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How Positive Mindset Apps Can Transform Your Life

feeling good positive mindset app

It’s sometimes hard to be optimistic in today’s society. 

Every day we are constantly bombarded with negative media, news, and messages. 

This is where an app can help to support us with inspiration in our everyday life.

There is a positive thinking app for almost everything these days and some are beautifully designed. But which ones are backed by psychology and actually work in real life? 

Which positivity app can we use to maintain good mental health thoughts everyday without fail? 

This article reviews five which are considered the best positive mindset apps on the market, that can transform our lives!

What Are Positive Mindset Apps?

There are many personal development and wellness books geared toward happiness and positivity in life. 

Things like quotes with inspiration, pocket cards with positive affirmations, and different practices and techniques that can help us adopt a more positive outlook.

But it’s so convenient to have a positive thinking app, which is designed to train our mind more toward positivity in life, improving and strengthening our mindset.

We all know at times it can be pretty difficult to do this on our own.

But these apps, can be a great support, as they are easy to use, convenient, and often free.

These apps available for our mobile devices (apple, android phone and more), so we can access them anytime, anywhere. 

There are apps out there which are great and have useful reminders. Ones that can boost our mood, make us more aware of our habits, helps us to manage our every day life with more positivity.

Let’s take a look at some of these positivity apps.

5 Of The Best Positive Mindset Apps

Sometimes known as ‘positive psychology apps,’ these apps can help us improve our habits and behaviors.

It’s important to keep in mind that positive thinking is not about putting on a false or phony grin to hide our feelings of anxiety or irritation. It’s simply the ability to look at things from a more optimistic perspective and keep our mental health in check.

1. MindShift CBT - Anxiety Relief

Anxiety is a real problem for a lot of people. Anxiety is similar to having a dark cloud follow us everywhere, distracting us from our daily activities and causing us to over think everything.

Luckily there is MindShift. An app that helps people deal with anxiety by changing how they think about things. This mindset app gives a user the tools to help them better manage their mood and thoughts to reduce stress.

The app provides helpful information and tools for those who suffer from general anxiety. It encourages teens and young adults to face their fears in a healthy way rather than avoid them. 

This app uses scientifically proven strategies based on Cognitive Behavioral Therapy. 

It incorporates proven techniques in every day life toward anxiety relief, relaxation, personal development, affirmations, and more.

 It’s simple to use, and it gives encouraging results.

2. Happify

What does it mean to be happy?

Our brains begin to scramble for an answer the second we ask ourselves this question. 

We might think about what makes us happy. Or, we might reflect on the kind of people who tend to be happy and why that is.

What if we decided, that happiness is a choice we can make most of the time—no matter what?

That mindset may be easier said than done, right? But, thanks to an app like happify, we can get a little help along the way.

Happify is a positive mindset app that provides activities and skills to help us feel better. 

The app features a variety of games and other applications, powered by science, to give us a boost in becoming happier and more positive.

There’s alot of features like positivity exercises and games that can be practiced on our phones or other devices, as well as quizzes, forums, reminders and ways to track our progress. 

Happify is designed to be used anywhere – at home, at work, or on the go – and can really steer us toward making positivity a lifestyle habit.

3. Happy Not Perfect: Meditation and Mindfulness

Many of us spend time and energy daily on social media and we see photo shopped images of seemingly a perfect version of people and families.

But the truth is, that no one is perfect in this world. Everyone has problems, but it’s what we do with those problems, that makes the difference between a positive or a negative mindset.

The Happy Not Perfect app is a positive mindset app that offers the user a range of meditation and activities, with over 300 mindfulness exercises. 

The app is taught by mindfulness experts and includes breathing exercises, mindfulness progress trackers, and positive mindset practice.

The app features proven techniques for any mood or situation.

Users can track their activity and progress, allowing them to see how they’re improving over time.

Focusing on progress, not perfection is helpful because it allows us to make mistakes and realize that this is all part of the growth process toward becoming a better version of ourselves.

4. Headspace: Meditation and Sleep

For those of us who have struggled to get a good night’s sleep, we understand how insomnia can affect our mood, habits, health and energy.

However, it is much more than that. When we are weary and exhausted, whether physically or emotionally, our mind may wander in an attempt to make sense of what is going on in our lives and sometimes it doesn’t always steer us in the right direction.

Headspace is a meditation and sleep app that helps us develop more positivity in our daily life. It is designed for meditation, mindfulness, and sleep. 

You can also check out our YouTube channel for any meditation music and binaural beats music to relax an overworked mind before sleep.

The app includes ten brief meditations, four short videos that explain what meditation is, and several questions and facts.

Headspace helps us with the tools so we can be more focused, breathe properly, stay calm, and find balance in our daily lives. It is a paid app, but they offer a 7-day free trial to give it a test run.

5. Gratitude: Journal, Affirmations, and Vision Board

Practicing the power of gratitude has been linked to having more thoughts of positivity.

According to one study, participants who kept a weekly gratitude diary had a 5% boost in optimism.

The Gratitude app is free and was developed by Pritesh Sankhe, a developer from India.

The app is intended to help people become grateful, visualize their ideal life, and improve their self-image.

The app offers a daily dose of uplifting quotes and positive affirmations, letters of gratitude, photos, images and daily reminders for the user. It’s a simple, easy-to-use positive mindset journal app that maintains privacy and may be used at any time.

Benefits of a Positive Mindset

Feeling optimistic? When we work on developing a positive mindset, we may experience a variety of advantages in our daily life.

People who have a positive mindset are:

●       Less likely to experience anxiety, depression, and other mental health problems.

●       More likely to feel empowered by their situation because they see the potential for change – understanding that no matter what happens, things can always get better.

●       More open to new experiences and more willing to stretch themselves outside of their comfort zone, which can lead to making new connections and new possibilities.

benefits of positive mindset

●       Less likely to engage in risky behavior patterns, such as chain smoking or abusing drugs.

●       More likely to challenge themselves academically and professionally.

●       More resilient overall.

●       One study showed an improved ability to learn, when the focus is on effort (rather than competence.)

●       More likely to be able to maintain wellness during difficult times because they have developed the resilient mindset needed for coping.


Additional Health Benefits of a Positive Mindset

Here are at least 9 health benefits of a positive mindset

●       Decreased rate of depression
●       Increased longevity 
●       Better physical health and well-being
●       Improved cardiovascular health
●       Lowered stress
●       Improved resistance to the common cold
●       Better psychological wellness
●       Less risk of death from cardiovascular disease
●       Improved coping skills during stressful times

As we can see here, the benefits of a positive mindset are impressive.

How To Keep a Positive Mindset

We may wonder, ‘how can I make my mindset positive?’ Here are some practical tips we think can help.

●       Write down our goals and accomplishments to remind us how much we have achieved.
●       Practice gratitude daily for what we do have, rather than focusing on what’s  missing.
●       Surround ourselves with positive people.
●       Focus on having positive self-talk daily.  The subconscious mind is powerful.
●       Set healthy boundaries with friends & family as negative people can drag us down.

energy healing

●       Avoid comparison cause everyone is at a different place in their journey.
●       Focus on all the good things in life. More we focus on these, it’s  easier being positive.
●       Take time each day to read and write in a gratitude journal.
●       Don’t worry about what others are doing, but focus on our responsibilities and goals.
●       Begin each day with a positive attitude, our inner thoughts & dialogue follows the cue. 
●       Avoid thinking negative thoughts about ourselves.
●       Have a good sense of humor to keep the moments light and enjoyable.

The Side Effects of Negative Thinking

Negative thinking can make us feel down about ourselves. When people are sad, or always churned up about something, they may have more issues around the stomach or head areas, feeling discomfort within themselves . 

Negative thoughts can create issues and problems for our body that can make us sick or even shorten our life span.

Emotions such as stress and other unpleasant feelings trigger a variety of physiological reactions, including:

●       Increased production of stress hormones
●       Metabolism changes
●       Immune system function

Unfortunately stress damages our bodies and has been linked to a number of severe illnesses.

Some of the physical side effects of stress may include:

●       Body aches
●       Nausea
●       Insomnia
●       Exhaustion
●       Headaches

Feelings of stress, anger, and hostility may lead to a higher risk of:

●       Stroke
●       Heart disease
●       Dementia
●       Heart attack

Final Take: The Best Positive Mindset Apps

The apps we’ve mentioned in this blog post are designed to help us stay positive by providing us the tools and resources that can promote a positive mindset.

If we find ourselves struggling with negative thoughts, we can take a few moments each day to breathe deeply, meditate, or do another soothing activity, to ground ourselves and calm the mind. Realize that we can decide on how we want to feel and the apps make it alot easier to guide us through to a more positive and productive way of looking at life.

We may want to give one of these mindset apps a go; they can be an excellent way to start making happier and healthier changes in our lives.  What mindset app has worked well for you?

Disclaimer: Our web pages and blog posts provide general information for general purposes only and not to be used for any medical, legal or alternative health advice for any type of physical, mental health or financial concerns.Always speak to your practitioner before embarking on any new alternative treatments. If you have concerns about any medical matters, you should always consult your healthcare provider without delay.We thank you for taking full responsibility for your own health and wellbeing in life. ☺

Disclaimer: Our web pages and blog posts provide general information for general purposes only and not to be used for any medical, legal or alternative health advice for any type of physical, mental health or financial concerns.Always speak to your practitioner before embarking on any new alternative treatments. If you have concerns about any medical matters, you should always consult your healthcare provider without delay.We thank you for taking full responsibility for your own health and wellbeing in life. ☺


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