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What Crystals Are Used for Chakras?

Here we will discuss chakras and most important the healing crystals and gemstones that can metaphysically unblock the negative energy, heal, balance and make us feel energized toward becoming that magnet for the law of attraction.

Having a better understanding of how crystal healing and these energy centers work together and how to unblock them is an important step in one’s own personal power to a spiritual and metaphysical journey.

While there are different ways to improve our energetic flow, crystal healing remains one of the easiest and most relaxing ways to do so.

The question though, what healing crystals are used for this practice?

Here we’ll share with you some of the methods .

However, we believe that knowing what chakra healing crystals are and why we need to unblock the energetic body is important to learn before moving on.

But first what is a chakra?

There are numerous energy points within the body, but there are seven main ones.

In a nutshell, there are 7 main chakras, they are described as (disks or wheels) that vibrate and spin with energy and it’s important to maintain this flow of balance and harmony, otherwise one disk/wheel could affect our physical and emotional health.

Further reading explains more as we go along.

Here’s a quick reference for you to show which color and the crystals and chakra healing stones that correspond to each energy point of the emotional body.

The Root Or Base Chakra

Color Red 

Agate, Black Tourmaline, Bloodstone, Hematite, Tiger’s Eye

The first energy center is located at the tailbone area (at the back and front of the body.)

It is directly related to the physical realm and our basic survival needs.

It is also said that it holds our connection to the Mother Earth (hence the name), allowing us to stay grounded in this realm.

Chakra Healing Treatment - positive mindset - Meditation Hypnosis

For instance, the root energy wheel situated at the base of the spine,  is also said to be closely connected to our legs.

We all know that our legs play a crucial role in our mobility and keep our feet on the ground.

Some even enjoy the feeling of bare feet on the wet grass or the feeling of sand and our connection to the beach as we connect with nature.

The Sacral Chakra

Color Orange

Carnelian Agate, Citrine, Coral, Moonstone, Orange Calcite Tiger Eye

The second is located a couple of inches below the navel area. It is usually associated with sexuality, creativity, and emotional balance.

It is also associated with our own emotional drive and movement, for creating abundance from our own personal creative endeavors.

The Solar Plexus Chakra

Color Yellow

Citrine, Malachite, Topaz, Yellow Calcite

The third energy point is located around the center of the stomach. It is said to govern anything related to power.

It is the place where the energy of our ego and passions reside (sometimes this area can be a mixed feeling inside like, do I like my job enough for the financial security, or do I want to do something that truly makes me happy and the money will follow?)

And it is also said that it holds our raw physical and spiritual power (where we need to empower that belief in ourselves.)

The Heart Chakra

Green Calcite, Jade, Kunzite, Rose Quartz, Watermelon Tourmaline

The fourth is located in around the center of the chest.

It governs the matters of the heart and is usually associated with love, compassion, and love for ourselves.

positive mindset - Meditation Hypnosis - self-care tips

This is also the place where you might find the deep emotional hurt and old pains you’ve encountered of  not being able to let go.

For instance, those having difficulty moving on from a past relationship will usually find that emotional pain residing around their heart chakra area.

Focusing on releasing that emotional pain, with the aid of rose quartz to release the negative vibrational frequency so you can open yourself up to a loving new partner.

The Throat Chakra

Color Blue

Azurite, Aquamarine, Turquoise, Lapis Lazuli

The fifth energy point is located, around our throat area.

It is the center of communication and is typically associated with verbal connections, articulation, expressions of oneself, as well as reaching out.

positive mindset - Meditation Hypnosis - self-care tips

Metaphysical healers say that if we have blockages around communication and find it difficult to articulate what we want or even hold back what we want to express,  that this can lead to problems around the throat area.

Interestingly, while you might think that the heart chakra is where anger resides, it’s not.

Anger is usually stored within the throat chakra, for any unspoken words related to those emotions that have been held within this area.

The Third Eye Chakra

Color Purple

Amethyst, Black Obsidian, Lapis Lazuli, Purple Fluorite, Soladite

It is a common misconception that not everyone has a third eye, that only those who can see the paranormal or meditate everyday have a third eye. In truth, that’s not the case.

Everyone has this sixth chakra, and it is located at the center of the forehead, between the eyes area (sometimes referred to as the third eye chakra.)

Purple amethyst crystals - positive mindset - Meditation Hypnosis

It is where realizations and deep understanding resides.

As such, stimulating this energy center may give you a higher intuition and a clear point of view for guiding spiritual connections.

The Crown Chakra

Color Indigo

Amethyst, Clear Quartz Crystal, Diamond, Oregon Opal

Finally, the seventh energy point is located near the top of the skull area.

positive mindset - Meditation Hypnosis - self-care tips

It governs wisdom, spiritual enlightenment, and cosmic consciousness, knowing we are all interconnected (it’s a bit like Carl Jung’s –writings on The Collective Consciousness.)

Though in some various spiritual traditions, this is where our soul passes through to enter our body at birth and leave it at death.

Crystals for Each Chakra Disk

You might have noticed that each energy wheel holds an essential step in our spiritual journey to the flow of life.

Each point (also known as energy wheels) are associated with specific parts of our body and the emotional issues that typically effect them.

Our energy wheels are influenced by the decisions and experiences we have in life.

Each chakra center is represented by a color, elements and frequency of sounds.

A lovely description is to think of our chakra colors like the colors of the rainbow, so we are definitely part of nature.

positive mindset - Meditation Hypnosis - self-care tips

Since we know now, there are specific crystals that vibrate on a particular frequency more  with each energy point, as opposed to just using any crystal on any energy point.

The healing powers of crystals for chakra balancing can vary sometimes, with spiritual energy of intention.

Most healing crystals typically match the color of the points they represent such as using blue gemstones or a blue stone to correlate throat chakra healing, but it is important to note that sometimes a different color powerful stone might be more suited for your healing and balancing toward positive energies.

For instance, a powerful stone such as a black tourmaline is commonly associated with the root chakra, but it’s not red in color?

Crystals can be used in a variety of ways.

We encourage people to feel free to experiment, be creative, and use their powerful intuition..

People like to use crystals to metaphysically heal and balance  their energy centers, as its relaxing and helps with points to focus on, as well as the vibrational energy uplift you feel after your meditation healing session.

Here’s how holistic and metaphysical healers use them:

For Healing

One of the most common ways to use a crystal is for therapeutic purposes.

This applies to physical, emotional, and spiritual healing.

As mentioned, each chakra point corresponds to a specific part of the body and its issues.

Speaking of emotional issues, some chakra energies may strongly hold onto memories of our past within that particular energy wheel.

Removing Blockages and Activating Chakra Points

The main reason why we need to work on resolve those issues is that they can severely hinder the flow of energy within us.

People have been known to use crystals that help deal with cleansing any aura obstruction or toxic energy that has been accumulated, whilst healing and balancing each energy point to get the smooth and balanced flow happening again.

Getting in Touch With Each Chakra Point to Attain Harmony and Balance

Do you sometimes feel out of balance or disconnected from yourself?

It can be challenging to pinpoint the problem, but that might be from your energy centers not spinning harmoniously, as there could be some blocks from hurtful emotions still stored within your being.

It’s not enough just to activate and unblock energy wheels.

It’s important to learn how to manage this energy flow within us and achieve calm and balance for our own holistic health and wellbeing viewpoint. 

So How Do You Use the 7 Chakra Stones?

This chakra healing set comes
with Selenite charging plate

positive mindset - Meditation Hypnosis - self-care tips

Ready to work with your chakra stones?

Before we get started, prepare your healing stones first.

We can actually see the convenience of purchasing a complete set of chakra stones or crystals ready to go.

But after you have practiced the chakra healing process through time, you become more familiar with each stone, and you will gravitate more towards a certain gemstone or crystal for healing during your practice. 

positive mindset - Meditation Hypnosis - self-care tips

Chakra Therapy Plus Collection 24 pcs Healing Crystals kit,7 Raw Chakra Stones,7 Colorful Gems,7 Mini Tumbled Chakra Stones,Amethyst,Chakra Lava Bracelet,Selenite Charging Plate,Lavender,Guide

Don’t rush the process. Take your time in researching and finding each piece that you feel is right for you.

You may find it interesting to know that if a particular piece you are drawn to, is for healing a particular energy center within your body? This is your powerful intuition giving you this information on what energy disk needs more healing and balancing.

The next thing to do is remember to cleanse them.

This will remove any energy transferred to them by the seller or those who have handled them before you, as this gives your stone a clean vibrational slate for you to work with.

There are different ways to cleanse these pieces but bathing them in a salt and water mixture could be the quickest and most convenient for you at the time, (but always check if any of your pieces can’t handle water.)

As mentioned, using a healing stone is as easy as laying it on top of your chakra centers according to the chakra colors body grid.

Stones for healing can work wonders on activating, empowering, cleansing, or healing your energetic pathways.

Meditate with them.

This is a set of chakra healing wands which
you can place around you when meditating

positive mindset - Meditation Hypnosis - self-care tips

You can also hold your beautiful piece as you meditate on a specific chakra location to heal, or can lay them around you like a chakra crystal grid.

crystal wands - positive mindset - Meditation Hypnosis

Chakra Healing Crystal Wands Hexagonal Natural Quartz Crystals Points Gemstone Wands Sets Chakra Stones for Meditation Reiki
Healing Crystal Therapy Home

Set your Intention.

You don’t always need to hold them or place them on your body.

Another way to use a chakra stone is by setting an intention for it and place it be by your side while you meditate or visualize.

Communicate the issues you want to resolve or the related goals you want to achieve to your crystal and activate it with your intention and focus.

It helps to place your special stone where you can see it or feel it most of the time.

As seeing it most of the time, will guide you to remember your intention and remind you.

Wear them.

Finally, you can also keep your special pieces close, by wearing them or keeping them in your pocket as your focal points of intention.

This is great if your intentions are very specific, so you can keep the chakra close to help you out.

Here are some nice ways you can wear all 7 chakra stones/crystals in one place,
and as you touch each point on your pendant or necklace,
you can focus on each of your energy disks to heal and balance,
as you can also focus on any intentions or goals you may want to attract.

positive mindset - Meditation Hypnosis - self-care tips
pendant - positive mindset - Meditation Hypnosis

Chakra Healing Gemstone Solid 925
Sterling Silver Chain Pendant Jewelry

crystals necklace - positive mindset - Meditation Hypnosis

7 Chakras Healing Crystals Necklace Wire Wrapped Clear Quartz Tree of Life Pendant Healing Pointed Reiki Energy Balancing

For instance, those who are about to give a speech or do a presentation in school or at work might find it helpful to wear a choker necklace with a throat chakra stone intended for this purpose.

Where should I keep Chakra Crystals are not in use?

Since we are already talking about where to place your crystals during use, we can also move on to discuss where to keep them when not in use.

Some use a crystal grid or a charging plate for empowering their crystals.

Others keep them in a small pouch to protect them from dust.

This is another instance where your own intuition will come in handy ,as you will get to know what feels right for you and your stone after working together.

Some like to keep their crystals in a place where they hold special or sacred, like a special altar of goal focusing.

So what stone balances all chakras?

What if you need or want to work with multiple energy points?

Does this mean you need to carry or wear all the crystals associated with your energy points all the time? You certainly can, but it might become abit much for you.

There is a crystal that can help balance all your energy points and one of these stones that can be used is Kyanite.

Blue Kyanite Ruby (Himalayan) With comes with a Selenite charging heart

positive mindset - Meditation Hypnosis - self-care tips

It is a blue and white stone (it reminds us of the sky) known for its ability to work with all energy points to help achieve harmony.

You can use it as you would other healing crystals.

You can wear it, carry it in your pocket, or hold it during meditation or even place in a special section of your home or bedroom.

himalayan gemstone crystal - positive mindset - Meditation Hypnosis

Gems Charged Natural Himalayan Gemstone Crystal Perfect Pendant + 20" Silver Chain + Selenite Charging Heart [Included]

Here are some thumb stone options you may prefer (but note, that its best to carry them in a soft velvet pouch, cause stones do chip and break if they are carried in bag or pocket with other items)

This Thumbstone Incorporates
The 7 Chakra Points

positive mindset - Meditation Hypnosis - self-care tips

Or You May Want Individual Thumbstones To Work With One Energy Centre At A Time. These Stones Have The Symbol Tree Of Life On Each Stone To Remind Us To Balance Ourselves So We Can Life The Best Version Of Ourselves.

positive mindset - Meditation Hypnosis - self-care tips
worry stone - positive mindset - Meditation Hypnosis

7 Chakra Healing Crystal Thumb Worry Stone Oval Pocket Palm Gemstones for anxiety Therapy Geometry Chakra Reiki Balancing 2.6 Inches

positive mindset - Meditation Hypnosis - self-care tips

7 Chakra Gemstone Set, healing Crystal
with Engraved Tree of Life,
Reiki Balancing Palm Stone 1.1"(30mm)

Some people even enjoy using their special pieces as an energy wand by slowly waving it in a clockwise direction in front of each energy point, starting from the root all the way up to the crown.

If you decide to do this, too, don’t rush. Some metaphysical healers do it for a minute or two for each center as they move along as they really focus on each energy disk.

Some people love to record their crystal sessions in a journal so they have  notes to refer back to, on how that particular crystal worked for them throughout their crystal journey.

As we mentioned the starter kit is a good place to start cause you don’t need to look for individual stones and crystals, you are ready to go and start your practice.

But as you become familiar and usually get drawn to one piece more than the other, this is where you can add slowly your personal piece to your existing chakra set.

Just remember the different ways to cleanse your crystals and stones, but with the chakra sets or even some singular pieces you will find it comes with a bonus selenite charger just carefully read which product has this,  cause you don’t need to keep cleansing your crystals the long way after your practice, you just place the selenite there to re-charge them, ready for next time.

So lift your vibrational energy field in life and deepen your relationship with your crystals journey.

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We thank you for taking full responsibility for your own health and wellbeing in life. ☺

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