Hypnosis to Quit Smoking

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There is no shortage of warnings about how bad smoking is to our health, yet it remains a challenge to actually stop the habit.

Reaching for a stick and puffing away can happen almost subconsciously. The next thing you know, you’ve finished the whole pack.

Smoking is a psychological habit as much as a physical one. Hence, the practice of hypnosis to quit smoking is important.

We are not talking about the traditional kind but the use of Conversational Hypnosis Course for smoking cessation.

What Is Hypnosis?

Before we begin, let’s first talk about what hypnosis is.

Traditionally, we know it as where one is in a trance or seemingly asleep.

Sometimes, this method is used to treat physical or psychological issues, such as pain management or addiction.

They say that hypnosis helps you relax, focus more, and listen attentively to suggestions.

Contrary to popular belief, when in a hypnotic state, you may be in a trance, but you are still aware of what is going on around you.

The Dangers of Smoking

You probably already know that Smoking is one of the leading causes of cancer and other diseases that cause death around the world.

What is more troubling is that other people also get sick due to second-hand smoke exposure.

The habit can harm every organ in your body, which may cause disability in the long run.

Apparantley a single smoker can affect at least 30 people to get sick due to cigarette smoke.

noted below are some of the highly possible risks associated with smoking:

  • Lung damage, as smokers breathe in harmful chemicals
  • Heart disease because of the same harmful chemicals that can block blood vessels, restricting normal blood flow
  • Fertility problems, as it affects the hormone levels and the reproductive system as a whole
  • Pregnancy complications for women, affecting the normal development of the fetus
  • Higher risk of developing type 2 diabetes (those who already have the disease may experience difficulty controlling it)
  • Weakened immune system, making you prone to getting sick quicker
  • Vision problems
  • Poor oral hygiene (yellow, stained teeth)
  • Limited ability to smell and taste things
  • Premature aging of the skin and hair loss
hypnosis to quit smoking

Hypnosis to Quit Smoking

People who can’t quit smoking but are determined to may try hypnotherapy for smoking cessation.

Trying to quit smoking is challenging.

Fortunately, using hypnosis to help a person stop smoking is more effective if they desire to quit the habit.

How is that possible?

Hypnotherapists use different hypnotic techniques to put their subjects into a relaxed state of mind which is usually called a trance.

Experts usually use words and suggestions to quiet or relax your conscious mind so that they can tap into the subconscious,where our behaviours and belief systems seem to be recorded

Hypnosis and being in a trance may sound weird or magical to some. Still, we sometimes experience it even without knowing.

Psychologists call it spontaneous trance.

Hypnosis or hypnotic trance is more intentional, as therapists will use words to verbally guide you into that state.

Once you are in a hypnotic trance, the therapist will introduce positive suggestive statements to encourage your desired outcome, like quitting smoking.

Does Conversational Hypnosis for Smoking Cessation Work?

We are all aware of how powerful words are. We have also established that hypnosis works through the use of terms and suggestive statements.

Would you consider conversational hypnosis as one effective method to help a person stop smoking? How does it work?

Here is a Conversational Hypnosis Course that is worth checking out.

Hypnosis Techniques

It’s a program created by a world-famous master hypnotist who is an authority in this subject.

It’s a compilation of 12 video tutorials about the fundamentals of conversational hypnosis.

Additionally, this master hypnotist shares how he uses his secret techniques on a real person (this part is interesting for the skeptic within us).

You can also read the included complete written transcripts while watching the video tutorials or listen to its MP3 audio recordings.

How Do You Hypnotize Someone to Stop Smoking?

We keep on mentioning that hypnosis can help individuals who want to stop smoking, but how does it work?

Many hypnotherapists use Spiegel’s method, where smokers are encouraged to respect their bodies and commit to protecting them from smoking’s harmful effects.

When a smoker decides to see a hypnotherapist, he or she most likely tried and failed multiple times using different methods.

Having the desire to quit the habit is a crucial component of successful therapy, as you are already suggesting into your thinking conscious mind that this is what you want to do, so the hypnosis is like the catapalt to get you there, as hypnosis tapps into your subconscious mind where your behaviours have been deeply embedded and recorded.

The therapist will create a hypnosis program to strengthen a person’s willingness to stop.

The first step in any hypnotherapy session is fact-finding consultation.

The person needs to provide information about his smoking habits and why he wants to quit.

Personalized and comprehensive therapeutic sessions will be created by the therapist based on all the data provided.

He will also decide how many sessions a client needs and if follow-up support is necessary or not.

Pros and Cons of Hypnotic Therapy for Smoking Cessation

Deciding to end your smoking habit through hypnotherapy has its pros and cons.

You must consider every aspect before you arrange a session with a therapist.

Here are some things worth considering.


  • It’s safe and effective.

Contrary to what others think, a person under a hypnotic trance is aware of his surroundings and will not do things against their will.

  • It’s an all-natural treatment.

Hypnotherapy for smoking cessation does not require drugs.

  • It’s affordable.

Hypnosis is inexpensive compared to other treatments like cognitive behavioral therapy, counseling, or smoking clinics.

  • It’s faster.

Although the number of therapy sessions may vary, the whole treatment is usually shorter than other long term options.


  • It’s not useful for everyone.

Some individuals do not respond to hypnotism very well.

There’s no specific reason, but hypnotherapists will try some test sessions to see if that will work.

  • The quality of service differs from one hypnotherapist to another, this also depends on the background skills and experience of the hypnotherapist.

Some are more experienced than others and may offer additional support even after the therapy.

  • Not enough scientific evidence.

There’s limited evidence on the effectiveness of hypnotherapy in ending the habit. Some people choose treatments with scientific evidence.

  • Some therapists might offer health insurance subsidies, but not all hypnotherapists can do this.

Most individuals have to pay for their therapy sessions straight from their funds.

Hypnosis at Home

Some people are not comfortable going to hypnotherapists for whatever reason.

Nonetheless, the desire to quit smoking is so strong that they are willing to try different methods.

Here are some techniques that you can do at home.


Professional hypnotists generally use creative visualizations to engage and help their clients.

You can also use this method at home by relaxing and vizualizing yourself healthy and happy, your future self

Focus your attention on how good it feels to breathe in the fresh air.

Keep visualizing the detailed scenario and the positive feelings associated with it.

Learn Self Hypnosis

There are plenty of self-hypnosis resources that you can use to learn a specific technique that suits you.

Hypnosis Recordings

The marketplace is full of hypnosis recordings dedicated to quitting smoking.

You can listen to these recordings to help you through the journey.

hypnosis to quit smoking

What Is the Success Rate of Hypnosis for Quitting Smoking?

Does hypnosis work for quitting smoking?

This is a common question from skeptical people or those who don’t know anything about the method.

Presently, debates about the efficacy of hypnosis in smoking cessation are still active. Some say it works, while others are unsure.

some say it has helped them and they have stopped completely, others say they stopped temporarily.

There are numerous studies made related to hypnotism and quitting smoking.

However, results still vary as there’s no standard technique for testing its efficacy.

The effectiveness of hypnosis for those who want to stop smoking depends on many factors.

Professional hypnotherapists have different levels of experiences, hence the varying approaches and techniques.

Scientific Studies on Hypnosis and Smoking Cessation

Does hypnosis work for quitting smoking?

Many people are skeptical about hypnosis and its scientific effects on humans, particularly its ability to stop smoking addiction.

Despite the skepticisms, some scientific studies claim that there is effectiveness of hypnosis in smoking cessation.

Here are the chronological scientific studies and their conclusions on the effectiveness of hypnosis to quit smoking.


The first study published in The American Journal of Psychiatry involved 226 smokers treated with one session of self-hypnosis.

Researchers checked on the participants after two years and found that 52% of the smokers stopped smoking for a week.

On the other hand, 23% of the participants stopped smoking for two years.

Researchers conclude that the effect of hypnotherapy is moderate as you try to convince them to stop.

However, they saw excellent hypnosis results from those willing to quit the habit.


The second study from the Oxford Academic Journals includes 286 participants from the San Francisco area.

After dividing the smokers into two groups, the first half went to two 60-minutes hypnotherapy sessions.

The other half had the same amount of behavioral counseling meetings.

Both groups had nicotine patches for two months and took three follow-up phone calls.

Researchers checked the participants after six months to know the effect of each treatment.

26% of the smokers who underwent hypnotherapy stopped the habit compared to 18% from the other group six months after the study.

The study proved that participants could abstain from smoking longer using hypnotherapy.


The Journal of Nursing Education and Practice published this third study in 2014.

It involves 59 students trained to conduct self-hypnosis to stop smoking.

These smoking students need to practice self-hypnosis, document the effect, and the number of smoked cigarettes daily for nine weeks.

The study showed 65% of the participants stopped smoking, proving that the hypnosis program is useful for students.

Why Is It Hard to Stop Smoking?

Nicotine, one of the significant components of cigarettes, is an addictive substance. It’s one of the reasons why people get hooked to smoking.

It’s a stimulant that can decrease your appetite but increases your blood pressure and heart rate.

It can trigger different chemical reactions and offer short and temporary concentration and pleasure to the smoker.

Due to its addictive nature, your mind and body long for its effects.

This is the reason why it can be hard to quit. It may also cause withdrawal issues like irritability, headache, and nausea, to name a few.

The things we have mentioned are mostly physical manifestations. Your subconscious mind also plays a significant factor in your smoking addiction.

The desire to smoke as dictated by your mind makes it harder to quit the habit. You have to tackle the mental urges to overcome the addiction.

Does Hypnosis Work for Smoking Cessation?

So, does hypnosis work for smoking cessation? It is not magical, and each individual responds differently to the treatment.

Smoking is both a physical and a mental addiction that’s dangerous to your health and those around you.

Does hypnosis work for quitting smoking? Hypnosis targets the subconscious mind, urging the individual to resist the impulse to smoke.

The Conversational Hypnosis Course is one great way to practice the technique.

Hypnosis Techniques

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