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Best Crystals for Aries :Crystals That Amplify Luck Energy

by | Sep 27, 2021 | Crystals


Are you an Aries?  If so, then this blog post could be of interest, so you know what are the best crystals for Aries to use.  Zodiac signs have always been of interest to all of us, but what about finding the right gemstones or birthstone for our wonderful Aries natives.

Let’s explore these magnificent earthly stones and crystals that are perfectly aligned for this zodiac sign.

Aries is the Ram, and its ruling planet is Mars. This fiery sign of earthly instincts has a strong propensity for action that it must fulfill to truly find its place in life!

Finding the right gemstone designed by mother earth and that’s aligned to our personality traits and astrological energies, can help us be more inflow on our journey called life.

There are many different types of crystals and gemstones for Aries.  They all have their own meaning and characteristics. 

So let’s see, which is the right one that suits your journey right now?

These pieces from mother earth have been used for their many metaphysical benefits such as luck, wealth, courage, and happiness to the user. 

They have also been used over centuries not only to attract good fortune but to promote business ventures and even magnetize love.

What Are The Best Crystals For Aries?

Many astrologers comment that some of the best crystals for Aries are tourmaline topaz, hematite, bloodstone, diamond,  carnelian, jasper red, just to mention a few.

Aries is identified as one who acts without thinking; charisma combined with ambition makes them powerful leaders when they are true-hearted within themselves and for others around them.

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Here is an Aries crystal healing kit

Some of the stones in the kit, we’ve highlighted in this blog for you 

The special stone that’s for Aries. is also a symbol that it’s aligned with its zodiac sign in astrology.  Which means these gems have the benefits and characteristics in nature related to this sign-

    Courageous and brave-hearted, among others. 

So there is no wonder that these precious pieces for Aries are considered the bringers of luck, happiness and success.

Their history is long and they have been used as sacred symbols since the beginning of time itself. 

They are often used in various rituals to get rid of negative energy. Today used in chakra healing and balancing, even enhancing the meditation experience, for intention setting purposes and feng shui.

The ancient Egyptians were well known for their use of crystals and gemstones in both medicines. Used as amulets that could protect them from evil spirits, also to rule wisely and guide their visions. Many used them as magical symbols for fertility and power.

They were used as talismans by sailors who believed they would protect them from drowning at sea or being shipwrecked on a foreign shore.

Since crystals are the oldest tools on Earth, dating back to, even before recorded history.

They’ve also been used as healing stones for shamans and priests who needed access to energy fields without being able touch someone’s physical body.

They were used for their special properties in certain minerals like quartz or amethyst, which resonate with organs within the human body. They were also used for channeling and balancing these key energy centers. 

aries mythology

Aries, the ram takes its name from the Greek myth about a ram with a golden fleece. Some people say that Aries is the most aggressive and competitive sign in the zodiac, but they can also be helpful and passionate.

In Greek mythology, the Ram was a symbol of the sacrificial lamb. The constellation called Aries is represented by a ram’s head. 

Aries is the first astrological sign of the zodiac and falls between March 21 and April 20.

One of the most famous legends is the story of Jason and the Argonauts, who had to retrieve a mythical golden fleece from a dangerous island with an angry ram guarding it. They battled their way past the animal before retrieving what they were after. 

how do lucky stones work?

As you can see how in ancient times these lucky stones were used, not only by creating a protective shield for the user, but also to attract good fortune and give the person wearing them strength to push through difficult situations.

Lucky stones typically come in a few main colors: white, blue, green, red and black.

  •  White– represents the purity of spirit and connection to the Divine
  •  Black– is seen as protection from spiritual or material harm
  •  Red– is indicative of passion, power and sexuality
  •  Blue– communication and royalty
  •  Green– metaphysical healing and wealth

If worn at the navel, lucky stones will activate and enhance the body’s life force (called chi), helping us to stay healthy and energized. 

These stones also balance our yin-yang energy and promote good health.

Gemstones for Aries often come in a variety of colors, unlike some other zodiac signs which may have just a few color hues to select from.

They can include black obsidian, black onyx, blue lace agate, fire agate, garnet, red jasper, ruby, deep red carnelian, white hematite, aquamarine, and pyrite in color.

Fire signs are very active and creative. They are individuals who are full of pride, ambition and leadership qualities.

It’s often said that you can’t keep an Aries down, no matter how difficult the situation. They are strong in both body and mind, making them very resilient individuals. 

 It’s believed that when Aries go through any hardship or difficulty, their lucky stone (most often red carnelian) will restore balance. 

When worn at either the navel or throat chakra, they will help us to stay grounded and balanced. 

If the stone is placed around the throat chakra, it can help us to inspire creativity in oneself and others. 

If worn at the navel, these gemstones (most often carnelian) can has been used to restore balance to one’s life after experiencing a difficult time. 

Many people believe that they protect the wearer from harm and even attract good fortune, so if you are an Aries zodiac sign, one or a few of these stones are for you, depending on your goals and intentions as well!

aries traits

Aries is the first sign in the zodiac. It’s also the only fire sign in the zodiac.  

For Arians, some of the identifiable traits can be:

Powerful leaders who are always in competition with one another.  

Those born in this month can be mostly fired up to win, but also have a very protective side because of the association with Mars. 

Aries can be impatient and fiery, but if you know how to handle them, they also love to help others.

Being the Fire Sign, which means that they’re full of energy and desire new challenges.  Sometimes can be impatient and impulsive, but also strong-willed and highly motivated. 

They’re very direct when it comes to expressing their thoughts and emotions -they just say whatever’s on their minds.

People born under this sign are said to be very confident, determined and brimming with energy. 

When it comes to relationships because of their fiery tempers can lead to conflicts in relationships. 

Aries people might seem like they lack patience when in actual fact they’re just impatient about not having everything done right now! 

This sign loves new things and hates restrictions. They may appear selfish but in truth they want everyone around them to benefit from what they do or accomplish.

aries stones and crystals

These gemstones for Aries zodiac sign are said to bring luck, wealth and happiness. 

The pieces often used in everyday life, whether in raw or polished forms.

Aries stones are often used in gemstone jewelry, which makes them easy to find for those who are looking for a symbol that reminds them they’re loved as well as pursuing what they love.

People with an Aries zodiac sign often possess certain character traits that make these stones fit them perfectly. 


People who are looking for something very specific  can consult an astrologer or gemologist. With gems, though, it’s always best to listen to your own intuition and see which stone feels right for you. Also as we change our goals and habits through different stages of our life, we also need different stones throughout our journey.

Many have used stones and crystals as intention setting symbols to help with manifesting goals, attract more love and metaphysically improve health and wellbeing. 

Here’s what each stone represents for the Aries zodiac:

fire agate stone:

Fire agate is associated with the planet Mars. It’s used to protect from negative energy. This gemstone has also been used to increase confidence and give courage to face any opposition that may come their way. 

Agate is a semi-precious stone which comes in different colors such as brown, white and grey. It’s used as a healing stone for those who wish to overcome negative feelings of fear and grief. This gemstone is used to remind one to stay calm during tense situations and  also help to make better decisions.

It’s believed that agate stones can absorb the bad ki (energy) surrounding our body and transform it into positive ki (energy).

Here we found some nice fire agate tumble stones(always read the descriptions carefully to see if these are the stones you feel connected to as well)

A small bag of tumble stones are great since they can be placed in various parts of the home environment

This vendor has 5 stones in per bag

Fire Agate Tumble Stone (20-25mm) -
Pack of 5

They say if we place an agate stone under our pillow while we sleep, it’s said to ward off nightmares. 

The agate is also known for its ability to attract wealth and good fortune into our life by boosting self-esteem. It is also known to help find love with its attractive energy that draws others toward you.

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The agate has the ability to open up chakra communication channels making it easier to convey our thoughts. 

Since the agate acts like a metaphysical shield, blocking negative energy allows positive energy into our life.

Glowing Amber: The glowing amber stone has been related to its protective properties which shield one against negativity and reduce anxiety. 

Its green or yellow colors have been used to increase energy flow which makes it intuitively beneficial for both physical and emotional problems.

Here is a beautiful amber stretch bracelet- although just check the sizes of the bracelet to make sure it’s a good fit for you

100% Made Of Natural Baltic Amber.

Bracelet comes in blue gift box with certificate of authenticity

Natural Baltic Amber Stretch Bracelet for Women - Hand Made from Polished/Certified Baltic Amber Beads

The Amber stone has been used by crystal healers to help overcome depression by spiritually encouraging self-confidence and self-belief. 

It symbolizes creativity, so if you’re struggling to find inspiration this gemstone has been used to enhance new ideas that lead to successful projects and business ventures.

Charged Natural Himalayan Gemstone Crystal Perfect Pendant + 20" Silver Chain + Selenite Charging Heart [Included]

Sunstone: Sunstone is a powerful stone associated with the nature of positive energy and good fortune. Sunstone comes in a variety of colors and it comes in raw and polished forms.

It is a symbol of security, happiness, and health.

This vendor has a large variety of crystal pendants

It brings the wearer confidence, assertiveness, and optimism which makes it perfect for Aries who always looks at life from a “glass half full” perspective. 

Green Emerald: This gem has been used for a variety of benefits, one of them is used to intuitively steer us toward achieving our goals, opening up opportunities that will guide us to success.

This heart chakra gemstone has been used by many to attract money and prosperity into ones’ life while boosting self-esteem and self-confidence, becoming more attractive to people around us exuding positive energies.

Natural Rough Crystal

Emerald Raw Gemstone Pendant Necklace

Emerald Raw Gemstone Pendant Necklace - Natural Rough Crystal Healing | Stone of Successful Love | Heart Chakra
and Relationship Aid

It’s said that emerald has the power to metaphysically heal emotional wounds so if we’re struggling through emotional turmoil, it’s time to put this one on and let it work its magic.

Sunshine Citrine: If you’re looking for a stone that will increase vitality and keep you energized all day long, look no further than sunshine citrine! 

It’s said to be beneficial for those working in sales as well as those who like to negotiate better deals, usually wearing it as a ring or tucked away in their pocket as a thumbstone.

This Lucky Stone has also been a symbol for more creativity and abundance.

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Which means you’ll always find new ways of doing things thus improving productivity at work. 

It also symbolizes harmony because it helps maintain healthy relationships with family and other people. So is the Citrine the one for you?

Here is a pack of 12 healing stones

This vendor has authentic citrine and is not heat-treated in this pack

Where Can You Find A Lucky Aries Stone?

It’s very easy to find these stones since they are available for purchase on the internet,  always read the descriptions to make sure they are genuine crystals and stones and not colored imitations. 

There are also many stores that would have Aries, lucky gemstones available.

It’s interesting to note that these gemstones can be found in other forms like jewelry, raw and polished cuts formed into different shapes and sizes as they are used for all types of intention setting purposes.

final take

By adding these crystals and stones to ones’ life’s journey, we might find that they metaphysically and spiritually attract more opportunities and luck as we intuitively connect with them. 

Purchasing a lucky birthstone for Aries can be a great gift for anyone who loves to use these precious gifts from mother earth; as part of their intention setting or meditation experience, as good luck amulets, and even feng shui for great energy!

Thank you for reading and we hope these lucky stones leave a good impression on your mind. We’d love to know which one or two of these stones were your favorite?

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