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Healing Music 432 Hz : For Spiritual Growth And Grounding

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The Benefits Of Healing Music 432 hz

If you’re interested in exploring the idea of using sound for soothing and relaxation, you may want to give the healing music 432 hz a try?   Most of us know that the effects of music can have significant benefits for mental health and physical health.  Some therapists even use this as part of their modality for music therapy.  Others use it for spiritual growth and grounding oneself from the daily grind.

 The influence of music can be very powerful and have different healing effects, depending on the type of music and what it is intended for. 

Some of the healing effects, can improve our mood, help us to have deep sleep throughout the night.  It can soothe us when we are stressed, relax our heart rate, lower blood pressure, soothe our levels of anxiety, get us moving and dancing……….. 

Or simply be a huge part of our day to day life, providing fun and entertainment.  There is always energy in music as it comforts us in many ways.

However, there has been an increasing interest in a particular frequency type of hertz music –the 432 Hz. Let’s take a look at what is the significance of 432 Hz, what are its reported benefits. It might change the way you listen to music.

What happens when you listen to 432 Hz Music?

First, let’s address what that mysterious number even means.

Hz stands for hertz, and that is a unit of measurement for audio frequency. An audio frequency is a vibration that humans, on average, can hear.

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Frequency determines the pitch of the sound that we hear. We are able to perceive anything between 20 and 20 thousand Hz.

Why 432hz vs 440hz? 

Frequency is used for different things in music, and 440 Hz history of pitch standard frequency was for tuning instruments in modern music. 

It seems to be the pitch standard, but the people advocating for 432 Hz suggest that this should change.

The history of tuning and standards for pitch have ranged significantly throughout history, but have generally stayed within 400 and 480 Hz.

Famous composers have used different pitches and tuning frequencies for their orchestras, and even the standard tuning fork did not help matters much, as everyone did it differently.

It was not until the International Organization for Standardization tried to remedy the situation and set 440 Hz as a standard.

It’s worth noting that not all orchestras in the music industry use this guideline, but they usually stay within the range of 440 to 444 Hz.

 But even if it is set as a standard, it doesn’t mean that it is widely accepted.

In fact, many people argue against 440 Hz and many of these argue in favor of 432 Hz.

So is 432Hz a Myth?

People feel that this is a superior option for various reasons, and there is a significant number of people too, who consider the frequency not just more pleasant or appealing, but actually beneficial as it seems to have positive effects.

positive mindset - Meditation Hypnosis - self-care tips

The concept of 432 hz comes into play in the 18th century with the concept of a philosophical pitch.

This is a system based on mathematics that allows the pitch to land on an even integer.

This approach gained some fans, including Verdi, a famous composer known for operas such as La Traviata, Aida, and Rigoletto.

Mathematics has continued to be a point of reference for the 432 proposition, as it has interesting properties from this point of view.

 But some propositions go beyond math and focus on the influence of music, concepts like chakra healing (in particular the third eye chakra and heart chakra,) spirituality, music therapy and a whole lot more.

Is 432 Hz a Universal Frequency?

The biggest proponents of this frequency go as far as to claim that it is a universal one.

While this is a difficult affirmation to prove, there are many who find that 432 Hz frequency benefits seem to be more enjoyable to listen to and is better for their experience than the standard 440 Hz.

positive mindset - Meditation Hypnosis - self-care tips

But for many, the influence of this type of music signifies that musical frequencies can have healing properties and spiritual benefits (example feeling more enlightened whilst practicing meditation.)

While not all claims of historic and magical power are easily verifiable or experienced by everyone, there is, interestingly, some preliminary research and scientific studies that suggests 432 Hz can be more beneficial than the standard frequencies. 

A clinical trial and study compared the effects of cheerful and sad music at different frequencies. 

It found that people and especially men tended to show a higher level of negative mood after listening to 440 Hz pieces than to 432 Hz pieces. 

Another study examined the effects of 432 Hz music on sleep quality. 

It was found that listening to the influence of music on this frequency could increase alpha activity, which occurs during certain sleep phases and contributes to rest, but did not have a negative effect on the time the participants took in waking up.

A double-blind study, albeit one with a small selection of participants, found that the people who listened to 432 Hz music showed a slight decrease in their blood pressure, a significant decrease in their heart rate, and a slower breathing as well. After listening to the music, the participants were more focused and more satisfied too.

432Hz Solfeggio | Elevate Your Vibration

432Hz Solfeggio | Sacred Space

These are small studies, but they do suggest that we respond better to 432 Hz music or, at the very least, that we find it more relaxing. We might also benefit more from this frequency if we want to focus or feel happier after listening.

There is not a lot of research, but it is promising and suggests that we might try out listening to this type of music.

What about the spiritual aspect?

People often report feeling better, lighter and more mindful after listening to 432 Hz. 

Some have linked it to their spiritual practices, which might work for you as well depending on what you believe.

The number 432 has significance for those with an interest in numerology, as a sum of several consecutive prime numbers and for other properties. 

The music itself can become a way of feeling calmer and, for some, a way of contributing to a process of healing, emotionally.

There are suggestions that 432 as a frequency might be associated with ancient musical practices, and it is true that some musicians in the past, like Verdi, favored this type of tuning.

Overall, 432 Hz is a frequency that is likely to be studied and explored more in the next years.

For many, it might provide benefits for their daily life, so check out and see whether you feel better when you listen to music with this pitch.

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