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Learn all about how to use amethyst in crystal healing, including how it came to be one of the world’s favourite crystals.

In terms of aesthetics, amethyst crystal is favoured by all. In colour terms, the depth of the purple hues in amethyst gives it the sense of wealth and indulgence that few other crystals can recreate. 

It’s a stone of opulence… but it’s also a crystal healing tool of noted power.

Amethyst crystals are valued for their beauty, rarity, and ability to heal the mind metaphysically. 

Let’s look at some of the other attributes of this beautiful form of purple quartz, to get to know it a little better. 

Ancient Use and History of Amethyst Crystals

Everyone knows that the Ancient Greeks used it to promote sobriety by now – but do you know why? 

The Greek God Dionysus was at risk of going mad from his alcoholism. 

Rhea, one of the Titans, gifted him with amethyst to protect him from being driven mad by drink.

It is the mixture of mineral compounds and radiation that gives amethyst its mix of blue and red.

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It is the difference in volumes of compounds which give amethyst it’s different colours; from deep violets to light lilacs . 

The belief that amethyst caused sobriety was disputed down through the centuries. The French Poet Remy Belleau created a legend about Bacchus, the God of wine, who was preying on a young maiden. 

The Goddess Diana made the maiden into crystals and Bacchus through his wine over them to dye them purple.

To this day, amethyst crystals are still used in the rings of officials of the church, who wear them to represent their sobriety. 

Before an abundance was found beneath Brazil, it was one of the most beautiful – and rare – stones in the world. 

It held a similar regard to diamonds in the ancient world.

Magical Use and Traditions Surrounding Amethyst

Asides from the sobriety factor and the church’s appropriation of the gem, there are other magical traditions surrounding amethyst crystals. 

Now, there seems to be a trend lately for amethyst water bottles, so that you can drink gemstone infused water.

Amethyst can be used as a symbol of the air element and therefore placed at the eastern point of a ritual circle. 

Since it is associated with matters of the head and third eye, it could be used in spell work that aims to advance your ability in these areas.

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What is the healing power of amethyst?

The primary healing use of amethyst crystal is through the process of meditation. Crystal’s healers will often meditate while lying down, with the amethyst crystal in the centre of their forehead.

“Dreamwork” involves sleeping with amethyst under your pillow or beside your bed.

Some of the healing powers of amethyst are said to include:

  • Regulation of the hormonal and endocrine system
  • Dispersal of headaches and migraines.
  • Amethyst is good for a clear complexion
  • Amethyst can help boost the immune system
  • When used in meditations can reduce stress
  • Help solve insomnia, albeit with vivid dreams

This is a broad guideline since each crystal affects each person in a different way. If you are drawn to amethyst, this may be because you feel the need for rebalancing in the crown or third-eye chakra points, or because you need healing in one of the areas listed above. 

What is Amethyst Used For?

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Amethyst corresponds to the crown and the third-eye chakras. These are the two points of your energy field most intricately connected with the universe above you. 

This makes amethyst the crystal of the astral plane and a known stone of the air element. 

Amethyst is often used in meditation since it is the crystal of the upper chakra points. It’s said to be used in witchcraft for dream work, the process of remembering and analysing dreams in your waking life, and perhaps manipulating the course of your dreams while you are asleep.

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As well as being used in crystal healing by some holistic practitioners as well as reiki healers. 

Amethyst makes pretty jewellery and is prized in its geode form as a decorative item as part of your meditation practice or can be used as part of the feng shui crystal system for balance and flow within your living environment.

What does the Amethyst Stone do?

Some of the benefits of using amethyst in crystal healing involve a better connection to the world around you, a better connection to the astral version of yourself, and a better connection to the spiritual plane. 

It can also bring in a positive mindset, which can stop self-sabotage.

Amethyst is used in crystal healing to promote better balance of the hormonal system, as well as metaphysically treating headaches. It is said that if you are recovering from an addiction, wearing amethyst can’t hurt to try, even if the sobriety belief is a myth…

It also makes beautiful jewellery, is the gift of the 33rd wedding anniversary, and was used by ancient Greeks to make goblets in the belief that it promoted sobriety. 

Amethyst is the birth stone of February. 

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Cleansing Chakras with Crystals like Amethyst

If you want to cleanse a chakra point using amethyst crystal, place one over your crown or third eye, respectively. Hold it there while you meditate over what it is that might be blocking these chakra points. 

Are your troubled by negative thoughts, unable to connect to the spiritual self, or having trouble with universal oneness? Amethyst will help restore it.

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During a crystal healing session using amethyst, you will be invited to lie down on a therapy bed, while the healer places crystals on the corresponding chakra points of your body. 

You will be invited to meditate in this position, with healing frequencies and incense are used to soothe and balance you.

Where should Amethyst be Placed?

Since the amethyst crystal is intricately linked to the crown and third-eye chakra points, is should be worn on the head or around the neck as a pendant or necklace. 

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Amethyst earrings or an amethyst tiara would be ideal, although we know style doesn’t always permit this!

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