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Gemstones are highly valued for their rarity and aesthetics.

This is why most of them are quite an investment.

We say “most” because you might stumble upon already used pieces.

There are a lot of people who view these deals as absolute scores, especially if the gemstone still looks pristine.

Those who are concerned about their energy, however, would probably wonder, “Can we wear used gemstones?”.

After all, don’t gemstones last for a very long time? Well, yes, they do.

But when it comes to the spiritual essence they carry, used gemstones are can be cleansed and realigned with new goals and new vibrational energy and then be worn by the new owner.

The Power of Wearing Gemstones

A gemstone takes a long time to form.

The International Gem Society says it can take centuries, if not millions of years, depending on the type and quality.

They are also formed in a very harsh environment, subjected to overwhelming pressure within the heart of our planet itself.

They then emerge victorious, stunning, and overflowing with natural energies.

It is no wonder that ancient spiritual traditions regard them as objects of great power.

They view these gemstones as holding metaphysical, astrological, and therapeutic abilities for the people who own them.

The Best Gemstones to Wear

There are around 200 varieties of gemstones currently known to exist.

The diamond is probably the most well-known of all.

And we’re not surprised; it is a gemstone of great beauty and strength.

It is even regarded as the hardest substance on Earth.

Not everyone is lucky to own a diamond, though.

Hence, allow us to suggest perhaps our top three favorites you might find more accessible (or affordable) to start with:


Amethyst is one of the most popular gemstones used in making jewelry and other wearable accessories.

It is believed to bring good luck.

That’s probably due to its ability to restore energies that are out of balance, which are health and financial issues.

It is a good gemstone to wear when you want to attract success, especially after making crucial health or business decisions.

Tiger’s Eye

Aptly named, tiger’s eye is a gemstone recognizable for its rich golden orange color with black linear patterns.

It is primarily recognized by gem therapists for its protective properties.

What we really appreciate about this gemstone is its ability to restore calm and tranquility.

It is a great gemstone to keep close to those who are vulnerable to anxiety and depression.


Finally, turquoise is another gemstone worth considering to add to your collection.

It is a powerful purification stone known to get rid of negative energy and shield its wearer from it.

It is also very popular among gem therapists and widely claimed to help with metaphysically boosting the immune system.

What Can You Do With Old Gemstones?

There are many master artisans who have dedicated their lives to the art of re-faceting and repolishing old gemstones.

You can just take your old gemstones to them and let them do their wonders.

Those still looking great can be restyled or repurposed as a brand-new piece of jewelry altogether.

You can also resell any of your old pieces for a reasonable price.

Those that have already been pre-polished will surely get you a better deal.

Still, that doesn’t mean you can’t sell a faded or bruised piece, especially if it’s a rare and antique item.

can we wear used gemstones

Can We Wear Used Gemstones?

What if you don’t want to sell used gemstones? Or, what if you’re on the receiving end of the sale?

What if you’ve just discovered an excellent piece you just happened to fell in love with? Is it advisable to wear them then?

Well, there are two answers to that question.

Yes, you can.

Honestly, some people might discourage you from doing so, and I’m sure they have good intentions.

We’ll be sharing those reasons with you in a bit.

In the meantime, here are some instances where wearing a used gemstone might prove beneficial:

It is a heirloom piece.

We understand how painful it can be to part with a piece that has been in the family for decades.

Fortunately, you don’t have to.

You can keep wearing it, and when the time comes, you can pass it on to the next rightful owner.

You are aware of its intention.

Another reason to wear a used gemstone is if you are fully aware of its activated purpose.

As mentioned, gemstones hold powerful energy within themselves.

This energy can then be directed toward a particular cause.

If you strongly believe that it aligns with your personal goals and can even benefit you, then feel free to do so.

Did they say no, you shouldn’t wear a used gemstone.

Here are the reasons why wearing used gemstones are generally discouraged:

The gemstone is believed to be expired.

This means that the energies stored within the stone have been used up by the previous owner, and wearing it wouldn’t benefit you anymore.

It holds negative energy.

This is probably the worst thing that you want to hear, if you choose to wear a used gemstone.

Keep in mind that a gemstone can be imbued with good intentions, it could also be activated for malicious ones.

Some cultures refer to these pieces as cursed items that must never be worn or risk your personal safety.

Can We Wear Gemstone Once Removed?

What about those pieces already so old that they have fallen off already? Can we still wear them?

Yes, you can.

There are people who specialize in jewelry repair who will be more than happy to repurpose the same stone to make a completely new piece of jewelry, that is more in style with the new version of you.

The Expiry Date of Gemstone

You might also be wondering about the expiry of gemstones.

There really is no way to tell for a specific piece since many factors can affect a gemstone’s potency or active state.

Length of Use

The first factor is the length of use of the previous owner.

Each gemstone type has an average length of being in an active state.

They usually range from three to five years, but it is said that if the stone is cleansed and re- energized you can use it for many wonderful years to come.

Power of Activation

Another factor to consider is the potency of the activation process of awakening the gemstone.

More experienced holistic and new age alternative practitioners can empower a piece that can last for a decade or more.

Meanwhile, those who are not very experienced in energy shifting might not achieve the same results, so it could take some practice, but it is a pleasure to use your stone to focus a nice healing energy and use a special meditation practice with it.

Duration of Intention

Setting an intention can be as general as declaring that you want the gemstone to help improve your health.

Alternatively, it can also be as detailed as, “I want this gemstone to guide me in buying a home within five years.”

When activated with pure intent and focus, the gemstone can potentially meet the five-year requirement even if it is a piece that generally should have expired after only three years of use.

Quality of the Gemstone

Finally, not all gemstones are alike.

Even two seemingly identical diamonds would hold vibrations that are unique to each other, as the holder is part of the at vibrational energy.

You also can’t compare the performance of a diamond to a different gemstone type.

Preparing a Used Gemstone for Use

These factors don’t mean that you can’t reawaken or reactivate an “old worn out” gemstone.

There are certainly ways to do so.

In fact, even those that may hold any negative energies can be cleansed if the practitioner is experienced or powerful enough to cancel out the previous owner’s original intention.

The easiest way to cleanse and reactivate a gemstone is by soaking it in saltwater.

Salt is one of the oldest and been known to be the most powerful cleansing agents in the world.

To cleanse your gemstone using this method, all you need to do is prepare a salt and water solution and allow the gemstone to soak there for as long as you like.

Another similar method is to place your gemstone directly on top of a Himalayan salt lamp.

There’s a Vedic practice of soaking gemstones in the waters of Ganges or milk.

But there are gemstone types that can get damaged in milk, like red coral, emerald, and pearl.


It is not always easy to part with a gemstone even if it isn’t really a family heirloom.

Ask yourself, “Can I wear used gemstones?” is definitely a good thing to ponder on before inheriting or buying one.

After all, some gemstones have been outworn or could hold some negative energies from the past.

But, there are also good reasons to wear used pieces, especially if it’s from a loved one and you’re sure it only holds good intentions for its owner.

But it’s always great to know that, there are ways to cleanse and reactivate gemstones of the previous energies they hold.

You can also have them repolished or redesigned to bring back their original sparkle.

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