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Stress Mindset

If you’re feeling stressed out about work or life, this blog post could help you out with some tips!

In this article, we’ll be talking about the role of mindsets and sharing some great tips to help manage your stress mindset so that it doesn’t affect your daily life or productivity. 

This way, you can look forward to a more positive outcome in life.

After all, this is your life, and you’re in charge.

Self Talk

So perhaps one of the first steps to alleviate some of the levels of stress in your life is getting to know yourself better. 

This is by becoming more conscious of what you can change to have a more positive affect on the outcome of your day-to-day life.

More positive self-talk has many benefits, such as helping to reduce stress, builds more confidence, resilience, a self-assured belief in yourself, as well as better personal and professional relationships in life.

Studies have shown that positive self-talk can help with disorders of anxiety and depression (read more here.)

For example, you can start a new routine of practicing positive self-talk each and every day.

Identify negative thoughts causing stress or anxiety, look for words like “never” or phrases such as “I can’t.”

Develop a strategy where you can have more positive words and thoughts, to relieve the nature of stress or anxiety in your life. If you feel you need support with this type of strategy, there are support systems like psychologists who can help form a strategy with you.

For example, a sentence like- “I can do this”, instead of using the word “I can’t do this”.

Learn how to unpack some of those negative statements you might make daily in order to discover why you are feeling this way. You can change these small things little by little on a daily basis. In doing so, there is less impact of stress and a more positive affect in the way you feel about yourself. 

There are many health benefits in doing this, such as developing and strengthening a more positive mindset, having a confident and positive relationship with yourself, and developing more positive beliefs about what you can do in everyday life.

Any stressful task becomes less daunting as you develop a stronger positive mindset approach which usually leads to a more positive affect on any given task, as opposed to stress-is-debilitating mindset scenario.

So by using negative words and phrases daily, ask yourself, are they describing how you feel, or are they just words you constantly repeat that make you feel this way that spins you into a role of stress mindset?

Negative words can only produce a negative response, as they are not empowering at all. Words have a massive impact on our brain – they creep deep into the subconscious mind, and before you realize, you will start feeling more self-doubt and less confident.

If you have been struggling to figure out, whether you have negative thinking patterns, then ask a trusted friend whether or not your self-talk is mostly positive or negative? 

Sometimes it’s good to get an outside “genuine” opinion because it can be hard to see the forest from the trees.

You may even notice restlessness or uneasiness if negative patterns of thought have crept into your daily routine. Once the source has been identified, it’s time to challenge those beliefs with realistic thinking!

These days positive psychology is “part and parcel” of our own self care when it comes to developing some positive mindset strategies. Looking after our mental health and wellbeing is essential.

Self Talk Examples

Negative Self Talk

• I don’t have the power to change my mind

• I can’t do this

• I’ve failed at this

• I don’t know if I can make a success of this

Positive Self Talk

I am powerful enough to change my mind

I am doing this each and every day

I’ve learned how to do this better next time so that I can succeed

I am making a success of this each and every day

Self-talk is a voice inside your head that can be either positive or negative, and  physiological responses follow.

Positive self-talk helps you do things in life and tells your brain to keep going when things are tough. It encourages your brain to look on the bright side, pick yourself up after a mistake (which is a learning curve), and recognize success even when it’s small (cause you’ve learned how to do it better next time around.)

So factors like practicing a little bit each and every day will help keep negativity at bay – after all, what could be better than giving yourself some extra TLC? You deserve it, don’t you?

Think of this as part of your “self care” routine.

Stress Mindset Theory

Stressful events shape our mindset. Previous studies examined stress-is-debilitating mindset and how the stress of a person’s environment can also affect their outlook on life, including their physical health.

We know so far that it shapes people in different ways based on what type of event they are faced with and how they frame that particular event in their minds.

Stress mindset theory is a new way of thinking about stress. It focuses on the idea that our perception and interpretation of stressful situations can create or prolong negative effects on the brain. 

So it’s important to remember that we do have some control over how much it affects us. Stressors are unavoidable, but what matters most is whether you see them as an opportunity for growth or not!

What does it mean to have a mindset on affect vs mindset on stress?

People can have different mindsets about stress. One type of mindset thinks stress is good ; the other type sees it as bad news that needs to be avoided at all costs.

Quick Tips To Stress Management

Meditation– helps us deal with anger and sadness by teaching us to become aware of our thoughts and be mindful of the way we react. This practice supports cognitive flexibility toward a positive mindset. 

Meditation can often be a way to escape the emotional turmoil that comes with difficult times and the effects of stress on the brain.

positive mindset - Meditation Hypnosis - self-care tips

With meditation, it enables you to develop a growth mindset as you can see yourself from the outside of your situation and feel more at peace about who you truly are as opposed to continually criticizing yourself, ingraining more negative beliefs into the brain cells.

Meditation helps with aspects of stress and what your stress response is. Seeing oneself in a different light can be both insightful and trans-formative – that’s why meditation has been shown to have a positive affect on people.

Journaling – Another helpful method can be a regular task of writing down your feelings and negative beliefs to release some of the stress and tension from the brain and discover more about yourself.

Yes, stress can also be empowering! If… you’re able to switch your mindset and instead of seeing stress as something that’s holding you back, try using the benefits of stress by re-directing those strong emotional thoughts on how it might propel you toward achieving the goals in front of you.

A daily journal is an empowering and therapeutic tool that helps us maintain a written record of our thoughts and feelings in one place, where we can remind ourselves of something good and move us toward a positive mindset.


We can even fine-tune ourselves for the day ahead, to remember not to react in a certain way,  once it’s planned on what behavior and perspective you will choose to have to have a more positive and productive day.

So the next time you’re feeling overwhelmed by avoiding a certain task that makes you super nervous or has negative emotions, try using the benefits of those stress emotions as fuel for your brain cells by thinking about what gives you joy instead. Or how can you use this emotion to propel you toward your goals in life.

A healthy task such as daily journaling helps us remember those parts of life that make us happy and what we can strive for to achieve, so keep penning away!

The Morning Sidekick Journal - Habit Tracker Journal! A Guided Journal for Morning Routines. A Science Driven Daily Journal with Prompts for Healthy Life Habits. Wellness Journal for Women and Men.

Self-hypnosis audios are a great way to help you manage stress by feeding those brain cells a state of calmness and self-assured confidence. Your mind can become full of solutions instead of the chaos and negative beliefs that stress creates. There are many self-hypnosis audios and techniques which can be used to help you become more stress-free. Your mind becomes a place of peace.

Self-hypnosis audios can be geared to meet your needs for affective outcomes: some are meant for easing stress, remove negative beliefs about yourself, and others help you build confidence and a whole lot more. 

positive mindset - Meditation Hypnosis

Many, whom have used the self-hypnosis audios written by clinical hypnotherapists have said that the audios have helped them regain control of their thoughts, words, and emotions and stabilized positive belief systems.

5 Minute Break– Start by taking a break, even if it’s just for 5 minutes.

Previous studies have even shown that this can help take off the pressure of what’s going on in your life by giving yourself time to think and breathe and “ground yourself.” It also gives you a chance to recharge and revitalize, clearing the mind before continuing with whatever it is that was causing stress in the first place.

Relaxing – whether it be reading, gardening, or cooking. Put a dedicated time aside for yourself.

This can be a great way to spend time with loved ones as well.

When you’re doing something that relaxes and calms you, your cognitive responses are different since you’ve spent a little time in more relaxed and soothing environment. This gives your  thoughts a chance to ground themselves, easier for the stressors in life not to affect how we react or feel about what’s going on around us. 

And because it’s a nurturing environment, redirecting those unwanted thoughts by filling your head with happy and positive beliefs are easier to manage.

Take time to “self care” for your own sanity, and you will be able to maintain a healthy mind and body. And be able to give more to the people you love.

This way, it’s easy to turn off the negativity in your life when you find ways to nurture yourself and fill up that mind space with positivity!

positive mindset - Meditation Hypnosis

Watching a comedy– “Laughter is a tonic, a happy lift,” said Mark Twain. It’s also the best medicine, according to neuroscience. Neuroscientists have found that laughter has many benefits for our mental and physical health. Laughter helps us relax, boosts our immune system, and improves cardiovascular function by increasing blood flow to the brain, heart, and other organs in our body.

A current study found that this decreases overall levels of cortical (the hormone produced as part of our stress response) and increases our feelings of happiness. So it looks like laughter can be life-changing, as far as stress is concerned.

Practice deep breathing– to clear your thoughts and calm yourself down. Deep breathing focuses your body’s resources on the present moment and helps you live in the now rather than dwelling on past failures or worrying about what might happen. It also relaxes tense muscles, reduces heart rate and blood pressure.

Here is a short mindfulness meditation video when you need to ground yourself and remove the distractions ☺

Or you can even use this time to relax in a total sound bath experience listening to hz solfeggio music frequencies to soothe the mind-body, and soul.

Ask someone for help -when you need it -sometimes, we don’t realize how much others care about us until we ask them for assistance. Getting it off your chest by talking about how you’re feeling with someone who cares. You’ll find that a fresh set of eyes on the situation can help put things in another perspective and possibly give you peace of mind.


There are many ways to redirect the mind onto happier positive emotions to manage more of your daily path.

We hope that the tips we’ve provided will help relieve some stress.

What is one tip from above that stands out as something worth trying for yourself?

Always note, to remember when feeling overwhelmed or stressed, it’s always best to check-in with your doctor and get help from a medical practitioner. This helps you in having optimal health and happiness.

Our web pages and blog posts provide general information for general purposes only and not to be used for any medical, legal or alternative health advice for any type of physical, mental health or financial concerns.
Always speak to your practitioner before embarking on any new alternative treatments. If you have concerns about any medical matters, you should always consult your healthcare provider without delay.
We thank you for taking full responsibility for your own health and wellbeing in life. ☺

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