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Crystals have always been used for many holistic healing and metaphysical purposes ever since ancient times.

After all, usually the physical, mental, and emotional issues stem from an imbalance of some kindーchaotic energies that can potentially be transformed with the influence of a supported energy source like crystals.

For the purposes of this article, though, we’d like to focus on one health aspect in particular: weight management.

We’ll share with you the different crystals that people use to help with weight loss and how to set a focus of intention with crystals.

Crystals and Setting Goals

Before we start, though, let us just say that some of the steps that we’ll share with you on how to use crystals for focusing one weight loss can also work for other goals, whether they are health-related or not.

This is possible through the frequency signature specific to each type of crystal and your focus of intent.

According to the law of the universe, the Law of Attraction, similar energies attract each other right?

That means you can use the frequencies within a crystal to invite the energies that you want to have in your life.

It could be vibrations of abundance, productivity, and of course, weight loss management.

You can also use it to align your inherent energies towards the positive changes you want to achieve or better equip yourself to receive the blessings you want to attract.

You only need to do one thing: set your clear and specific intention with your chosen crystal to work with on a daily basis.

How to Set an Intention With a Crystal

The question is, how can you do that? Here’s a quick guide:


As mentioned above, each crystal has a specific energy signature. Look for one that matches the goal that you want to achieve.

We’ll share with you the best crystals that people use for ffocusing on weight loss to give you a head start.

Here’s a quick question: What if you have found a piece that you are really attracted to but have found in your research that it does not correspond with your goal? Should you choose another one then? 

Not necessarily. It’s really important to follow your intuition.  It might even serve you better than another crystal, even if the latter indeed “matches” your needs more accurately.


Once you have chosen the perfect crystal that feels right to work with, you can now start the intention ritual by cleansing it.

There are different ways on how to cleanse a crystal. 

You can rinse it with tap water and/or salt solution(depending on the crystal) whilst focusing on cleansing it, you can use a smudge stick, cleanse it with another generator crystal, expose it to sunlight(depending on the crystal), or even bury it into the earth near a plant on certain lunar cycles.

This is another reason why we always suggest performing research first before working with crystals.

It will give you an idea of which cleansing method will work best (as some cystals arent good with water or sunlight).

For instance, there are crystals that don’t interact well with water, while others are prone to fading when exposed to direct sunlight.


Congratulations, your crystal is now as clean as an empty canvas, full of possibilities and potentialities to work with you and for you.

It is now ready to help you with your goals.

There are different methods to set an intention with your crystals, just as there are various methods for cleaning them.

You can hold the crystal while visualizing and meditating on your goal.

You can also write your goal on a piece of paper and wrap your crystal within that goal focused paper for a certain amount of time.

Lastly, you can state your intention in a mantra that you can repeat a number of times as you’re holding your crystal.

Our favorite method, though, is to place the crystal over our third eye while visualizing our goal as if it already happened.


Finally, keep your crystal close or in a place where you will easily see it every day as a reminder of your intention.

Doing so will serve as a reminder and align your frequency towards that cause.

We also suggest feeding it with a little bit of your emotional energy each day to improve its efficiency.

what crystals to help with weight loss

Can Crystals Help With Weight Loss?

People have been known to use them as a focus of intent, the mere presence of particular crystals can already help with your mindset of your weight goals and the steps towards your action goals you will to take.

They will function more efficiently, though, if you have followed the intention ritual shared above.

Another crucial factor is how open you are to align with the vibrations of your crystal, and in so doing, amplify the frequencies that can attract your goal.

For instance, doubt and skepticism can significantly impact these energies and even deflect them away.

So the question is, are you ready to go on your weight loss journey with the metaphysical and vibrational support of crystals?

Crystals to Help With Weight Loss

If so, then here are the top 3 healing crystals that people usually use for weight loss:

Yellow Apatite

Don’t let the name fool you. This is one of the top crystals to be known for metaphysical support with weight loss due to its interaction with various weight management aspects.

First, this is considered the best crystal for weight loss for its affinity with the solar plexus.

It helps this chakra point use any dormant energies from within it and help in boosting metabolism.

It is also known to stimulate other internal organs in the digestive system.

Finally, yellow apatite may also help deal with anger issues.

This is especially helpful if you find yourself the type of person who binge eats when you’re upset.

Picasso Marble

Maybe you’re not really the binge-eating type, but you do enjoy excessive meals from time to time.

What you need then is a Picasso marble, the crystal of self-discipline and self-control.

Please note that this piece also goes by the name Picasso stone and Picasso jasper.


What about those who cannot perform physical activities due to mental and emotional stresses that they can’t release?

You will be pleased to learn that gaspeite is a crystal of decluttering.

It’s been known to help let go and move on from these burdens, and yes, that includes the extra pounds you also want to lose in the process.

These are not the only crystals people have been known to work with to lose weight focus. They are simply the ones that people have already used as an aid to vibrational frequencies when focusing on losing weight.

Feel free to look into other crystals that might not be specifically known to correspond with weight loss but can assist in the other aspects of your life that support with the focus of weight management.

For instance, those who find it hard to get back to their usual fitness routine due to the stress and demotivation caused by a recent rejection may find epidote helpful.

On the other hand, those who simply don’t feel energized and motivated during their workouts may find the energy-boosting sunstone the best crystal for weight loss focus.

More Tips in Using Crystals for Weight Loss Focus

Aside from the steps we have shared with you above, here are a few more tips on how you can use healing crystals for weight loss focus:

Place It Where You Can See It

It can be at the head of your yoga mat or on top of the control panel of your treadmill.

Meanwhile, those looking to achieve their weight goals through diet can place near your fridge, or near your cooking space (as long as it won’t risk contaminating your food), or even in your dining area.

Keep It in Your Pocket

Those who workout outside, such as those who run, jog, and bike, can put their crystal in their pocket instead (probably more like a small thumbstone is a good one to carry with you as it has a smooth surface and not large).

We recommend placing it inside a small satchel if you wish to do so to prevent it from interacting with other items that could actually break it, whilst in your pocket.

Wear It

Meanwhile, those who don’t particularly wear workout apparel with pockets or those who simply feel awkward and uncomfortable carrying a small gemstone in their pocket can turn their crystal as a pendant or charm of a reminder of their focus of intent accessory instead.

While we might suggest taking the DIY route in making sacred jewelry, but we also recognize that there are those out there who would rather purchase a ready-made one.

Just don’t forget to cleanse it and set an intention to it as suggested above before wearing it.

Recharge It

Do you feel your motivation running low? Or does your crystal’s power seem to be waning low? Then all you need to do is to recharge it whilst placing your focus on it.

You can do so by cleansing your crystal and re-stating your intention. Don’t lose faith as its a daily journey moving forward with your intent.

This could be a good sign that your crystal has absorbed the negative energies surrounding your weight loss journey.

You just need to reset your crystal, that’s all. This is also a good time to switch to another crystal if you have found that it already served its purpose.

Use a crystal or gemstone for energy boost, the one that “speaks out to to you”, as this one will most likely be the right one at the right time for you.

Healing Crystals for Weight Loss Focus

Losing weight can be a very frustrating pursuit, but it’s not impossible.

There are various methods to shed those extra pounds for good, from different diets to a myriad of workout routines, but it is always important to first of all seek professional help from a medical practitioner and from a dietician or nutrionalist, as they will be there to support you with your goals as well as have a detailed look into any medical history you may have had throughout your life.

As reiki and other holistic practitioners use crystals for motivation and energy as well as different uses for crystals.

Through the focusing and empowerment of your frequencies related to your weight loss goal and the expert assistance of a medical practitioner you will see the outcome of your goals.

Different crystals are up for the task. Choose the one that resonates the most with you, cleanse it, and set an intention.

Finally, don’t forget to recharge your crystal from time to time, especially if you have found the previously promising results waning down.

This is simply a sign that your crystal is doing its job of absorbing the negative energies that are holding you back. Good luck!

And always remember the above blog is for general information and never to be used as medical treatment of any kind, but as a goal supportive method to help people to set their intention for focus.

Its always important to first see your medical practitioner and dietician as they usually look into your details for any medical and mental health conditions which may have underlaying causes of health concerns.

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