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How Reiki and Crystal Healing Works Together

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Reiki healing and crystal use have a lot in common.
In this article we will examine their long history together.

Reiki Healing and Crystal Healing are not so far apart. 

For many, they even go hand in hand… but why?

While one involves energy transfer from the universe into another person by way of a gentle touch of hands, the other involves the sacred geometry and synchronicity found only in crystalline structures.

Still, there are striking similarities between the two. 

Today, we are doing a deep dive into the world of Reiki mastery and crystal healing, to find out why the two are so similar… and what it is that keeps them apart. 

What's Reiki?

Reiki was developed in the 1920s by a Buddhist from Japan named Mikao Isau.

It is believed that it was used before then in one form or another, but that this form is the Reiki we know of today. 

Mikao Isau would have been incredibly proud to see that people still practised it over 200 years later.

Where it came from has no impact on what it involves. 

Reiki is the healing of the spiritual energy of the body by the use of symbols, gentle laying on of hands, and energy transference. 

It is the belief that the body’s Chi (as is a core belief in Buddhism) can become blocked or restricted at certain points inside the body.

Reiki is the act of using an interrupting energy source (another person’s energy) to unblock the chakra points in the body. 

The chakra points being the places the chi is most focused in. 

When these are unblocked, a type of spiritual cleansing and balancing is the outcome. 

Although not used for disease/illness treatment, Reiki can be used as an alternative healing therapy for the long-term management of pain, stress relief, and an increased sense of the spiritual self – which brings its own relief.

What happens during a Reiki Session?

During a Reiki session, your healer will get you to lay down on a therapy or massage bed and normally you are on your back. 

If this is uncomfortable for you, then they allow you to sit in a high-backed chair, instead. 

They will talk you through what they are going to do throughout the session.

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Usually, setting up for a Reiki session may mean lighting incense, candles, and the ringing of a bell, it really depends on the practitioner. 

The Buddhists often used bells and chimes to ward off evil spirits, so this is an important part of setting the environment. 

You will be invited to close your eyes and relax, when they are about to begin.

For anything from 20-90 minutes, the Reiki healer will place their hands on-or-near your body in an effort to create a connection with your energy field. 

Once they have this, they will use their connection to the universal life force to channel healing energy into your life force. 

Like re-routing a river, your chakra blockages are then cleansed and balanced so you are more in sync with the flow of energy.

What’s Crystal Healing?

Crystal healing is another spiritual healing technique that most cynics will often dismiss outright. 


Because it can’t be studied in a laboratory yet. 

We simply don’t have the technology. Crystal healing goes all the way back to Ancient Greece, when people started wearing Amethysts to keep them sober. 

While the physical healing properties found in a crystal can be questioned, the spiritual healing of such is more difficult to detract from. 

Crystals have different frequencies. 

This is just a fact. 

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If you hook the right sound equipment up to them, you can physically hear them singing to one another, a lot like mushrooms do. 

(Seriously, listen to a quartz crystal singing about 4.30 minutes into this YouTube video)

Crystal healers use the vibrations that the crystal emits to align with certain points on your body, where your chakra might be blocked. 

If your chakra is blocked and chi isn’t flowing properly, you never feel quite right and might feel stuck or stagnate in some way. 

A crystal healer aims to bring back that spiritual and intuitive balance.

What happens during a crystal healing session?

What happens during a crystal healing session?

When you go to a crystal healing session, you will be asked to lie down on a therapy couch or possibly on a massage table. 

When you are suitably reclined, the healer will talk you through what they are going to do, while they prepare the room by lighting incense and perhaps playing sound healing music, just like this one. 

Sound Healing Session | Healing Chakras |
Music for Wellbeing | Positive Zen Energy

Once you have gone over the introduction, your crystal healer will start to place cool crystals along your torso and abdomen, at key points on your body. 

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They may even give you some to hold. 

The crystals need to be placed on the right energy points, or your energy might not feel at its optimum.

Although this does take a degree of skill, it can be learned fairly easily.

The session will last around 20 minutes to possibly an hour. 

You will be encouraged to open yourself up to any dreams, visions, or inspiration, you receive during this time.

Reiki Vs Crystals

Given all of the information above, do you want to go to a Reiki healer or a crystal healer? 

We listed the pros and cons below to help your decision along.

Pros of Reiki:

•    Reiki Masters have gone through three levels of attuning, given by their own Reiki Master.              They have usually studied for around two years by the time they qualify. Reiki attuning can’t          be rushed.
•    It’s extremely relaxing, people often fall asleep.
•    If learned yourself, you can use it on friends and family without achieving Master status.
•    It has more studies backing it up than crystal healing does at this stage.

Cons of Reiki:

•    It cannot be used to treat diseases but, it’s been said that it can help with pain those                      diseases cause.

Pros of Crystals:

•    The energy of the crystal never changes.
•    Anyone can do it with the right crystals and knowledge.
•    They make beautiful jewelry when worn.
•    People usually wear them as jewelry for special points of energy focus, such as talisman or          to bring on more prosperity, etc.

Cons of Crystals:

•    Anyone can do it with minor study.
•    People often attach characteristics to the crystals, which simply aren’t true.

A great example of this is the Moldavite craze.

Moldavite isn’t even a crystal, it’s a tektite, which is enough said on this stone for now.

Why are the Two Associated with one another?

Since both crystal healing and Reiki healing use frequencies, vibrations, and universal source, to treat the blockage of the Chi –they complement one another with alternative and holistic practitioners techniques. 

Some Reiki healers find it easier to unblock chakra points using crystals, and vice versa. 

What do we think? 

That no matter whether you prefer Reiki or crystal healing or both, you should always go to someone who has studied their craft.

Pseudoscience or not, these are two of the most relaxing therapies out there. 

Try it before you dismiss it, you might just be surprised at how amazing it feels.

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