How to Cleanse Rose Quartz: 9 Easy Ways To Do This

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how to cleanse rose quartz

Have you ever given or received a rose quartz stone as a present? If so, you may be wondering how to cleanse rose quartz and activate its energy. Here’s a guide and a short video we’ve included on 9 easy ways for cleansing and activating your gorgeous quartz from mother earth.  This way it will keep shining that loving and abundant life energy for you.

Rose quartz is a naturally occurring silicon-based crystal that has a wide-spanning history of use in spiritual and healing practices.  Rose quartz healing crystals come in many indigenous forms.  

They can range from  pale to deep pink, large to tiny, and usually translucent to rare transparent opacity.  Due to the naturally occurring rose quartz stone composition, it can also inherently show a variety of color inclusions.  This beautiful crystal can be lab-grown.  It is mainly sourced organically in several countries across the globe. 

Before using your rose quartz crystal for self-love and healing purposes.  Check that it is a natural and genuine specimen.  Real rose quartz crystals will however collect energy vibrations from their surroundings.   So, once you have selected your preferred specimen, you will further benefit from crystal cleansing. Cleansing or activating your rose quartz crystal has many benefits for its natural healing energy and the potency of the crystal itself. 

Do you have to cleanse crystals?

There is no one definitive answer to this question, as different people have different opinions about whether or not you have to cleanse crystals.  Many people believe in cleansing their crystals regularly to clear out any negativity or stagnated energy. This may have absorbed from the environment and other people’s emotions and feelings.  

The best way to describe this is when someone angry or upset walks into a room, we all are affected by that mood and feeling, even if we don’t want to be. 

It’s all part of the vibrational frequency of energy.  It travels. 

Some days we might feel good, and some days we might not feel so good.  Since energy travels, it might be a good idea to cleanse your crystals to get a nice clean slate to work with? 

Especially if you like the idea of intention setting for goals and metaphysical healing rituals to ground yourself?

What are the benefits of cleansing rose quartz?

The benefits of cleansing your rose quartz crystals can help remove negative energy and restore them to their full vibrational strength. This practice used in spiritual and holistic methods.  So, think of old, stagnated emotions within the crystal as dust particles. The more old dust collects around your crystal, the worse its transmission.

Here are some of the benefits of cleansing your rose quartz stones.  Can include:

9 Easy ways on how to cleanse rose quartz and activate its energy

So let’s explore at least 9 easy ways on how to cleanse rose quartz and activate its energy.  Each technique will have its distinct approach, yet they will all be highly effective with your ritual and energetic vibration.

It would help to keep a positive mindset to make the cleansing process effective enough to set it with your intention.  This is particularly the case when practicing breathwork cleanses.  Remember to keep your thoughts and desires clear, regardless of the method you choose to clear that negative energy.

You might want to test out some of the different approaches below before committing to an individual process.  This can help you figure out which activation or cleanse system works best for you in each scenario. 

For example, the easiest crystal cleansing method is the water wash and the earth method.  Or, for a cleanse with extra-strength during a period of toxic energy build-up, you may wish to combine the earth method with yet another one of these methods. 

  1. Can rose quartz go in water?

    The simplest and most frequently used of all of these rose quartz cleansing methods is with running water.  Your stone’s energy and healing properties will benefit significantly from being placed in a bowl of spring water.  This can be done for a couple of minutes as a quick cleanse. Alternatively, you can submerge your rose quartz in running water too.  Ensure that the stone is entirely submerged and pat dry with a clean cloth once you have completed the process.

  2.  Salt water cleanse
    This traditional saltwater cleanse system is the most deeply rooted in ancient practices.  For this cleanse, you may like to collect fresh saltwater solutions from the sea.   Or, you can mix sea, rock, or table salt into a bowl of water and follow the same system as for water method. This is only suitable for untreated rose quartz and is not ideal for treated rose quartz.  Equally, this method is not suitable for soft stones or stones containing metal traces.  Once finished, again pat dry with a soft cloth.

3. Can rose quartz be in the sun?

Yes, rose quartz can be in the sun. It is said to benefit from solar exposure, as the heat and light help to bring out its natural beauty.  Just be sure to not place it in direct sunlight for extended periods of time, as this can cause the stone to fade.

Cleansing your rose quartz stone using the light method can be practiced to clean and recharge at any time of year.  Cleansing crystals with the maximum impact for this process, it’s best not to place your rose quartz around indirect natural light.  This can be for up to a couple of hours.  You may prefer to practice the light method at certain points in the solar or lunar cycle for maximum quartz healing properties. 

This depends on the quality of the quartz.  Because of the density of rose quartz, it should not be negatively impacted by poor weather conditions.  However, other stones and certain crystals may be.  So hopefully, we’ve answered the question of can rose quartz can be in the sun since its color may be affected by such intense light.

4. Can rose quartz go in the moonlight? 
The vibration of rose quartz is primarily feminine energy.  So, it has natural  associations are with the Divine Feminine and the full moon’s light.  This makes moonlight cleansing of unwanted energy a strong and practical choice for rose quartz, in particular over other crystals.

Some crystal practitioners will combine moonlight cleansing during a full moon and sunlight cleansing.  This can be over a time frame of 24 hours to energize the stone. For maximum effectiveness, lay the crystal on the earth or inside a pot at any time of the night.

5. Clearing crystals with sound
The sound method is particularly effective at balancing your crystal’s energetic level. To use this method, create a sound using a tuning fork, meditation sound bowl, chanting mantra, or soft bell.  This will bring the stone vibration back to neutral and ensure that it is ready for setting your specific intentions.

6. Saging crystals
The smudge stick technique involves surrounding your clear crystal with smoke from a stick or loose sage leaves and using circular motions or sage smudge.  For thousands of years, indigenous people have used the smudging process in ceremonial practices. There are different varieties of sage, such as white sage or regular wild sage. However, the smudge stick method consists of smoke, best used in a well-ventilated space.

7. Energy breathwork 
Chakra stone practices have a strong historical association with yoga breathing techniques.  There are several different breathing techniques that you can adopt to help channel your energy.  But, this particular method is a fantastic way to strengthen your bond and cleanse your rose quartz stone.

For this quick and easy cleanse, focus clearly on your ritual.  Once focused, you inhale deeply and make short exhales onto the stones through your nose for 30 seconds.  If you are not feeling as if you are achieving a positive mental space, it is best to use another practice.  This way, you avoid affecting your healing gemstone from a negativity.

8. Cleansing crystals with earth 
Earth is very grounding of the other elements, so it can be the most impactful place to cleanse any object.  Placing your crystal into the soil for one to three days can be an excellent method.  This method usually removes a more considerable build-up of toxic energy and completely re-grounds its vibration.

You may consider placing it within a flower pot if you live in an apartment.  As rose quartz has strong associations with the Heart chakra, you may also like to choose a favorite outdoor spot.  A particular area that resonates with your heart, a favorite tree, or place in the garden.  Once complete, wipe dry with a soft cloth.

9. Selenite crystals 
Selenite crystals are understood to vibrate at a very fine level.  There are several types of gypsum.  Selenite composition includes calcium sulfate dihydrate (two water molecules), a mineral that dissolves in water and soft enough to be scratched with a fingernail.  Selenite is also used for different crystals to boost their energy.

This means that they carry potent energy and have multiple healing benefits. So, the selenite crystal can also be used outside of your rose quartz cleansing practices. For this final method, touch your selenite crystal with your rose quartz for a minimum of 7 hours.

This can be connecting the quartz with a piece of selenite or placing your quartz into a selenite crystal bowl.  The bowl is suitable for other crystals and can make a lovely décor piece within the home.


Final thoughts on how to cleanse rose quartz crystals

Thanks to its composition, the rose quartz stone has a wide range of suitable cleanse and recharge methods. Once you’ve tried different techniques, you’ll discover what cleansing method and frequency feels intuitively right for you.

Rose quartz contains excellent all-around spiritual healing properties. Making this quartz a versatile and popular choice for beginners to longer-term expert practitioners.   Although this crystal is known to emit unconditional love, it also collects surrounding energies.  So to get the most from this universal healing stone will require regular cleansing and activation.  This will remove old vibrations from the crystal and give it greater potency for the next time you put it to good use.

To learn more about crystals, their properties and meanings here is the link for our crystals blog posts for more reading.

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