Future Self Journaling: What Is It and How to Practice It?

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future self journaling

So What Is Future Self Journaling?

Have you ever heard of this journaling style? 

If not, that’s because not everyone recognizes it’s true potential.

Future journaling is a practice of writing to your future self with (ideally) the intention of reading what your past self wrote when the time comes.

It’s also about projecting the ideal image and life you want to have.

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Of all the different types of journaling, we noticed that there’s one that is not as commonly practiced as others, and that is future self journaling.

So we’re here to help you find out, if this style of journaling can support you with your transition to your future self.

We know that you won’t need to search long and hard to know that there are so many different journaling methods.

They can all potentially enrich one’s life and even deepen a person’s spiritual practice.

Although many of us are not sure when it comes to understanding the future. 

You could relate it to, an experience similar in the form of preparing time capsules when we were younger.

So it’s not really new practice, right? 

As we can certainly think about it in the abstract sense – sure, one day we will build our own business or lose weight or write that novel. 

We can think about the immediate or distant future.  

But connecting our present and the actions we do every day to our  future in a way that makes it more likely to come true. 

So future self journaling is a journaling approach that helps you visualize your goals and align your present with your future

It  is a special set of techniques meant to help you improve your day-to-day by linking  it directly with what you want  to accomplish.

How Do You Write a Future Self Journal?

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So, how do you write this type of journal?  

In truth, it is not so different from regular journaling, however, your focus will shift from the present and more into the future. 

Instead of writing about what happened today, you will write about your goals for the future, your habits, changes you want to make, track your progress, and how you visualize the future you. 

You need to name your goal, this is one of your first steps.

So you are now ready for your first journaling session. What do you want to achieve in this practice?

How about when setting your goals, you make a promise to yourself that will push through in achieving them?

Name your goal in a concise statement, and put it on the first page of your journal.

Even though there is no single technique, you still might choose to focus on different elements at different  times. 

As this helps to put your pure focus and energy on one thing at a time.

This will also help you assess how you progressed so far towards that particular goal of your future self.

This will give you the opportunity to make any tweaks along the way to get closer to the new you.

At points, you will want to write  more about how you want to feel and experience as your future self and visualize your future experiences to emotionally connect with your goals and motivation. 

On other days, you will want to use the journal to connect the present to the future  you want, by considering habits, changes, and more that needs any tweaking to get you closer to achieving this. 

Remember your goal is to keep moving forward to step into the new you.

You can ask your future self to help illuminate something for you, or direct some letters to yourself. 

You can even begin by simply introducing your old self to your future new self. 

How would the new self communicate with the old self??

Are there changes in the way you would talk to yourself, would your new self express him/herself in a more confident dialogue and self talk?

You can also plan and visualize the immediate future, like the next day or the next week or next month or jump years into the future.

But just remember to take some smaller steps along the way, so you can get closer and closer to your future self and ideal life.

For example you might start to dress differently, perhaps carry yourself differently or  even some of your behaviors might shift to a more confident and self assured way.

So What Are Some Questions to Ask Your Future Self?

what is future self journaling

You can even use different prompts to communicate with your future self. 

One way to make this practice more interesting is to ask your future self things that you would want to know about.

It might even surprise you that he/she may just answer some of your questions through a meditation or visualization practice?

Perhaps you may wake up the next morning with some answers or ideas from your future self.

Here are some questions you could ask:

  • Did you eventually overcome our bad habits? How?
  • Have you accomplished our goal?
  • What other steps are needed to get closer to our vision?
  • What actions did you take to be a better version of me?
  • What habits do you have that I don’t?
  • What is an ideal day like for you

How do I want to feel the rest of this  month?” 

“What would my future self focus on today?” 

By asking these questions, you are already triggering a reflection on how you can make a better version of yourself possible.

You can work with prompts that focus on imagining and visualizing experiences, like an ideal day, a certain time for now, or simply what you want tomorrow to be like. 

You can journal focusing on questions directed at your future self, for example, “What would my more confident future self do to resolve this issue?” 

“What is my biggest challenge to becoming my amazing future self?” 

You always want to bring the writing to the future rather than to the past and connect your current experiences to what you do want, considering what you are doing right and what challenges you need to overcome right now to get closer to your future self and vision.

How To Make The Most Out Of Future Self Journaling

There are a few tips to make the most out of this journaling technique. 

With your future self journal you can even create a visión board, as this is another powerful mind shift and energy tool that will support your journey.

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As you see your visión board in front of you every single day, it will remind you never to lose focus and it will align your energy to move closer to your visión, so you manifest it into reality.

First, try to make it a regular practice, so it becomes a stronger foundation to magnetizing your future life.

This way, you are sure to see results and achieve better  progress.

However, there is no point in stressing if you miss a day or if you can only get it done a couple times a week, as long as you don’t lose site of your visión of your future self.

You need to give yourself the opportunity of manifesting it into your reality. 

A bit of regular progress  is better than trying to cram your journaling in a single sesión and dont let yourself get side tracked by the default living of your day to day, as you dont want to crush your furture self in never coming alive. 

Be sure to update your goals and work on immediate and long-term objectives regularly to stay aligned with them and ensure that you are on track, in moving closer to your future self life.

How Do I See My Future Self?

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Considering how you see your future self is a powerful exercise. 

We often allow our long-term goals to fall by the wayside, as we get sidetracked by the day to day busy-ness of our normal working life. 

Constantly staying in touch with this aspect of yourself, you are less likely to lose track of long-term success and can align yourself every day through your habits, behaviors, and choices to work towards your ideal life. 

Your future self can motivate you to move forward and give you a clear idea of what you want your best life to be like. 

This is a mindset tool that never loses relevance, even though your vision can change , as there will always be a goal to pursue tomorrow, next week, and throughout  the next years. 

This type of journaling is a positive way of engaging with your future self.

Do you think it might be something that you’ll try, as the outcome might even surprise you?

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