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While some people think crystal healing is a bunch of spiritual hogwash, many others realize the healing power that is inherent in many crystals, and they use crystal healing to their advantage.

In fact, crystal healing is an art that has been around for many centuries, and has been used by many different cultures, including the ancient Egyptians.

In these modern times, it is used by many nontraditional healers, as they believe that crystals do have very powerful healing properties. Read on to find out about the most powerful healing crystals.

Most Powerful Healing Crystals

Top 10 Healing Crystals

No matter what type of metaphysical healing you need, there is sure to be a crystal for it. Some crystals are best for healing the mind and spirit.

Today we are going to take a look at 10 of the most powerful healing crystals, and find out how they are used for various issues to strengthen the body, mind and soul. Let’s get started.

Clear Quartz

If there is a crystal you can call your go-to crystal for all types of healing, it is clear quartz. Actually, while it may appear to be clear, this crystal actually holds a complete color spectrum. This one is usually used for spiritual, mental, and physical health.

This crystal absorbs and stores energy, and releases it when it is needed. We’re told it can help to improve concentration and memory. People use it for issues with immune or circulatory systems, clear quartz is said to improve qi energy throughout the body.

Rose Quartz

Pink quartz is a crystal that centers around the heart chakra, and it can be used to help with emotional healing. It can also help you to be able to have an emotional release, and keep you calm when you are in emotional turmoil.

Wearing rose quartz helps to create trust in relationships, and if you are looking for your soul mate, it can help open you up to Miss or Mister Right.

Its also been known to be used for problems with circulation, or have high blood pressure, rose quartz can help.


If you have done any amount of study on crystal healing, you know that most crystals need to be charged occasionally in order to be fully effective. This is not the case with selenite.

In fact, selenite is often used to charge other crystals. This is the crystal that can help to bring you to a higher consciousness, and it can help you to be more intuitive.

It is a crystal which seems to have many healing properties.


Obsidian is known as a protective stone, and it can help to shield from physical, spiritual, and emotional negativity. This is a black crystal that s also referred to as a mirror stone, and it’s been said to improve physical eyesight, as well as how you see your world around you.

It is often used by those who are experiencing emotional distress, and those who suffer from anxiety.


Jade is connected to the heart, and wearing it can help to express your love of others, as well as yourself. Because it is associated with the heart.

Many people who use crystals promote jade as one that could be used to help speed the healing process following surgery. Jade is available in a variety of colors, and it doesn’t matter which color you choose; they all have the same metaphysical healing properties.


When we think of turquoise, the first thing that often comes to mind is natives in the New Mexico and Arizona areas. Natives have long been aware of the healing properties in many stones, including turquoise, and they understand how it works to heal the body.

Turquoise can help keep you mentally and spiritually grounded, and it is ideal for meditation. Associated with the throat chakra, turquoise is known to help in the healing of problems with the throat such as communication, so people usually wear this crystal as a pendant as this reminds and supports them with areas of communication in their life.

It is said that this stone is worked with to clear blockages.

Lapis Lazuli

This blue stone has long been associated with luxury, but it also has many metaphysical healing properties. It can help you to have better judgement, as well as better communication skills. Lapis lazuli is associated with the upper chakras and the throat chakra, and it can be used in the treatment of problems with the throat, vocal cords, and larynx.

This crystal is also associated with the brain, and when having a crystal chakra healing it is also known to be used to treat attention deficit disorder by helping users to be more focused.


This commonly used stone is a very powerful healing crystal. Amethyst is associated with the heart chakra, and usually is used to help achieve all that you desire in your heart. It is also associated with the upper chakras, so it helps to eliminate negativity and help to increase wisdom, this is a beautiful and powerful stone that is used when meditating.

Many people use amethyst to help with anxiety and stress, because it has many calming effects, and it said can even help insomniacs to sleep better.

Some people use amethyst to increase hormone production. It’s known to help to relieve stress and neck tension, and some people use it to also help to ease some headaches.


Here is a stone you can use when you want to improve your own inner strength and be able to grow emotionally and spiritually. It can help to calm feelings of uneasiness, and it helps to alleviate stress.

Moonstone is obviously connected to the moon, which is in turn a connection to the feminine side. Physically, moonstone is believed to aid the digestive system as well as the pituitary gland, and it can be used to help fight obesity and hormonal issues. It is also been known to be used to ease menstrual cramps and reduce water retention.


Tourmaline is known as a crystal of protection, and it is often used as a psychic shield, fighting off negativity. In fact, black tourmaline is commonly used to eliminate negative energy, and it can help to increase positive vibrations.

When it comes to meta-physical healing, tourmaline has been used to help in the reduction of joint pain. It is also been known to be used to help realign the spine, which can help to alleviate many aches and pains throughout the body.


This is just a small sample of the many crystals that have amazing metaphysical healing powers. There are many ways these crystals can be used, including wearing crystal jewelry, carrying stones in your purse or bag, sleeping with them under your pillow, and even surrounding your bathroom with crystals and candles.

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