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Most people have heard about how crystals can be used for metaphysical healing in a variety of ways. But, have you heard that they can also be used to achieve success and wealth? Yes, that’s right.

Crystals can be used to support you with shifting your energy more towards achieving your dreams, but you really have to believe not only in the power of the crystals, but also in yourself and what you are doing.

There are several crystals you can use for wealth and success, and each of these crystals work differently, but all have the same effect, which is the end result you desire.

Let’s take a look at how to use your crystals for success and wealth.

How to Use Your Crystals for Success and Wealth

Using Crystals for Wealth

There are several ways to use crystals for wealth, but one of the ancient methods is to use eight. They can be different crystals or the same type of crystal. It is the number eight that is important here, as this is believed to be the number for prosperity.

Once you have chosen the crystals you wish to use for your intention, it is important to keep them with you at all times. Put them inside a small bag, and keep the bag in your pocket or purse, as this will help you align yourself with your focus and intention.

Not only have these stones been known to help attract wealth, depending on the stones that are chosen, its been said they can also help with various health issues.

Another way to use crystals to attract success and wealth is to set them up in a grid pattern in the southwest part of your house. This is known as the wealth sector.

The grid should consist of a large cluster of raw pyrite, which would be surrounded by the eight crystals you have chosen. When these stones work together they can bring success and wealth.

Crystals to Use for Money

There are several crystals you can use to attract wealth. But try to remember that wealth is not always necessarily about money, it can also represent feelings of abundance in one’s life, depending on your point of focus and what this stone represents to you.


This is a great crystal for attracting wealth. It is thought to be a lucky stone, and it is also a stone of opportunity. Carrying eight aventurine stones will help to attract wealth.


This popular crystal is often associated with money. It is used to attract wealth and eliminate financial troubles. It can also help you to have a clear mind when making decisions about your finances.

Green Calcite

This stone helps to eliminate patterns that have kept you from achieving the wealth you desire. It is considered to be a lucky stone, and it can help to open your mind to recognize situations that are keeping you from achieving wealth.

Remember, green is usually known as the color of money.

Crystals to Use for Success

If you want to make more money, you need to advance in your career. This can be aided with the use of certain crystals that are known to help people achieve success. These crystals help you to better focus on your goals.


Quartz stones are known to help give users clear vision, which is what you might want to use for your metaphysical support when you are trying to be more successful in business and in life.

You need to have a clear vision in order to achieve success, and meditating with quartz crystals is a great way to find that vision and figure out how to use it to your advantage.


Citrine is known as a crystal of prosperity, because when you use it you can have a clearer focus on your intentions, and achieve your goals faster. Always keep a citrine stone on hand to help attract wealth and success.

Tiger’s Eye

This is a stone that is often used by those who wish to be more successful. It can help to increase willpower, and make you more motivated so you can achieve your goals. This is a calming stone that will help you to stay calm, even in the most stressful situations.

How to Use Your Crystals for Success and Wealth

Crystals to Use for Prosperity

Everyone wants to prosper in life, both in finances and in well-being. There are specific crystals that can be used to encourage prosperity, and to help you achieve all of your goals.

These stones people usually use to remove the things that are blocking them from achieving prosperity. Some of the best crystals which are known to be used for prosperity include:


This is a stone helps with achieving goals as quickly as possible. It is often called the “merchant stone” because it can bring prosperity, particularly for those who own or want to start their own businesses.

Green Jade

Jade has long been known to be lucky, and it is often used to increase prosperity and abundance. Green jade can be combined with other similar-colored stones for added effectiveness.

Tree Agate

This is a stone that can be used to clear away the things that block energy from the body. It is said that when you hold a tree agate in each hand while meditating, you can open your energy field and attract more prosperity.

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