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The Intention Journal : Explore The Popular Ones

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The intention journal is a powerful instrument for personal growth.   

It allows you to make positive changes and reflect on what it takes, both physically and mentally, to plan your life and take it to the next level. 

There are many different ways to journal. In this post, let’s explore some of the most popular journals people love using.  

We’ll also share some important tips on how to create a sacred space for journaling, how to set intentions, and the steps for manifesting.

Your mind is an incredible tool.  

It can be used to create the life of your dreams, or it could also hold you back and sabotage what you’ve been working so hard on. Things like your personal growth and trying to achieve your dreams and desires.

But suppose you’re a person that likes to take action intentionally with your mind, steering it in the right direction with a valuable tool such as daily journaling.  In that case, it becomes your best compass in moving forward with living the best possible version of yourself.

Let’s talk about intention journals, which may be used to retrain the subconscious mind and transform our thinking into positive belief systems, resulting in increased self-love, fulfillment, and better mental health!

As we know intention journals can be a very powerful manifestation tool you can have access to.

There may be objectives you establish for your day, such as how you want your day to go, perhaps filling it with gratitude.

You are co-creating the atmosphere and energy for your day ahead.

Using your journal entries with intentions is like being the director of your own film, laying the foundations on how you want to design your life.

Depending on the scale of your ambition on what you’d like to manifest, you may create intentions for days, weeks, months, and even years ahead.

The stronger your intent (vibrational energy), the more likely it will come true as you fully focus your attention on your intended desire.

What Are Your Intentions?

So what would you like to achieve in life, and how can you make this happen?

 Your intentions are things that you want or need to occur for a reason- they’re not just random thoughts or feelings without any deeper meaning behind them.

If someone’s talking about wanting something then there must be some level of importance attached with achieving that said goal at all costs!

Your journal is where you record goals, and your intentions originate from what you think and feel about when writing them down.

The more frequently you write and focus with emotions on this, the more likely it is that your goal will come true. 

It’s like your personal time capsule!

Your emotions can be used as a compass and life force to guide you toward what you want. They can be turned into an inner guidance system that also tells us what we should do next.

Examples Of Intentions

• Today I intend on having a great day (as you are setting the energetic tone for your day.)

• I am open to accepting abundance and prosperity into my life now

• I intend on making this happen in a loving and happy way for me

BTW- You could even email yourself a daily intention. So, when you get to work and open your work email, it’s the first thing you see that reminds you to stay on track with your focus!

How To Set An Intention?

Setting an intention is important when gearing your mind and emotions for that pure focus needed on your desire. You need to make sure that you “let go” of the stress or toxic energy from your day.

You want to have good positive energy when you read your desire aloud. So you might want to take a few deep breaths or do a short meditation to remove any negative energy that could be surrounding you.

Before reading your intentions, read a motivational quote or some daily quotes to change the energy to a “feel better” mood. 

Also when reading your intentions out loud demonstrates your commitment to pursuing your objectives. Your intentions must come from a “powerful” perspective, which becomes your new belief system toward that objective (intent.)


Setting up an intention is first deciding on what goal you intend on manifesting into your reality. What is it that you want?

Write this into your journal (if you get stuck, then get yourself a journal with prompts). It’s a lot easier for guidance and reminders, and it’s also fun to have a “magical time capsule” to track your “intentional energy” to see what manifests right?

It’s also great to have small daily intentions as this is the perfect ground for you to test out your energy shifts. Once you see the smaller goals happening, you will see how powerful your energy truly is. This also gives you more belief in yourself and confidence for the bigger goals as well.

It’s beneficial to learn how to drop that stress energy and recycle it into successful energy.

Creating Sacred Space For Setting Intentions

Create your haven, a place where you can go and focus energy on your intentions. 

You’ll want a personal and private space where everything is already set up for you.

Somewhere you can “chill out” and “let go” of anything that irritated you during the day.  Releasing the old energy and bringing in new “fresh positive energy”.


Have your favorite meditation seating with your manifestation and healing crystals on hand for soothing color and good vibes energy surrounding you.

If you need some positive vibes happening, here is a  chakra balancing meditation to get you going.

So before you begin your intention-setting exercise you have a nice clean vibrational slate of energy.

Chakra Healing Meditation

Intention Setting Ritual

After you have created your own sacred space and balanced your chakras with positivity, it is time to focus on your intention setting ritual.

You are now in the perfect place and perfect time to do this.

Send your intention out into the universe and express what you truly want to happen in your life.

The universe is listening!

So make sure your desire is clear and precise, with emotional vibrations.

Repeat your aim out loud to the world and make it clear that it will come true.

The more you repeat your intent daily, the more power it gains and your belief develops.

Thank the universe for listening and working with you.

And also thank yourself for sharpening your power each time to make it a reality.


The Intention Journal : Explore The Popular Ones


Law Of Attraction Journal 

One of my favorite (ready-made) daily notebooks is the Law of Attraction journal. 

Explore Different Journals and Planners To Help With Intention Setting Rituals

There’s a variety of law of attraction journals out there. Here is one of my favorites, but you can check the price and info link to see the many lovely options available.

This journal has all sorts of beautiful prompts inside.

It has stickers as well as a vision board, it’s terrific cause you can take it with you when you travel.

The cover comes in different symbols and colors.

All the more to help you “set the tone” in your sacred space.

While you can start an intention journal in any old notebook, many people find it helpful to buy a purpose-made journal. 

A journal which has built-in prompts, lists, reminders, and motivation, as well as planning capabilities, keeps you  super organized and on top of your every day life.

When you read through the descriptions of each journal, choose the one that is best for you! 

Some of the intention journals listed below also include gratefulness (a great mindfulness exercise to free yourself from any blockages or resistance that could be holding you back).

So there are several excellent intention diary options to choose from.

Goal Focused Planner To Enhance Your Productivity

This planner helps you with focusing on goals and tasks, build healthy habits.

The convenient layout and thoughtful prompts help you stay focused, with generous note pages for extended, deeper reflections.

1grateful heart journal and floral pen on a white

It’s also lightweight, portable, and luxurious, so it’s a planner that can go anywhere you go and help you build a better life, one day at a time.

It also tracks intentions, positive habits, daily expenses, and exercise, so it has everything you need in a planner and intention journal all in one.  

This Planner comes in a couple of colors.

Isn’t it time that you designed the life you wanted?

Well with this type of journal,  it can help you to figure out what your true goals are, create a plan of attack for achieving them with the steps necessary in each area of life. 

The design is based on leading techniques, proven successful at increasing productivity & happiness!

Daily Planner To Enhance Your Productivity and Goals

Stop putting off starting something important or taking action, because now there’s no excuse not doing anything about those dreams.  

Increase productivity and achieve your goals by staying focused and organized!

Learn to prioritize by using monthly and weekly priority sections that will help you focus on smaller bits at a time. 

Manage your time effectively with a calendar for all appointments/deadlines set in stone! BTW- don’t forget to set “personal time” for your intentions.

Legend Planner – Deluxe Weekly & Monthly Life Planner to Hit Your Goals & Live Happier.

Legend Planner

A5 Hardcover

Undated – Start Any Time


Comes in different colors to choose from.

Initiate a simple change to make your work-life balance better, build new habits and be happier.

Become the best person you can be by setting and achieving goals in all important areas of your life. Bring more healthy habits and positive daily rituals into your life, and stick to them by using the habit tracker section of the planner. 

Incorporate gratitude and affirmation techniques for a more inspired and happier everyday life.

Unlike most dated planners, this one is not, allowing you to start using it at any time of the year and avoid wasting a page. By design, 12 months run in bulk and are separated from 52 weeks; use three colorfully designed bookmarks to flip between weekly and monthly spreads. Hardcover constructed of animal-friendly PU leather.


Simple Elephant Undated Planner

The Simple Undated Planner is a journal that helps you imagine and focus on everything you want to achieve in life.

It has space for your mind map and your vision board to engage your creative and logical sides simultaneously and help you set intentions you can believe in.

 Then follow through with monthly, weekly, and daily planning to help make your dreams a reality, along with gratitude, affirmations, and reflection.

It’s a compact life planner with a durable leatherette cover and a convenient design that makes it easy to accomplish everything you dream of.

Daily Planner - Simple Elephant Undated Daily, Weekly, and Monthly Calendar Planner for Productivity & Goal Setting


The Simple Undated Planner has a mind map and vision board to help you set your intentions and get motivated toward your goals.

Choose your focus, set your goals, and even record your successes and lessons along the way.

Plan your months, weeks, and days to help you get organized, stay focused, and reach your goals.


Deluxe Law Of Attraction Life Planner

The beautiful Deluxe Law of Attraction Life Planner guides you through eight simple, scientifically proven steps to maximize your productivity, stay motivated, build healthy habits, and reduce procrastination.

It has dot-lined note pages perfect for bullet journaling, along with monthly, weekly, and daily tracking, space for reflection, and more. This intention journal is recommended by entrepreneurs and life coaches and comes backed by a money-back guarantee.


The Deluxe Law of Attraction Life Planner has a Law of Attraction blueprint that helps you begin a journey of self-awareness and self-discovery as you begin to put your intentions in place.

Then use the planning steps to develop your personal “mission statement” and start your journey.

Law of Attraction Planner - Undated

Use the Goal Setting pages to set your intentions and start turning your goals into  reality. Use the fold-out 2-page Vision Board to stay motivated and focused on your goals.

Then use the monthly and weekly planning templates to set goals, reward yourself, track healthy habits, take time for gratitude, make feel-good lists, and more.

Finally, use the monthly reflection template to look back over the prior month and record your progress, your learnings, and celebrate your victories. It also has 71 blank dot-grid journal pages, a pen loop, two bookmarks, and an inner pocket for loose notes and other small items.

The Deluxe Law of Attraction Life Planner has a beautifully embossed faux leather cover.  It is 100% eco- and vegan-friendly, with FSC paper that protects old-growth forests.

This deluxe model planner comes in beautiful designs and colors on covers.

It comes with stylish and decorative productivity stickers, a world and USA map, and complete instructions on making the most of this planner.


Vision And Goal Setting 

Vision board journal

Some intention journals devote a lot of space and prompts to help you begin to explore, visualize, and plan your life goals and intentions.


This process helps clarify your focus, and claim your vision. Great for people who love to use intention journaling, to make the magic happen.

Although people who already have some clear goals and intentions may not need these features and would prefer to use the pages for other types of journaling needs.


Construction And Durability

If you are keeping your intention journal with you during the day, look for a journal that is a good size and weight for travel. Choose a rugged cover that can take some wear.

Having a hardback is helpful if you use it on a bus or train when you don’t have a work surface available.

If the journal doesn’t have two bookmarks, be aware that you will probably want to add more bookmarks, so you can quickly flip from your day tracking to your monthly goals or to your big vision or note-taking pages.


Personal Scheduling 

Everyone manages their time differently.

Some people like to make a list of each task or account for every hour in the day, constantly consulting their planner, while others are more comfortable doing this at the beginning or ending of the day with intentions.

If you want your intention journal to serve as a daily planner and reminder system, search for one with a lot of room and options for arranging and tracking your time.


How Much Space Do You Need?

Some intention journals are tightly focused on following only one or two goals or projects, while some have space for many goals in your different life areas.

Some journals have larger, more free-form templates, while some have many small boxes with different prompts, lists, reminders, affirmations, habit trackers, etc., every day.

If you have large handwriting or find a large number of prompts and reminders to fill out and track every day to be overwhelming and unhelpful, look for an intention journal that is more free-form and less tightly templated.

Journals With Stickers?

Journals with stickers can be an excellent way to make your journal all about you.

They can also help you find information easier and more accessible. And the stickers are fun and colorful. 

Final Take

Whatever your goals or intentions, or whatever your planning needs, there are some great intention journals out there. They can help you gain clarity and focus, remain positive and calm, and improve your productivity so you can make progress every day toward the life you want to lead.

Choose a journal that will fit into your daily life, meet your organizing needs, and build good habits so that you are happy and comfortable using it all the time.

Use your intention journal every day, at least twice a day, to start building the actions that will lead to the life of your dreams.

We’d love to know which one was your favorite intentions journal.

Disclaimer: Our web pages and blog posts provide general information for general purposes only and not to be used for any medical, legal or alternative health advice for any type of physical, mental health or financial concerns.Always speak to your practitioner before embarking on any new alternative treatments. If you have concerns about any medical matters, you should always consult your healthcare provider without delay.We thank you for taking full responsibility for your own health and wellbeing in life. ☺

Disclaimer: Our web pages and blog posts provide general information for general purposes only and not to be used for any medical, legal or alternative health advice for any type of physical, mental health or financial concerns.Always speak to your practitioner before embarking on any new alternative treatments. If you have concerns about any medical matters, you should always consult your healthcare provider without delay.We thank you for taking full responsibility for your own health and wellbeing in life. ☺


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