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Rose Quartz Jewelry: A Buyer’s Guide

Rose Quartz Jewelry

Rose quartz jewelry is a popular choice for many people.  It is important to know what to look for when you are buying rose quartz jewelry.  This guide can help you understand rose quartz and how to select the right pieces to add to your collection.  

Not only are they beautiful, but they also have a metaphysical aspect. This is especially helpful if you love to meditate or do intention setting rituals with crystals.

Thanks to its stunning pink hue and frequent availability, rose quartz has jewelry been a popular throughout written history.  Being such an attractive all-rounder stone teamed with its popularity among celebrities means that anyone who enjoys holistic practices, interior design or fashion is likely to own a piece or three. 

The alluring pink gemstone itself is mainly composed of silicon dioxide and can be found frequently in several countries, which nicely balances out its cost.  However, the color, overall appearance and size of rose quartz can vary greatly, as well as its true sale value. 

It’s therefore all too easy to get the pricing of rose quartz incorrect for several different reasons.  This can easily lead to accidental purchases of inferior products or even lab-grown specimens.  So, let’s look in detail easy ways to determine if you are getting true value for money with your rose quartz jewelry product.

Is rose quartz a good choice of jewelry?

Rose quartz is a beautiful and durable product that is naturally cold to the touch and will easily last you a lifetime.  It is a popular but commonly occurring gemstone, making it an excellent choice for everyday jewelry use.  It has also been used for millennia as part of  healing crystals in metaphysical practices and has enduringly strong associations with the heart and self-love. 

Due to its chemical properties, the stone itself can be worn safely on the exterior of the body but is not recommended for use internally or for consumption.

Thanks to its illustrious pink hue and associations with the heart, rose quartz is often purchased to promote love, peace and harmony.  Rose quartz jewelry is most frequently found in the form of earrings, rings, necklaces and bracelets. 

But to gain from the gemstone’s holistic healing properties, the stone needs to be a genuine piece of rose quartz, not man made . Synthetic products will not have the same holistic positive impact, so are unlikely to offer any spiritual benefits and are normally best avoided.

How to tell if a rose quartz is real?

woman holding rose quartz

To determine if your rose quartz item is genuine takes abit of knowledge, expertise and possibly scientific analysis. 

First and foremost, genuine rose quartz should feel cold to the touch and not have any visible bubbles in it. 

Past this, if you feel that the deal that you are being offered is too good to be true then get a second opinion as a guiding principle.   However, some very straightforward factors can help you to easily assess if the item is likely to be the real deal or a fake when shopping. 

If you are purchasing online, then read a lot of the reviews and also where the stone is sourced from.

1. Rose quartz source
Rose quartz is a commonly occurring stone that can be found naturally in Australia, Brazil, Madagascar, South Africa, India, Sweden and Germany.  Rose quartz products that are sold within the country of origin will have changed hands less frequently so may also present better value.  

If the product says it was made in another country and it is a lot cheaper than similar items, it is less likely to be authentic.  Having said that, it is not impossible, so may simply merit some further research.

2. Rose quartz inclusions
Rose quartz are most commonly found as a colored translucent pink crystal with a lustre that ranges from very light pink to a stunning deep pink.  A real stone will typically contain fine white inclusions that give it a pretty glow. 

 Less common color inclusions do also exist but are rare and can therefore be more difficult to find and  are typically more expensive.  These inclusions can range from specs of green, black and orange to longer stripes of colors but can fade when exposed to light.

3. Is rose quartz transparent?
Your standard rose quartz item will have a cloudy appearance and appear to be translucent.  Very deep pinks are also much more difficult to come by.  So, if you are being offered a cheap rose quartz that is a deep pink and has a glass-like appearance this is likely to in fact be glass.   

There is also however a rarer variety of rose quartz that is more transparent.   This is much more difficult to find due to its unusual composition and is sometimes referred to as pink quartz.   Pink quartz is often sold as faceted jewelry because it catches the light beautifully.

4. Does the size of rose quartz matter?
Very small items of rose quartz are very common and can be sold at a relatively modest cost.  By contrast, very large items of rose quartz are much rarer and are therefore considerably more expensive.  

You are unlikely to find a genuine substantially sized stone on the open market.  Therefore checking its authenticity before purchasing is important, as these items can easily cost thousands of dollars.  Always act with caution if you are put under undue pressure to purchase before you are entirely sure.

How much is a rose quartz crystal?

When compared to other crystals, rose quartz is very sought-after but it is also very easy to obtain in its more commonly occurring forms.  So, the expert grading of the crystal is key to determining its true value.  

This is less of a concern for purchasing aesthetically pleasing items under $100, which while depending on the craftsmanship and setting involved should equate to roughly one carat.  

But, the grade of the stone can also mean that this figure quickly goes upwards of this number to a world record of $662,500.

When making a mid-range or expensive purchase you definitely want to check through your supplier’s customer reviews.  

If the product is being purchased via eBay, Amazon or Etsy, then check out where the product is sourced from. Also check out how many positive reviews there are, read what the negative ones say about the product.  The amount of reviews for the item itself should give you a better idea. 

However, retailers with a long-standing reputation on these websites will have a lot to lose and generally, will also offer some sort of guarantee.  If the item is sufficiently aesthetically pleasing you may just wish to take it at face value to be enjoyed.

Where to buy real rose quartz?

Rose quartz is known in chakra healing as the stone of self-love as well as external love, so it can be purchased for friends or for fellow crystal healing practitioners to enjoy.  For the most part, rose quartz jewelry is unlikely to be faked because it is a relatively low-cost stone to obtain.  

It is, therefore, less commonly faked as lab-grown items can be equally expensive to produce.  However, more expensive bigger and deeply colored items are much rarer so are more commonly faked.

As a chakra healing love stone, necklaces are an ideal form for rose quartz as this places it closest to your heart.  Your heart is where this stone is considered to be at its most powerful in line with its vibrational frequency.  

However, it can also be equally enjoyed for this purpose in earrings, bracelets, pendants and anklet forms.  Below are some of our favorite beautiful rose quartz items produced by different Amazon retailers.  In saying this, always read the reviews to get a better idea.  These can make a lasting and lovely gift for a loved one or friend to enjoy. 

Rose Quartz Heart Necklace

Rose Quartz Pendant

Rose Quartz Bracelets

Rose Quartz Earrings

Rose Quartz Ring

Rose quartz jewelry necklace vs. rose quartz jewelry bracelet or ring: Which should you buy?

This depends on what purpose you would like to use your jewelry for?  Let me expand……

As you can see, one piece of jewelry might not be enough, depending on the purposes you have for your rose quartz!

As you can see, one piece of jewelry might not be enough, depending on the purposes you have for your rose quartz!

Final Take on rose quartz jewelry

So, we have seen that rose quartz makes an excellent, aesthetically pleasing and durable choice for everyday and formal jewelry items.  But also that there are easy ways to spot fakes before deciding whether or not to proceed with any purchase.   As there are so many separate points to consider, it can be easy to get bogged down in the detail when you search for your first rose quartz purchase. 

By sticking to the general principles outlined, this should help you consider the options before you make that purchase. Plus, by ensuring that you have made a genuine purchase, you and your family can enjoy the many benefits of this charming gemstone for a longtime.

Here’s a link to read more indepth about different healing crystals.

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