Different Types of Journals

future self journaling

What and How to Do Future Self Journaling

What Is Future Self Journaling? Have you ever heard of this journaling style?  If not, that’s because not everyone recognizes it’s true potential. Future journaling is a practice of writing to your future self with (ideally) the intention of reading

types of journaling

Types of Journals: Which One is Right for You?

In this post let’s explore 12 different types of journals, to help you find which one is right for you.   A journal that fits your personality and lifestyle! Imagine being able to organize your thoughts, and explore your feelings so

journaling prompts for mental health

Journal Writing Prompts For Mental Health And Wellbeing

There are different types of journals.  Some people use journals to record their thoughts and feelings.  Other people use journals to plan things out or to track their progress on goals.   Journaling prompts for mental health can help us focus

Intention Prompts

Writing Intentions: Tips and Examples

Setting goals and desires is important for turning your dreams into a reality.   Making certain when writing intentions for yourself they are clear and detailed as much as possible.   This will assist you in aligning your energy on the best

How to Make an Intention Journal

How to Use the Intention Journal

A journal is a fantastic way to work through your thoughts and feelings, gaining more clarity, and taking time for yourself every day.   But a journal can be much more than that.    The intention journal goes beyond simply recording and reacting