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It was Albert Einstein who said that “everything in life is vibration.”

From rocks to humans, from our thoughts to our emotions—these are all simply expressed in different frequencies.

The laws of the universe also point out that these vibrations can be influenced. After all, we are all inter-connected.

Now, if that’s the case, to be happy , prosperous and at peace, I should learn how to raise my energy vibration, right?

Well, that’s exactly what we are going to learn how to do today.

What Does It Mean to Raise One’s Vibration?

Before anything else, we believe it’s essential to know what it really means to raise your vibrations.

Is it really something worth learning and practicing?

As mentioned, the energies in the universe are expressed in different frequencies, and there are methods to influence them.

Scientific findings suggest that the human body is made up of these energies, which are closely linked to our thoughts, emotions, and even physical health.

Higher vibrations are generally associated with positive emotion.

On the other hand, lower vibrations are usually connected to negative ones, like stress or anxiety.

Hence, to raise one’s vibration means to make a more conscious effort to become happier and healthier, starting with the thoughts we choose each and every day.

This pertains not only to mental and physical health but also your spiritual wellbeing.

What Happens When You Raise Your Vibration?

In the same study, it was also found that specific frequencies have therapeutic benefits.

Think of it this way. Sound is a type of vibration. We can sense sound through rhythm or beats.

Do you know what else has rhythm and beats? The human body. Our hearts beat; our body follows the circadian rhythm.

Going against these natural vibrations can make us more vulnerable to ill health, such as when our hearts beat irregularly or when our body’s sleep cycle gets out of whack.

Meanwhile, finding out how to get our body to return and maintain its natural vibration can potentially heal these physical ailments.

The same thing is manifested in our thoughts and emotions, too.

A raised vibration means we’re more likely to think more positively and emotionaly feel happier.

There’s an entire field of study about this so-called ‘vibrational’ medicine or some call it energy medicine.

For now, though, let’s talk about how to raise your vibrations.

How to Raise My Energy Vibration

Here are some tips and techniques to help you through to raise your energy vibration.

Be mindful of your thoughts.

According to one of the laws of the universe, the Law of Attraction, similar energies are attracted to each other.

This means that if you think positively and produce a positive vibration, it will also attract positive energy to you.

As we all want a positive outcome at the end of our day right?

Be conscious of what you eat.

Did you know that food vibrates at specific frequencies, too?

Vegetables vibrate differently as they are usually more lighter on the stomache than compared to certain types of meat, as some can take hours to digest throughout the body mechanism.

At the same time, home-cooked meals (or food cooked with love) don’t share the same frequency as fast food.

A good rule of thumb to follow is to determine the frequency of your food is to pay attention to how your body, mind, and emotions react and feel after eating.

Do you feel great after eating and still have energy or do you feel tired and lethargic or full and bloated?

Practice kindness.

This is probably one of the best ways to raise your vibration.

That’s because it influences various layers of energy.

First, doing an act of kindness makes one feel happy and therefore raises your vibrations internally.

This is pointed out by a study published in the Journal of Happiness Studies.

Second, everyone who witnesses this act of kindness can potentially be influenced, as well, so their vibrations also get raised.

The person receiving the act, for instance, will feel happy and grateful.

In addition, those who have simply witnessed it can get inspired and motivated to do the same.

Lastly, a community of people with raised vibrations create a more positive environment that further attracts even more positive energy and happier outcomes.

Yes, this method is really powerful because it can start a cycle of positivity with more abundance and joy in life.

how to raise my energy vibration

How Can I Increase My Vibration Fast?

We acknowledge that the methods we shared above may take time to practice.

We know how challenging it can be to shift your way of thinking or even simply make changes to your diet.

It can also be difficult to choose the path of kindness at times, especially when someone has had harsh words and emotions towards you.

So, are there ways to increase your vibration fast?

Yes, there are.

Here are some of our favorite quick fixes that could help you out:


Yes Hydrate!

Do you know what else can pull your frequency down? Toxins inside of your body.

Fortunately, you can easily flush out toxins with water and cleanse out some of your system.

Staying hydrated is good for your health, too.

Listen to music.

Another way to boost your vibes real quick is to listen to your favorite tunes.

It’s not at all surprising, too, given the close connection between sounds and frequencies.

Now find one thing to be grateful about.

Finally, I’m sure that you can think of one thing to be grateful for (perhaps a friendly invite, a nice smile, your family pet, your loving partner.)

The energies created by gratitude are pure and positive. Like they say, gratitude is the quickest way to happiness. Because gratitude promotes the savoring of positive experiences, it reduces stress and negativity.

Why don’t you give it a try right now?

Stop reading for a second and think about what you’re most thankful for, something that puts a smile on your face.

It doesn’t have to be something big.

It can be as simple as being grateful for the sun shining outside or for having stumbled upon this article today, that helps you to be more mindful of gratitude in your life.

The good thing is, the more you practice these quick steps, the more potent and empowering they will be in raising your vibration.

For instance, starting a gratitude journal can work wonders in developing a more optimistic view of life. With constant practice a habit is formed; and gratitude is a habit that goes a long way to increasing happiness and wellbeing.

How Can I Increase My Positive Vibration at Home?

There are times when you might find it hard to raise your vibrations from within.

When that happens, don’t be too hard on yourself.

That’s just life. It has its own share of ups and downs, as its always important to give yourself some space to step back and reflect before you react to any triggors.

Does that mean you should give up on boosting your positive vibes altogether? Of course not, practice makes perfect.

But you may want to try a different approach then.

One of the things you can do is to raise the vibrations of your immediate environment.

Here are some ways on how to increase the positive vibes in your home:

Use Crystals.

Ever wondered why watches contain quartz crystals. That’s because crystals transmit energy.

Each crystal emits and attracts specific frequencies.

You might want to even use a variety of crystals as feng shui to create a certain home environment.

Selenite, for instance, is known to encourage mental clarity and cleansing.

Not a bad choice if you want to create a more relaxing home, right?

Be mindful where you place those crystals to further make the most out of their inherent frequencies.

For example, black tourmaline is known for its protective properties, so you’d want to place them near doors and windows.

Lastly, keep in mind that crystals also work well with each other, so don’t be afraid to pair them together.

You can even arrange them in a grid-like cluster.

This is called a crystal grid, and it’s known to be quite powerful.


Another effective method of cleansing and raising your vibration and that of your home (or drive away negative vibrations that might be present) is to smudge it.

This is the act of burning tree barks, dried herbs, flowers, and other organic material to influence the energy of a place through scent.

Don’t forget to look into the properties of the organic materials you are burning (as you want to make sure you can tolerate the fragrance and always make sure you are not allergic to any fragrances within your home environment.)

Birch bark, for instance, is associated with new beginnings.

It’s an excellent choice to smudge if you’re welcoming a new chapter in your life.

Setting an intention or saying your special prayer as you’re smudging also helps make this ritual more effective and sacred.

Ask for Help.

Speaking or saying your special prayer, asking the Divine or Universal Energy for support also helps.

Just saying, “Please cleanse my home of all negative energies,” can already make a difference, as you are then setting “the tone” of your environment.

On a similar note, it’s a good idea to ask the help of a loved one or even seek professional counseling if you really need to clear some cluttered emotional baggage or regret, as this can also make you feel alot “lighter” afterwards.

And, this is when you may want to seek the help of someone more knowledgeable than you in this area.

Raising Your Vibration

There are times when we might find ourselves feeling a bit low. That’s natural; it’s a part of life.

It is during these times when you might find yourself asking, “How can I raise my energy vibration?”

Fortunately, there are ways to raise your vibration to reach a state of joy, calm and prosperity.

A better understanding of how energies work is a good place to start.

Positive thinking and performing acts of kindness, for instance, are very effective in raising energy vibrations.

Those looking for a faster solution may find something as simple as drinking a glass of water, or listening to soothing music, equally helpful.

You can also opt to make small changes in your immediate environment to invite positive energies into your space and, of course, your life.

There are numerous other steps you can proactively do to boost those good vibes.

A couple extra tips we’d love to share are:

1- Find something beautiful. Take a few moments to appreciate it –whether it’s a fun memory, a lovely gift, the coffee date you had with a good friend, etc.

Savor its beauty and how it’s making you feel uplifted.

2- Go out and walk in nature. Be among trees and flowers, the open blue space, or the wide greenery; and it’s a bonus when done barefoot to feel that natural beauty that YOU are a part of.

We sincerely hope that our quick guide has given you some ideas on how to raise your vibrations.

Let us know which tip or technique helped you with feeling better and raising your vibrational energy!

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