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How To Use Rose Quartz: Origin, History, Healing Properties

How To Use Rose Quartz: Origin, History, Healing Properties

How To Use Rose Quartz: Origin, History, Healing Properties

You’ve probably seen rose quartz everywhere, from your favorite jewelry store to images on Pinterest. You may even own a piece! But what is this pretty pink mineral, and where does it come from?  In this post on how to use this  we’ll explore its origins, history, and metaphysical properties that people use for self-care routines, spiritual rituals, and more.

This crystal is a great all-rounder and is by far one of the most popular crystals choices today. 

This is mainly thanks to its multiple applications and widespread availability, alongside its attractive look. 

The beautiful RQ crystal was also prized by the ancient Egyptians, mythologized by the Romans.  Also used in traditional yoga practices, and adopted in traditional Chinese medicine.

Being such a diverse crystal, it’s no surprise that rose quartz is still in popular use today throughout the world for its many applications.  Anyone who enjoys their wellness, interiors and fashion accessories is likely to have at least a piece or two of rose quartz in regular use within their household.

So let’s take an in-depth look at some of the most common questions relating to the properties and uses of this charming crystal and its true origins. 

We’ll also look at where is best to place RQ, plus its roots in ancient symbolism and healing practices.  

This will give you a full overview of the sought-after pink stone and enable you to make the best possible use of it.

What is rose quartz made of ?

Rose quartz is the name used for pink quartz mineral specimens. 

A rose quartz stone is mainly composed of silicon dioxide and is found in a number of different locations across the globe.  This includes Australia, Brazil, Madagascar, South Africa, India, Sweden and Germany. 

It can also be synthetically produced, but because of its common organic appearance lab specimens are less frequently found.

The pink quartz color is attributed to small inclusions of a pink variety of a rare mineral called dumortierite. 

As such, rose quartz is most commonly found as a colored translucent pink crystal with a lustre that ranges from an almost imperceptibly light white pink to deep pink.  Some specimens of rose quartz crystals also include a series of fine inclusions that create different bursts of additional colors within the stone.

There is also a variety of rose quartz that is transparent, but this is rarer as the color is normally unstable due to its composition. 

This type of quartz is therefore sometimes referred to as pink quartz and is usually sold as a faceted rose quartz jewelry in order to catch the surrounding light. 

Pricing for this beautiful pink crystal can range from very minimal amounts up to $550,000 for extremely rare known examples.

Rose quartz meaning and uses

Rose quartz crystals have been adopted into many world cultures throughout time for their mystical healing properties. 

Their use alongside other crystals can currently be dated back to as far as 7,000 BC during the Egyptian era and then by the Romans.  

Because of its links with Aphrodite and Adonis, as well as its pink hue, the rose quartz crystal symbolism is broadly considered for love and compassion.  

It’s also connected to the Heart chakra and symbolically resonates with love and self-care.

There’s something about the color omitted by rose quartz that is warm, soothing and endearing.   It is believed to emit strong vibrations of love, joy and emotional healing, and is used by some as a crystal for giving and receiving love.   

Some believe that rose quartz  even resolves relationship issues,  promotes understanding and inspires compassion, as well as promote feelings of peace, calm and inner peace. 

So, it’s natural to place rose quartz in a sacred place or incorporate it into meditation practice for its  metaphysical healing properties.

How To Use Rose Quartz

Because of the many beneficial rose quartz crystal healing properties, rose quartz crystals can be used in a number of different ways for everyday, spiritual and healing purposes.  

When being used outside of decorative purposes, practitioners recommend buying the organic version rather than lab-grown rose quartz. 

As the stone of universal love, uses of rose quartz can include:

How To Use Rose Quartz: Origin, History, Healing Properties

On your body, close to your heart – By wearing rose quartz on your body or holding it close to your heart, you can set intentions relating to love, romance or compassion.

Underneath a pillow – Placing this crystal underneath your pillow allows intuitive connection for rose quartz healing properties at night time, encouraging calm and peaceful dreams.

In your sacred space, or as rose quartz jewelry – Wearing a piece of rose quartz jewelry or using within your sacred space is believed to encourage compassion and healing for you and your family.  Placing rose quartz on a necklace is considered to be its most potent use, as this keeps it closer to your heart chakra area.

Meditating, manifesting or setting intentions – When performing a rose quartz meditation you are able to connect with the quartz crystal and further benefit from its holistic properties.  Some suggest to charge your stone to get the optimal rose quartz benefits.  After its recharge, you may also like to give thanks to your pink quartz crystal and leave a note with your intentions after you have concluded your session. 

In your daily beauty regime – Rose quartz can also be adopted into your beauty routine in the form of a cream or mist ingredient or as a stone facial massage roller.   

Although some of the rose quartz energy is slightly lost in this form, its uses in cream form is believed to date back to Egyptian times.   

As a specially adapted stone, rose quartz can also be used in the traditional Chinese medicine beauty ritual of gua sha. Alternatively, a facial roller can help your skin to absorb essential oils, reduce puffiness and improve your circulatory system.

How To Use Rose Quartz: Origin, History, Healing Properties

What are the healing properties of rose quartz?

As the pink stone of universal love, rose quartz energy is spiritually focused on restoring inner harmony. 

This energy can extend to promoting unconditional love, promoting friendships, developing a feeling of inner peace and creating a feeling of comfort. 


Essentially, a rose quartz crystal benefits its user by tackling negative external energy and restoring inner balance.


Some believe that rose quartz crystals can assist with recovery from physical ailments, although this has never been scientifically proven. 

Speculatively, it is also believed to aid with self love, releasing impurities, circulation, blood pressure, as well as issues with lungs, chests, kidneys, adrenals and fertility. 

Some users also believe that rose quartz crystal can even help with vertigo.

What Chakra is rose quartz good for?

In chakra healing practices, the rose quartz crystal is considered to be a Heart chakra stone. 

In Sanskrit, the term that chakra is most closely linked to is ‘Anahata’, which translates to ‘unhurt’ and ‘unbeaten’. 


Its vibration is primarily feminine.  So the properties of rose quartz have strong associations with romantic love, goddess energy, the Divine Feminine and the moon.

Thanks to its association with the heart itself, which is situated at the centre of the body, you can also use rose quartz to align the other six chakras.  This can help to restore your overall emotional health.  


This malleable crystal is often distributed in the shape of a rose quartz Heart stone to further promote calmness and serenity. 


To gain maximum impact from this practice, remember to cleanse and charge rose quartz prior to use.

When to wear rose quartz

A rose quartz crystal can be used as a lovely every day jewelry piece. 

It is most popularly seen as a necklace pendant, pink diamond-shaped earring or bracelet stone.   

However, its most common healing and spiritual use as jewelry is in the form of a necklace.  As a necklace, the rose quartz is closest to your Heart and gain the most energetic impact there as a healing crystal.

For spiritual, self love and healing purposes, a rose quartz crystal can be worn anywhere on your body’s exterior.   

However, users should be warned that it should not be worn internally, inhaled or ingested.  Composed of silicon, rose quartz is considered to be toxic in these specific scenarios.  

Many prefer to use it  in their healing practices as a solitary rose quartz stone or wear some mala beads.

Where to place your rose quartz

Since crystals have their unique energetic vibrations, some use it to release negative emotions, fill the home space with positive energy and love.   

When used for spiritual and healing purposes, where you place your crystal within your home can have a big effect on your inner self.  

As rose quartz is the stone of universal giving and receiving of love energy and a powerful healing crystal, you may wish to place it within certain rooms for certain effects.

The ideal room choice has got to be the bedroom, as rose quartz is best known for encouraging unconditional and pure love energy.   

By opening the Heart chakra, you can also achieve a deeper state of serenity, which is ideal for sleeping. 

If you are focussed on its positive effects on your sleep, it generally goes underneath your pillow.

If you’re interested in its relationship healing properties for specific family members or emotional wounds, the southwest side of their room is better.  

To spread this love energy to your family as a whole, consider placing your piece in the middle of the household.  Or, for the best of both worlds, buy two or more crystals to spread the love vibes throughout the home.

What energy does rose quartz have?

Healing crystals have become more popular over recent years for their ability to balance energies and enhance mindfulness. 

There is no scientific evidence to prove that they do work.  Yet their use dates back thousands of years, strongly suggesting that their power operates on a level that is beyond scientific understanding. 

This power is often referred to in spiritual practices as the ‘subtle body’.

Ancient meditation practices like chakra refer to the seven main ‘wheels ’of energy that are situated within our body. 

The theory that the universe is also composed of this energy . Within our body there is a scale of up to 114 frequencies and vibrations.   

The seven chakra points are located along the spine and each individually links to our spiritual and physical wellbeing, with the Heart chakra at the centre.

How To Use Rose Quartz: Origin, History, Healing Properties

The seven chakras from the bottom to the top of your spine are the:

The Heart chakra healing stones like rose quartz crystal used to re-tune all of the chakras and fully balancing energy.

This can be achieved by using the pale pink stones as jewlery, for focused meditation, under pillow and in your daily beauty regime.

What does rose quartz do?

Rose quartz is a universal healing stone that has multiple healing and spirituality applications.  On a spiritual level, it vibrates at a frequency in tune with the Heart chakra. This promotes emotional healing and inner peace.  Some believe that rose quartz can aid with recovery from illness by releasing impurities and promoting circulation.

In traditional Chinese medicine beauty ritual gua sha, a user will scrape their face with a flat pale pink quartz stone.  The idea is to stimulate the skin thus improving elasticity, promoting tissue drainage and releasing tension. 

This is considered to be a great way to alleviate symptoms of a number of ailments, including acne, puffiness and muscle recovery. 

When used as a facial stone roller it’s believed to have similar effects.

How to tell real rose quartz from fake?

Unfortunately, fake rose quartz varieties are sometimes sold in place of the real gemstone.  

A reputable crystal supplier should never sell you a fake product.   

But, it is nonetheless worth checking your quartz thoroughly before committing to a purchase.   If you think that something feels off about your purchase, then do not make the transaction.

Here are some things to look out for to ensure that you benefit from the spiritual properties of rose quartz:

Where can I buy real rose quartz?

Rose quartz is naturally found in Australia, Brazil, Madagascar, South Africa, India, Sweden and Germany. 

To avoid unnecessary shipping expenses, you may prefer to get your rose quartz from a supplier in its country of origin if possible.  You are also much more likely to secure a genuine rose quartz purchase if the crystal is in easy ready supply.

Because rose quartz worth is determined by many varying factors,  check that your healing crystals are ethically sourced prior to purchasing. 

For high-grade purchases, read the reviews if buying online, to check that the product is exactly what you believe it to be. When you buy rose quartz you can normally identify the real from the fakes upon closer inspection.

We hope that this post has helped you in some way. Hope you have a great rose quartz journey with your crystal!

Disclaimer: Our web pages and blog posts provide general information for general purposes only and not to be used for any medical, legal or alternative health advice for any type of physical, mental health or financial concerns.Always speak to your practitioner before embarking on any new alternative treatments. If you have concerns about any medical matters, you should always consult your healthcare provider without delay.We thank you for taking full responsibility for your own health and wellbeing in life. ☺

Disclaimer: Our web pages and blog posts provide general information for general purposes only and not to be used for any medical, legal or alternative health advice for any type of physical, mental health or financial concerns.Always speak to your practitioner before embarking on any new alternative treatments. If you have concerns about any medical matters, you should always consult your healthcare provider without delay.We thank you for taking full responsibility for your own health and wellbeing in life. ☺


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