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Crystals for Libra : Manifestation Stones For This Zodiac

In this article, we’ll explore the crystals for Libra.  Meditation stones for this zodiac sign that are aligned for specific intention setting goals, rituals, and chakra balancing.

Libra is the sign of balance and harmony, so they will want stones to help with staying grounded and balanced.  Well, it’s the perfect time to find out which ones have been used throughout time to help release negative energy and manifest goals. 

This zodiac sign also seems to have a strong affinity with manifestation stones and healing crystals, believe it or not.  Crystals can be an excellent metaphysical tool to bring in balance, healing, luck.  These are perfect for the Libras that love using these precious stones from mother earth.

If this sounds like something you would to know more about, then read on!

Libra In Astrology

People born between September 23 and October 22 are known as Libras.  It’s the seventh sign of the zodiac. The ruling planet is Venus, and its element is air. Libra’s symbol is a set of scales.

Libra Greek Mythology 

Libra is connected to fairness, justice, and the mythological goddess who oversees it. Justice implies that people are treated fairly and given justice. So the scales were symbolically used to measure and weigh things on their importance.

Is Libra a Constellation?

Libra is a zodiac constellation located in the southern celestial hemisphere. It is named after the Latin word for “balance” because when the Sun crosses this constellation, it marks the beginning of autumn in the northern and spring in the southern hemisphere. Libra is the only zodiac constellation representing an inanimate object. Libra ranks 29th among the 88 constellations when measured by size.

Negative Traits Of A Libra

The negative traits of Libra are not as bad as they seem.  They just need to take more calculated risks and be less self-conscious.  Although if they can’t do this, it’s going to be difficult for them to fulfill the potential they truly have.

Libras are known for their love of balance and justice, which is no surprise considering their house symbol is a set of scales. Libras are responsible, diplomatic, and relentless in their pursuit of justice and equality in the world.

If they are ever privy to a debate, they will consider all of the advantages and disadvantages of each side and pick over every piece with their hawk-like wits until they believe they have arrived at a fair conclusion.

Libras enjoy playing the role of mediator, and since they are excellent listeners, they emanate a soothing vibe that makes them ideal candidates for friendship.

They are also social animals since they are one of the flighty air signs.  Ruled by Venus, our sister planet, who shares Libra’s love of harmony, beauty, and desiring love for all. 

Venus the goddess of love, and in contrast to her more wrathful counterparts, she is all about beauty, desire, and finding delight. These beautiful people are huge fans of aesthetics.  They are enamored with gleaming bright objects and enjoy a hefty dose of luxury.  Of course, they have impeccable taste and know-how to select the most attractive items.

Libras (like everyone else) have a bit of an imperfect side with these love-centric tendencies and a desire for beauty.  They dream big and they have a strong sense of justice.  This can sometimes get them wrapped up in things that are good on the surface level.  They may indulge too much in these experiences, which leads to their vanity (which is something they are trying to avoid). 

They try not to become idealistic but find it hard because of their overly hopeful nature. Librans can be drawn to gemstones that assist them in using their warrior strength to speak their minds, maintain solid boundaries, and maintain their peace of mind regardless of what is going on around them.

Do you feel comfortable in your creative path if it corresponds to your zodiac sign? Do you have any queries about it? 

What else do you need to know about being in the flow and finding out who you are and where your journey is leading?

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Celebrities With Libra Zodiac Sign

Here are a few of the many celebrities with the Libra zodiac sign. Do you relate to any or some of their personality traits?

Libra Lucky Colors

libra lucky colors

Each color has its vibrational frequency that’s associated with this zodiac sign to metaphysically balance and revitalize energy centers.

Pink (soft pastel hues) -Libra associated with the air element and rules the endocrine system, kidneys, and skin.  Wearing soft shades of pink is a symbology for softness and flowing air of feminine energy.  It’s great to wear this color when you need to ask for a favor or a job interview (just a small splash will do the job.)

Blue (soft pastel hues)-Another delicate color that Libra can wear is pastel blue, which complements their personalities and communication capabilities.

The throat chakra is linked to the pulse of life, which gives access to information from the earth’s core. It also opens up communication with higher dimensions by connecting to the throat and crown chakras.

Silvery White-The color of silver reflects the abundance and wealth that comes from working with the higher self. It’s also known as “the queen of colors” because it symbolizes elegance, beauty, charm, and perfectionism. Its connection to the divine loving, positive energy for a Libra.

Best Careers For Libra

The best careers for Libra are those that allow them to be creative, use their intuition, and balance their need for harmony with other people.

The Libras’ superior people skills and capacity to negotiate, build trust, and resolve conflicts make them a popular choice among employers.

The following are some careers that are astrologically aligned for Libra:

Libra Birthstone

Libra’s birthstone is Opal.  Opal is a pure white gemstone symbolized as the central stone for prosperity, luck, and personal strength to individuals who wear it.

Check out 10 of mother earth’s beautiful gems that can intuitively support the great balancing act for this zodiac chakra connection, whether for love, luck, or money.

  1. Opal

Opal (crown chakra,) the birthstone for October, exudes radiant energy. Milky white tranquility (with flecks of the rainbow inside,) with favorable good luck vibes.

Opal is the primary birthstone for Libras.  This zodiac gem is wonderful because it gives Libra a sense of balance, both in harmony and with luck.

Libras can find hope in the mother moonlight that shines gently to help them find their way back.  Opal helps restore balance, giving a sense of security & well-being.

Some believe that it’s also a way to connect to the divine, which can provide intuitive answers to people’s questions.

2. Aquamarine

Nothing beats the ebb and flow of this powerful crystal, the sparkling blue-green color palettes of Aquamarine (throat chakra) for Libra.  It can make you feel like you’re swimming in a sea of energy.  

Aquamarine is one of the most popular crystals for many reasons.  It can help with overcoming obstacles and achieving your goals, acting as an energy amplifier.  It’s also a major crystal associated with spirituality and wholeness.

Aquamarine has a cool color, which makes it great for calming your head and boosting your courage.  It also makes it easier to speak up and confront any conflicts.

3. Labradorite

Mystical Labradorite (throat chakra). This stone represents courage and transformation because of its magnificent hues and hidden charm.  Labradorite, another astute throat chakra healer, also helps free one of worry and provides energy healing, allowing your strongest spiritual side to show through.

Clearing out negative energy is an important part of grounding and revitalizing oneself.  You can do this with breathwork, chakra meditation, or just getting outside for a walk and connecting with nature.

4. Rose Quartz

These lovely pink healing crystals help with opening the heart chakra and infusing light and love into every crevice of one’s being.

Rose Quartz can help Libras increase their innate aspect of love, which is already abundant. (Here is our blog on cleansing rose quartz.)

Rose Quartz can help Libras increase their natural aspect of love, which is already abundant. Prioritizing your own needs.

The light pink energy of rose quartz may be a good luck stone.  It encourages people to let go of negative feelings, including feelings of anger and resentment.  The stone also invites a flow of positive energy by intuitively initiating self-acceptance and openness to new possibilities and opportunities.

5. Lapis Lazuli

Libras who value balance are encouraged to seek their inner truth to live their authentic life by this intelligent and insightful bluestone (throat chakra and third eye chakra). 

In addition to tapping into deeply held information, Lapis Lazuli also contributes to Libra’s desire for harmony.  It helps to clear the throat chakra and the third eye chakra, ensuring that all communication channels (both human and divine) are open and flowing freely.

6. Bloodstone

Bloodstone (heart and root chakra), often known as the warrior stone, is your shield and armor when you are out in the world.
Libras are known for their aversion to conflict, leading to over-compromise and a tendency to hide their true feelings.  They can use this stone to metaphysically gain power, peace of mind, and inner strength.

Bloodstone is a lovely amulet for people born under the sign of Libra, who fear being abandoned or disapproved of.  It is a powerful mood stabilizer that infuses a brilliant surge of uplifting energy.

7. Aventurine

Aventurine is a crystal with therapeutic spiritual properties.  It’s suitable for Libras; from the luck-laced Green Aventurine to the intellect-uniting Blue Aventurine.
It’s a fantastic crystal to keep on hand for those who wish to manifest a little more of their magic.  Seeking nurturing relationships such as partnerships, friendships, and all other types of nurturing interactions.

Aventurine is a calming crystal that spiritually encourages focus on a more constructive problem-solving strategy.  It also complements Libra’s balancing temperament.

8. Peridot

Peridot (solar plexus and heart chakra) is commonly referred to as the evening emerald because of its beautiful olive green brilliance.  Peridot is believed to be an excellent stone for healing emotions because it can stimulate the mind and body. 

In ancient times, it was used for sincerity in love and success in business.  It brings love and light into one’s life and assists with letting go of any egotistical behaviors one may have.  This also helps with understanding one’s feelings, as well as being accepting of them.  Peridot can also be used to bring about change in one’s life by releasing old patterns of thinking, feeling, or behavior.

9. Agate

Agate (throat and heart chakras) is a stone that represents introspection. It comes in a variety of shapes and sizes.

Blue Lace Agate is ideal for Libras who want to strengthen their throat chakra and communicate more calmly and openly. .Blue Lace Agate has been called the “Stone of Silence”, and is considered a stone of truth. It helps one be more receptive to messages that come from within.

Moss Agate is a talisman for the heart, aiding in developing courage and the ability to prioritize one’s own needs.  It is a grounding stone that helps in releasing fear and anxiety and brings harmony to the soul.

10. Citrine

Citrine crystal (sacral and solar plexus chakras) is a bright and sunny stone that adds a splash of happiness to eternal summer themes with its vibrant specks of gold.
It is known as the abundance crystal, releasing the negative patterns of self-limiting beliefs.

The sacral chakra is strengthened by this stone’s type of energy, which helps it to reach equilibrium.  This brilliant crystal is also recognized for assisting Libras in focusing on their decision-making process, allowing them to embrace their inner strength and wisdom.

Moss Agate is a talisman for the heart, aiding in developing courage and the ability to prioritize one’s own needs.  It is a grounding stone that helps in releasing fear and anxiety and brings harmony to the soul.

Crystals For Libra: Manifestation Stones For This Zodiac

crystals for libra

Here are some crystals for Libra and manifestation stones for this zodiac.  They’re great for intention-setting rituals, chakra balancing, and metaphysical healing.

Libra birthstones have many spiritual and intuitive healing characteristics, allowing them to emerge from the shadows and embrace their higher self-power.  These precious stones are perfect in the art of balance that Libras love so well, but that doesn’t make them shy away from putting their own needs out there as well.

Libra can be known as a Gnostic healer.  They use healing stones to enhance their magic, support their desire for better communication, and encourage them to reach their goals.

Final Take

We hope that this has helped you find the right crystals or stones for your metaphysical and intention-setting purposes.  These stones are aligned with Libras, so take a little time to find one or two that you are intuitively drawn to. 

Choose the goals that match up with your needs, and keep them with you throughout your journey with the manifestation process.

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