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18 Best Crystals For Manifesting: Find The Right One For You

This blog post explores the 18 best crystals for manifestation, helping you find the right one to use in your visualization process.

Have you ever wondered if you can manifest things into reality? If you recall the last time you wanted something to come true, and it did! Then, you know the feeling of empowerment,  joy and gratitude.

But what else helped you make it happen?

Some people use journals, feng shui, visualization cards, and images.

Others use crystals as mindset tools for intention setting rituals, helping them fine-tune their focus.

Find the right crystal to elevate your manifestation game, whether new or seasoned.


In a rush?

Here’s a quick overview of the 18 best crystals for manifesting :

What Is Manifestation?

Let’s, start from the very basics for those who are new to the world of manifestation.

In a nutshell, manifestation is the process of turning your deepest desires into reality by using the law of attraction.

One manifestation process is when we are in a state of inner peace and acceptance, ready for pure alignment with your intention. Practicing mindfulness and meditation before the process of manifestation, helps create a clean slate for our mind, when working with energetic vibrations. When you meditate using breathwork, feel your heart chakra, as you energetically attract things coming your way.

Picture it in your mind. Using the power of positive thinking, see yourself already having it and being happy.

Be thankful for it. Gratitude is a higher vibrational pull from the heart chakra area.

Believe that you can have what you want and that you will manifest it into reality.

Each day your mind will start aligning with the steps needed to create your intention into physical reality.

Is There A Science Behind Manifestion

There is skepticism embedded within each one of us, so it’s natural to question the art of manifestation.

Right now, the manifestation may sound surreal to you, impossible even, but it’s science-backed.

An early 2010 research review concluded that visualizing your desire as if it’s been already achieved, has increased the probability of that desire turning into reality. Another study conducted in 2016 proved that positive visualization reduces anxiety and increases happiness.

Moreover, in quantum physics and the law of attraction, it’s believed your thoughts create your physical reality.

This means when we focus on something, we create an emotional vibration. It’s said that this emotional vibration normally attracts more of it into our life. Then subconsciously, we often take action steps needed to move closer to our dream. And things start aligning toward our path. So, every time you take an action step, you get closer to your goal.

However, the same thing applies to negative thoughts and emotions too. If you give room for negativity in your mind, it’s as good as inviting negativity into your life.

It’s important to be mindful of your thoughts consciously as well as subconsciously.

Do You Really Need Crystals For Manifesting?

If you are aware of the law of attraction, it’s quite possible you might have heard about the various techniques of manifestation too.

So, why would someone need crystals for manifesting when there are plenty of other ways to manifest the same results?

Well, for starters plenty of manifestation techniques rely solely on your own power of thoughts and feelings. Whereas, crystals are normally used as energetic  focus tools to amplify  thoughts, which help with intentions.

Some also claim that crystals create a positive environment to manifest, (eg. feng shui) which promotes a spiritually ambient setting for the practice itself.

Although there is no real evidence of crystals, some people believe that they carry potent energies  used to influence the vibrations around us as well as within us. This energy is in the form of electric charges known as Piezoelectricity.

So, to enhance your journey for manifestation rituals toward your goals, why not give these crystals a try?

5 Techniques To Use Crystals For Manifesting

There are many different ways to use crystals for your manifesting process, such as :

What Are The Best Crystals For Manifesting?

Manifesting is an ancient practice that has been around for centuries. Crystals have long been used for manifestation and in many spiritual traditions as powerful sources of energy.

Each crystal has its own unique set of vibrations and chakras that resonate with the stone.

Here are 18 best crystals for manifesting that are used in different areas of life.

1. Crystals For Manifesting Love

Rose quartz : (heart chakra)

People struggling to find love, be it self-love or a soulmate can benefit from the rose quartz crystal. This stone is the epitome of feminine energy and resonates with  the heart chakra.

Which means it can metaphysically heal old wounds and open your heart for the love it richly deserves. This crystal also makes the user more trusting and empathetic.

All in all, this pink stone is not just a magnet for romantic relationships but all sorts of positive and loving relationships a person might want to attract.  

Garnet : (root chakra)

Another great stone to enhance one’s hidden passion, confidence, and sexuality is garnet.

A garnet crystal is connected to the root chakra which is located the base of the spine. This stone resonates with a person’s sexual desires. Using it in manifestation rituals for magnetizing the partner of your dreams, who aligns with you.

If you are looking for a soul mate, this is the stone you may want to use in your rituals.

2. Crystals For New Beginnings

Moonstone: (third eye and crown chakra)

Just like the moon guides a person walking in the dark, the moonstone lights up the path of its user. This stone is normally used  to impart wisdom to its users, who feel stuck in their current situation.

This stone emphasizes self-reflection to redirect and create ones true path.

During manifestation it’s used to connect with intuition and future vision. As it’s linked to the third eye chakra its energies encourage the user to find the ultimate truth.

Labradorite: (third eye chakra)

Labradorite is a spiritual stone, with healing powers. It helps the user to connect with the cosmos, inner strength, and faith.

A person seeking a new start, be it personally or professionally can use this stone with their manifestation ritual when it comes to new beginnings they wish for.

This crystal is also considered to be a strong protector from negative aura energy.

3. Crystals For Manifesting Money

Pyrite (solar plexus chakra)

Pyrite (solar plexus chakra)– also known as fool’s gold. This money stone is used in rituals to attract money and financial abundance while releasing fear and self-doubt. Increasing the willpower to be confident in your journey toward making money.

Green Jade (heart chakra)

Green Jade  is also known as the “dream stone” for rituals manifesting your dream life. Jade is used for increasing self-confidence and attracts abundance and prosperity.

Some cultures have been using this stone for healing and as a lucky charm for decades.

4. Crystals For Protection

Selenite (crown chakra)

A protective stone that absorbs negative energy; selenite also used to help clear mental blocks and dispel fear. This crystal is also great for charging other crystals.

Involving this stone in your manifestation is as good as having a sponge that soaks up all the negative energy and leaves you with a clean and fresh mind.

Resonates  with the crown chakra clears mental blocks and fear. This crystal is also great for charging other crystals.

Clear Quartz (third eye and crown chakra)

If you seek, prosperity, love, a sense of self, or anything else, it’s impossible to reach the goal if your mind is blocked by negative energies.

Clear Quartz is a master healer, it liberates the true power of your mind and helps to amplify it by allowing you to gain clarity. So, you can set powerful intentions and send them into the universe.

This is a key crystal in manifesting your desires, not only that amplifies the energy of other healing stones too.

This crystal is used as a protective tool against negativity and the evil eye.

5. Crystals For Success

Citrine (solar plexus chakra)

Citrine is a stone that unlocks creativity and increases your drive for success, abundance, and prosperity.

This sunshine-colored stone is known for good luck and success. Helping to identify your potential and fills your life with positivity and radiance, creating the perfect energetic environment to work towards your dreams.

Green Aventurine (heart chakra)

If you feel stuck professionally, it’s time to give the green aventurine crystal a try. This mystical green stone is connected to the heart chakra. Meaning it encourages positive thoughts, self-confidence, and optimism, and opens you up to new opportunities.

It also has metaphysical healing properties, which clears negativity around  you. It makes the user more decisive, intuitively connecting one to their senses and clearing the path for success.

6. Crystals For Health

Black tourmaline (root chakra)

This crystal is used for cleaning aura and deflecting negative energy. With the negativity in your life gone, you can focus on your goals and see a clearer picture.

This is a stone that keeps one grounded for their most authentic self. Preventing thoughts from going haywire and keeps us in touch with reality.

It’s said that a person who keeps this stone around or uses it during manifestation is always protected against unwanted energies. This stone boosts strength and courage too.

Tigers eye (solar plexus- sacral chakras)

Although this crystal is now-a-days trendy amongst men, due to its immense masculine energy, it’s been used for ages for its healing properties. As it metaphysically helps heal the reproductive organs, immune system, digestion, circulation, and overall health.

The tiger eye crystal is also used to ward off the evil eye and in aura cleansing. This crystal is a symbol of strength. This stone is all about active manifestation and being in tune with your heart.

7. Crystals For Fertility And Pregnancy

Aquamarine (third eye and crown chakra)

Women struggling with fertility issues oftentimes have a stressful environment around them. This stress reflects in their body’s reproductive capabilities.

Manifesting using a focus tool such as aquamarine crystal might help with a peaceful mind and nurturing body. This crystal metaphysically is used to reduce anxiety associated with pregnancy and invokes a spiritually nurturing environment.

Rose Quartz (heart chakra)

Used in rituals for manifesting good health, self-love, and unconditional love between parents. Creating nurturing vibrations within the home environment.

8. Crystals For Spiritual Growth

Amethyst (crown and third eye chakra)

Is best known for its metaphysical ability to clear the aura, increase intuition and insight, and strengthen a connection with the divine.

Labradorite (third eye chakra)

Is best known for aiding in processing emotions and expanding consciousness while connecting with the spiritual plane.

9. Crystals For Weight Loss

Jasper (sacral chakra)

Jasper is a crystal that will help enjoy life to its fullest. This stone is used by many to help with focus to manifest weight loss and a fit body.  This stone metaphysically helps improve digestion, reduces food cravings, and promotes a healthy lifestyle.

Jasper has a positive impact on good intentions. Set your mind on something to harness the energy with this crystal.

Carnelian (sacral chakra)

Carnelian being connected to the sacral chakra metaphysical detoxifies  the body while promoting metabolism, vitality, and energy, which aids in weight loss.

This red-orange stone can help with tapping into your inner energy and let it free flow from you towards the things you desire.

Short Video With The 18 Best Crystals For Manifesting

Quick Note On Cleansing And Programming Crystals

Do you ever wonder what it means by cleansing and programming crystals?

By programming, you can imbue a crystal with your intentions, goals, and positive energy to bring desired outcomes into your life.

Cleansing means cleaning the last lot of vibrations or negative energies collected in the crystal. This also goes for stagnating energy from sitting there or being around other people’s vibrations.

Working with a clean slate of energy is always a great idea. This way, you and your crystal can be on the same “vibrational wavelength” with your goals and desires.

So regularly clear away any lingering negative energy and restore them to their purest form.

The more you use your crystal, the more you’ll want to cleanse and reprogram it.

6 Methods of cleansing crystals

Sun energy - place in the sunlight or under a shaded tree.

Mystical moonlight - leave overnight outside or in a pot plant.

Sacred smudge rituals - can use sage or palo santo smoke over and around your crystals.

Ocean ebb and flow - wash it or swim with it in refreshing salt water.

Running Freshwater - submerging in the cleansing waters of nature's forest.

Ancient music rituals - place close to a singing bowl or use solfeggio soundwaves music.

Final Take

As you can see, manifesting can be a powerful process, and you are not locked into using just one method for crystals.

On your journey, you’ll find at least one of two stones from the list of 18 best crystals for manifestation.

You’ll soon see the ones you’ll feel more connected to intuitively.

Here is more reading on crystals or you can explore different topic here below.

Thank you for being here.

Disclaimer: Our web pages and blog posts provide general information for general purposes only and not to be used for any medical, legal or alternative health advice for any type of physical, mental health or financial concerns.Always speak to your practitioner before embarking on any new alternative treatments. If you have concerns about any medical matters, you should always consult your healthcare provider without delay.We thank you for taking full responsibility for your own health and wellbeing in life. ☺

Disclaimer: Our web pages and blog posts provide general information for general purposes only and not to be used for any medical, legal or alternative health advice for any type of physical, mental health or financial concerns.Always speak to your practitioner before embarking on any new alternative treatments. If you have concerns about any medical matters, you should always consult your healthcare provider without delay.We thank you for taking full responsibility for your own health and wellbeing in life. ☺


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