brings an element of confidence, calmness, and courage to a Pisces man. It’s the best gemstone to get rid of anger energy.

Pisces Personality


Pisces are people who enjoy being admired. They are passionate, kind-hearted, caring, and supportive.

According to astrology, they are incredibly creative and are always open to new ideas.

Pisces enjoys watching movies, taking photographs, creating art, and painting.

Pisces can motivate and inspire others. They can be trusted and easily relied upon.

These Pisceans folks are the ones who can absorb emotions from their surroundings, and they can become happy or sad depending on the mood of others. They don’t hold grudges for very long.

Pisces Mythology

In Greek mythology, Pisces is a symbol of two fish (Aphrodite and Eros).

When they were traveling along the Euphrates River, Typhon (monster) emerged.

They were terrified and unable to run, so they prayed to Zeus for help.

He transformed them into two fish, and then they jumped into the river to escape.

What Power Does Pisces Have?

They have a higher sense of seeing things and are extremely sensitive. They can sense what is going to happen in a situation in their lives.

They are a magical sign with the ability to predict the future. It is the superpower of a Piscean person.

Final Take

If you’re a Pisces, your favorite colors are deep Sea Green. People with the zodiac signs of Pisces are very enthusiastic. They enjoy getting to know people on a more personal level.

They have a good habit of making others feel special. Using a Pisces birthstone or rock crystal might help them nourish the areas requiring extra intuitive guidance.

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