From Stress to Success : Does Mindset Make A Difference ?

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positive mindset - Meditation Hypnosis - self-care tips

You know that feeling?  The one where you’re so stressed you could scream?   It feels like there’s a weight on your chest and it’s hard to breathe.  You’re worrying about everything and nothing all at the same time.   Stress can be paralyzing and overwhelming.  Sometimes we even ask ourselves does mindset make a difference and how can we go from stress to success?

It’s possible to use that same energy to power through challenges that come your way and flip them toward success.  It’s how you deal with that stress that makes the difference between success and failure.   Let’s move on and check out some tips that could help manage the stress and achieve your goals instead!

You have what it takes to handle stressful situations. There is always something inside of you that can help you get through tough times. But by adding some mindset strategies for keeping a positive attitude, it will be easier to remember these things during tough times.

A positive mindset has to do with a positive outlook on life, no matter what it throws at you.  Positive thinking birthed the glass on half full mentality.   Although it doesn’t mean you have to think “rainbows and unicorns”, although that’s another way of looking at it, I guess?

On the surface, a positive mental attitude seems like an easy mantra to adopt. Well, it is, but you need to commit to the journey. 

Having a positive attitude is important in every area of your life.  This includes the way you act, the thoughts you have, and the words you say.

That’s why an occasional motivational talk show may make you feel better temporarily, but you quickly relapse to hopelessness. You must learn how to create the real value within.

From Stress To Success

positive mindset - Meditation Hypnosis - self-care tips

So, how can you develop a positive mental attitude while being bogged down by pressure and difficulty?

Here are some simple techniques that can make changes to your daily life to go from stress to success.

Just commit to them a few minutes a day, be mindful and intentionally slip them into your daily routine.

Get in Touch with Reality

Life comes with twists and turns. Sometimes the turns hit you so hard you can barely stand straight. In such situations, the reality can be hard to swallow. 

Thus, instead of downplaying the seriousness of the situation, get in touch with the circumstance. Find out the truth in the matter: 

This is the most difficult part and the most important stage of developing a positive attitude.

With the facts, there are high chances that negative emotions will flood your mind like a hurricane. 

That’s good. It means you are normal. 

However, don’t let these defeating thoughts swipe you under. Take time with yourself and evaluate the situation in its totality. 

Ask yourself, “what is working right now?” 

No matter how dire the situation is, there’s something positive going on in your life that’s worth acknowledging. 

The fact that you are alive and reading this means you are optimistic and actively looking for a solution. 

Pat yourself in the back. You’ve got this!

When you are in touch with what’s happening, it becomes easier to find solutions. 

You can easily manage negative self-talk and significantly reduce your stress levels. This is key to success.

Divert your Mind from Negative Thoughts

positive mindset - Meditation Hypnosis - self-care tips

The law of attraction stipulates that like attracts like. If you keep thinking of how weak, broke, or sad you are, you’ll continuously attract negativity. 

So, do yourself a favor and shift your thoughts intentionally from negative to positive. 

To do this effectively, you have to understand your thought pattern. 

What are your fears? 

Your brain often magnifies these fears, more times than not, making a mountain out of a molehill. 

To be ahead of the game, stop the defeating thoughts before they hold you hostage. 

How do you do that? Shift your mindset by practicing self-affirmation.

There’s an ocean of affirmations online, but you can also create your own ones. 

The key is to be strategic. Only pick the affirmations that speak to your soul. Affirmations that have a deeper meaning to you. 

For example, if you have low self-esteem, you want to pick affirmations that talk of courage, power, stepping out, and so on. 

Affirmations are a powerful way to remind yourself who you are and all of your abilities. It triggers positive thinking. Every time the defeating thoughts haunt you, affirmations help you speak life in retaliation. 

Another way to let the affirmations sink in is to meditate on them. 

When you are struggling to sleep, or blankly staring at God knows what, meditate on affirmations. The positive, powerful words will quickly take root in your mind and repetition is the way to create and concrete new neural pathways.

As you reaffirm yourself, you talk yourself out of the negative attitude and into a new space of positive thoughts. With time, you’ll become exactly what you’ve been speaking about yourself. 

Practice Positive Self Talk

What will happen if you write a letter and fail to include an address or a stamp? Will it reach its destination? Definitely not. 

Similarly, if you want to change your life but fail to articulate what you want to achieve and when you want to achieve it, you’ll fail. 

This is why positive self-talk is crucial. Successful people can talk themselves into closing multi-million deals, no matter how anxious they feel because they’ve mastered positive self-talk. 

Positive self-talk is the process of consciously sending yourself specific positive messages in the present tense. 

For example, when distracted with defeating thoughts about the bulk of work at the office during the weekend, you can say, “I’m now going to focus on me in this present time and space.” Being more mindful of living in the “here and now”.

Our minds cannot differentiate between messages that are made up and the ones that are real. 

Take the scenario where you tear up, laugh, or become anxious when watching a movie. You know it’s a movie, but you experience emotions as if it were in real life. It’s the same principle in positive self-talk. 

Positive self-talk is usually in the present tense to give your mind a sense of urgency. On the contrary, using future tense pushes your goals down the line without a time frame, which leads to procrastination, and ultimately you forget them.

Positive self-talk helps you be intentional, deliberate, and precise in the actions you intend to take. This way, you consciously direct your mind instead of leaving your actions to chance and “default” behaviors. 

Positive self-talk and affirmations work together. When you are specific, positive, and intentional, you play positive thoughts in your mind and verbalize them to seal your intention. 

This maintains positive thinking, which translates to positive emotions. The more you repeatedly reinforce a positive attitude, the higher your chances of having a positive outlook on life.

Benefits of a Positive Mindset

Curly beautiful blonde caucasian woman enjoy the trip traveling

If it’s not clear by now that having a positive outlook is key to success, then perhaps the following benefits of positive thinking will crystallize this.


Underneath the many definitions of success, there’s one thing that stands out, your attitude towards life. 

People who see opportunities in every situation have higher chances of reaching their goals. These people exude positive energy, cope better with stress, and are the most optimistic individuals you’ll ever meet. 

On the other hand, negative thinking increases your level of stress, which translates to poor stress management and ultimately failure.

When your thoughts are positive, you tend to make better choices. You explore your talents and tap into opportunities with confidence. Your performance increases as you become more productive and effective at work. 

An optimistic mindset leads you to explore hidden opportunities that you would otherwise shy from. You can confidently take up courses that enhance your career skills, request promotions, and put in the work required for a successful career.

Positivity in life will also increase your academic performance and business outcomes. 


Happiness can be elusive because people search for it outside instead of within. 

However, when you learn to find your own happiness within, you’ll be content in every situation in life.

An optimistic mindset helps you fall in love with yourself. When you love yourself, you’ll find it easier to love those around you and live a more fulfilling life.

Self-love makes you happy because what others think and say about you doesn’t affect your mood. External factors don’t interfere with your joy. 

This attitude towards life makes you resistant to the effects of stress. In tough situations, you can continuously reach within and nurture your mind. 

Positivity in life gives you a reason to be happy, even when the circumstances around you try to convince you otherwise. 

Happy people are calm, ever-smiling, and peaceful. They can cope better because they draw their energy from within. Now that’s success! 

Happiness in life is the true indicator of success.


The one thing that stands out among positive people is self-confidence. Being positive and verbalizing your strengths on a regular basis reinforces your belief in your abilities. With time, you’ll focus less on your insecurities and more on your abilities.

Self-confidence broadens your perspective. It opens up your mind to many solutions and opportunities so it increases your chances of success. You’ll find yourself taking initiatives when others curl up in fear.

When you believe in yourself, you start learning more about who you are and take the necessary initiatives to become the best version of yourself. 

Instead of letting fear control your decision-making, you take charge of circumstances and steer your life in the direction you want it to take. 

The more you believe you can, the more you put yourself out there in pursuit of your dreams. With such an attitude, you stand a high chance of getting successful outcomes in everything you put your mind to do.


I would equate the outcome of a positive mindset to the subsequent calmness, satisfaction, and happiness that comes with eating ice cream. There’s only one difference, though. Unlike ice cream, where the feelings are short-lived, positive thinking ensures you sustain a positive attitude.

A positive mental attitude keeps your mind focused on the silver lining in every situation. And that’s how you keep stress at bay and embrace success in every sphere of your personal life. So let us know how a positive mindset made a shift in your life.

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