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Rose Quartz Facial Roller: Benefits And How To Use It

Jade Roller Face Massage

If you’ve been following any beauty trends at all in the past year or so, you’ve probably heard about the benefits of using a rose quartz facial roller.  But what are they?  And how do you use one?  Keep reading to find out!

The rose quartz facial roller is a beauty tool that dates back to the 1600s. The roots of facial massage rollers lie in traditional Chinese medicinal practices. One side of the facial roller will typically be larger than the other and it can be kept in the fridge for added coolness. 

Facial rollers are commonly used to help detox skin, reduce puffiness, encourage lymph drainage and remove under-eye bags. Users regularly also report a soothing feeling, alongside an added glow and feeling more refreshed after just a short period of use. 

A rose quartz facial roller can deliver this effect by activating the lymph nodes underneath your eyes, helping them to drain more efficiently and improving blood flow. With this, the toxins situated underneath your skin are flushed out alongside any excess fluid. 

Additionally, your rose quartz facial roller can also be used daily alongside creams and serums for maximum product impact. When used in combination with other cream and oil treatments the roller can enhance the product impact and uptake by your skin.

Facial massage rollers in general are suitable for everyday use but can be particularly effective after long periods of travel. A facial roller can be purchased in a variety of different stone types, however, a rose quartz facial roller is considered to be one of the most affordable and effective options available. 

It will come as no surprise then that the rose quartz stone makes both an excellent and popular choice when it comes to facial massage rollers. But later in this article, we will also look at the benefits of the jade face roller and compare the two.  

What are the known benefits of using a rose quartz facial roller?

A facial massage roller in itself can offer many benefits to its users. While these results are not necessarily limited to rose quartz versions, users often find the below effects from use. It is worth noting that while none of this is clinically proven, these effects are widely reported. 

We can say with some certainty that popular use of the rose quartz face roller has certainly withstood the test of time. 

Rose quartz rollers are particularly valued for their residual coolness due to their high density. They are also, therefore, considered more effective at reducing wrinkles than other stones. 

How do you use a rose quartz facial roller?

woman using a rose quartz facial roller

Most users will keep their rose quartz face roller in the fridge to ensure maximum effectiveness. Once cooled, your rose quartz facial roller should then be used only after you have thoroughly cleansed your face and patted it dry. 

Following this cleanse, you may wish to apply your oil, serum or cream of choice over your face. You can then begin to roll the bigger end of the stick in upward and outward movements over the larger areas of your skin. 

For the more delicate parts of your face, you may prefer to use the smaller end for extra precision. This might include, for example, underneath and over the eyes, or along your jawline. You can keep using your face roller for as long as you wish, or until the products have fully absorbed into your skin. 

The longer you use your rose quartz roller, the more you are likely to reap its many benefits and stimulate blood flow.

Some people extend the use of their rose quartz roller massage to other areas of their body, including the neck and cheeks, as it can also work to reduce the soreness of muscles and aching tendons. Some will adopt their rose quartz face roller specifically to reduce migraine pain too, as it is known to improve circulation and stimulate blood flow to the head. 

Finally, once you have finished using your rose quartz face roller, remember to give it a good clean again to remove any of the impurities that it may have picked up. You can then return it either to your fridge, or another cool and dry place ready for next time. 

Rose Quartz vs Jade Roller: Which should I choose?

This is a long-standing debate for facial massage roller users and one that is not taken lightly! 

Both stones are equally beautiful and steeped in ancient spiritual and holistic practices. Both can be used for lymphatic drainage, to increase blood flow and alongside facial oil and serums. 

So, there is no right or wrong answer in our opinion for which is better for your skincare routine. However, it is very much worthwhile making a direct comparison if you are just going to commit to one product. For added benefits, you may like to consider using both. 


Rose Quartz

What is the best rose quartz facial roller available today?

The most affordable genuine rose quartz facial massage rollers can start from approximately $10 at absolute rock bottom prices and run up to $1,000s for luxury ranges. Some of the more expensive packages available to purchase will include rose quartz face masks, gua sha scrapers and micro-needling tools. You will be expected to pay for higher quantities of the product as well as a higher quality of stone grading.

The more coveted real quartz colors are also more expensive as they are typically harder to come by. These are primarily gems with medium tones or more intense and saturated colors. Some rose quartz products that appear to be a bit too cheap may well not be the real deal, particularly when sold online. All rose quartz roller products should include a smaller roller in addition to the regular size on either end of a holder.

You can certainly expect to see additional benefits by combining this product with the more expensive gua sha scrapers and face mask packages. However, these are not going to be entirely necessary to experience the wide-ranging benefits that we have already covered. Overall, the reported skincare routine effects from these products are fairly level in spite of the big variation in cost. If your focus is on lymphatic drainage, blood circulation and muscle tension, then a simple genuine roller is going to fine unless you prefer a finer quality rose quartz stone

Where can I buy genuine rose quartz facial rollers?

Rose quartz is naturally found in good quantities in Australia, Brazil, Madagascar, South Africa, India, Sweden and Germany. So, you are much more likely to be able to go shopping for a well priced genuine product in one of these countries than say China or America. By purchasing a product from a store in its country of origin, you avoid paying for additional unnecessary stock shipping and handling costs. But, it also eliminates the temptation for sourcing a lab-grown crystal, as the store is close to the source. 

Real rose quartz will have the following properties:

For more expensive shopping items, you may also wish to check that your crystal is ethically sourced and of a sufficient grade for the price tag prior to finalizing your transaction. If you are unsure that the product is exactly what you believe it to be then you are almost always going to be better off holding out for your next shopping trip.

Final thoughts on rose quartz facial rollers

With so many reported benefits, this is a product that you will want to use time and again as your beauty routine evolves. They are certainly a worthwhile investment that should withstand the test of time, regardless of what budget you are looking at. We hope that you have found this deep dive into the world of rose quartz facial massage rollers helpful. While you’re here, why not check out some of our additional blogs on this wonderful crystal and its many benefits?

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