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Everything in this world vibrates to a certain frequency. Everything has inherent energy, from the smallest rock to the tallest tree and all the beings that ever walked the Earth.

Crystals, though, are quite special since they can influence and resonate with our own vibrations.

All you need is to wield and charge them regularly to ensure their steady stream of vibrational support.

If you find yourself wondering and asking, “How to charge my crystals?“, though, don’t worry because that is exactly what we’ll discuss today.

Crystals and Their Power

As mentioned, crystals have inherent power. They have accumulated it through the process of their formation.

Interestingly, crystals can also store and release power as long as you interact properly with them.

After all, it is not enough to just be in the same room as a crystal.

Instead, you need to get familiar with its energy and allow it to connect with yours.

You may then form a bond with it, setting out on this harmonious dance of resonating and reciprocating each other’s energies.

Do You Need to Charge Your Crystals?

You might notice, though, through prolonged interaction that your crystal will start to lose its power.

The truth is, it won’t really lose it. You simply must learn how to recharge crystals.

There are four reasons why crystals may seem to lose their “glow”.

First, it might have gotten energetically clogged up by absorbing all the negative energies it has been exposed to for the time being.

This is usually the case for crystals frequently used for healing.

A crystal may also become dormant if you haven’t used it for quite some time.

This happens when you have simply left the crystal on your altar to collect dust and have not really touched it for a long time.

There are also times when your crystal simply doesn’t know what you are expecting from it.

It’s still emitting energy, but it can be quite discreet and difficult to catch.

Finally, just like humans who need food and sleep or even a little bit of pampering to regain energy after working so hard, your crystal might just need to recharge to recuperate its strength.

What Does “Charging” a Crystal Mean?

We can then say that there are four aspects to charging a crystal based on the previous reasons highlighted.

  1. Charging may mean cleansing a crystal from the negative energies that it might have absorbed.
  2. Learning how to charge a crystal may mean awakening the crystal from dormancy.
  3. Charging is also setting an intention.
  4. Lastly, it is also helping the crystal regenerate the power that it has spent through constant use.

How to Charge My Crystals

With that said, and continuing with the pattern we’ve done so far, here are four ways to charge a crystal:

How Do You Charge Crystals in Moonlight?

Charging your crystals in the moonlight can be as easy as placing them on your window sill during the full moon.

However, to make your practice more effective, we recommend doing the following steps:

  • Get to Know Your Crystal First

Is it safe to be submerged in water? How will it interact with salt?

Make sure that your crystal is safe to be washed in a water and salt solution.

If so, then give your crystal a little washing before the ritual.

  • Set an Altar

Once cleansed, pick a spot in your backyard that will receive a lot of moonlight.

We highly recommend prepping this spot since it will give an extra sense of sacredness.

  • Leave Your Crystals Outside Overnight

It should be pulsing with energy in the morning after this quick full moon ritual.

Here’s an extra tip: You can also research the sacred symbolism of each moon phase as you’re learning how to recharge crystals.

Feel free to perform this ritual even if it’s not the full moon if the energy of that phase matches your intentions. Do whatever feels right for you.

tips on how to charge my crystals

How Do You Charge Crystals in Sunlight?

You can learn how to charge your crystals during the day is the same as doing so at night.

What’s great about this method is that you won’t even need to take note of the phases anymore. The sun is always bursting with energy.

The only time when you probably won’t want to recharge your crystal under the heat of the sun is if it’s prone to fading.

That’s why it’s always a good idea to do your research beforehand.

Can You Charge Rose Quartz in the Sun?

Speaking of crystals that might react negatively to the sun’s UV rays, here’s a question we get frequently asked by our readers: “Can you charge rose quartz in the sun?”

In our experience, the only type of quartz that you can leave under the sun without the risk of fading is clear quartz.

Other variants, like purple quartz (aka amethyst) or rose quartz would significantly fade if left outside for more than 15 minutes.

As far as getting recharged goes, then the ritual will still work.

There’s no doubt about that, especially if you don’t care about your crystal’s physical appearance.

How Do You Charge Crystals in the Earth?

It is no secret that most crystals came from the Earth.

While there are kinds associated with other elements, like air or water), most of them will always have a special connection to their original element.

Hence, another effective way of charging a crystal is by burying them back to the ground.

That is especially efficient for stones that feel very heavy or negative.

You can either bury them as they are, wrap them in an altar cloth, or put them in a small box.

Just don’t forget to mark the spot so that you can find it later.

We also recommend drawing a rough map on your journal just in case your place markers get disturbed.

The length of burial depends on how heavy or negative the crystal is.

It can be as short as a couple of days or as long as a couple of decades; such is the case for precious stones infused with negative intentions.

How Do You Charge Crystals With Other Sacred Tools?

Finally, did you know that you can also charge crystals with sacred objects and tools such as smudge sticks, pyramids, and even other crystals? 

Here are some ideas on how to charge your crystals this way:

  • Smudge Sticks

Using smudge sticks for cleansing and charging is a great alternative option for crystals you can’t submerge in water, interact negatively with salt, or can potentially fade in the sun.

Just like finding out what different moon phases mean, we highly encourage you to research herb correspondences as well.

That is especially critical for those planning to create their own smudge sticks and make sure that they won’t burn and inhale something unsafe.

  • Pyramids

Those who are quite sensitive to smoke and scents might find pyramids better to work with.

You are probably aware of Egypt’s architectural wonders already, but the structures we’re referring to are smaller and specifically designed to charge crystals and other sacred objects.

They are made of metal such as gold or copper to conduct energy.

You must then align the accurately measured four triangular sides of the pyramid with the Earth’s magnetic fields by aligning the sides with the cardinal directions, and that’s it.

All that’s left now is to place the object you want to charge on its square base.

The sacred geometry, material, and proper alignment of various factors will work together to enrich your crystals with power.

  • Other Crystals

Finally, another thing to remember as you’re learning how to charge a crystal is that there are also pieces, such as clear quartz, that can cleanse and enhance the energy of other precious stones.

Selenite and black obsidian are equally known to have cleansing properties.

The best way to go about this method is to get a charging plate made out of one of these crystals and simply place the other crystals (the ones you wish to cleanse and charge) on top of it.

There are definitely other ways to recharge crystals other than the methods we mentioned above. 

These are simply the ones that we have tried and tested ourselves. Again, feel free to do whatever seems right for you.

Charging Crystals

Crystals have the inner power that can influence and resonate with other energies surrounding them, including yours.

That’s why they are efficient in manifesting goals and healing aspects of your life.

However, there are times when this energy gets spent and needs to be replenished again.

Those who are wondering and asking, “How to charge my crystals?” will be pleased to learn that there are several ways to do so.

You may expose it to a natural power source, such as moonlight, sunlight, and the Earth, or use other equally magical tools, such as pyramids, smudge sticks, and other crystals.

Just don’t forget to research if your chosen method of charging crystals agrees with your particular piece.

After all, some crystals are sensitive to water, while others are prone to fading after prolonged sun exposure.

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