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positive mindset - Meditation Hypnosis - self-care tips

A lot of the emotions we experience and the choices we make are connected with our mindset. 

When we think negatively, we are more likely to experience negative emotions, miss opportunities for growth, and choose to avoid to risk. 

This doesn’t mean, of course, that we should all become Pollyannas who only notice the good in the world, but it’s a definite that shifting our mindset can show us many advantages.

5 Advantages of positive thinking

Positive thinking has significant benefits, and here are just a few.

It helps reduce stress and anxiety

A lot of the stress we feel every day comes from our way of thinking and how we perceive our current situations. 

When we interpret things in a negative way, we can feel as if things are worse than they are and feel more fear, anger, or sadness as a result, and have a feeling of hopelessness with no solutions in mind. 

By shifting our thinking to be more positive by training our mind to do so, like perhaps listening to some hypnosis audios for example, we can reduce our stress significantly and expect better outcomes, as our brain is more wired toward a solution of some kind.

It keeps us open to new opportunities

A pessimistic mindset can prevent us from seeing positive things around us, in particular, opportunities that could be helpful and staring us right in the face, we may dismiss this altogether as we may not believe that we deserve something good in our life. 

We might limit ourselves to old patterns and habits without recognizing what could work best.

It provides resilience

If you think that nothing will change or improve, there is not much point in trying to bring forth these improvements right? 

When we believe that good things are going to come our way, it gives us courage and strength to keep moving toward our goal, so we become more resilient to the issues that we might face in the present.

It improves relationships

A positive mindset can contribute to nurturing and improving our relationships. 

When we are constantly negative, others might pull away from us or find that we are not supporting them, we may be more critical of everything that surrounds us. 

A positive mindset encourages us to be more appreciative in the things that continually surround us and it fosters kindness, which can in turn improve our relationships.

positive mindset - Meditation Hypnosis - self-care tips
It motivates us

A positive mindset encourages us to try again and keep working even when we have failed, because a positive mindset realizes that failure is a learning curb in order for us to make a better decision next time around.

 It motivates us to keep going even when things are tough, because we realize there is light at the end of the tunnel.

While a pessimist might surrender, an optimist on the other hand will try again with a more determined attitude.

Positive thinking techniques

positive mindset - Meditation Hypnosis

Now that we have considered the benefits of positive thinking………….

Let’s take a look at the techniques that can help us develop positive thinking and shift our mindset even if we are used to negativity as a constant default presence in our mindsets.

A positive for a negative

An easy technique you can apply in any situation is consciously pushing yourself to come up with positive interpretations, comments, and ideas whenever you catch your mind going off in a negative direction.

For example, if you think uncharitably about a person’s looks, find something to compliment instead, and think about it for a moment. 

Try to think positive things whenever you catch yourself being negative, being more mindful of the “random thoughts” that pop up in one’s mind.

Or another easier technique you might want to try, is by listening every evening before bed to a hypnosis audio, targeted for the goal you want to work on.

In turn this will start to shift some of those negative ways of perceiving things and will you’ll most likely begin to look at life in a more positive and successful way.

Here you can choose which goal you would prefer to work with in life, as your hypnosis audio. 

They have over 1250 audios to choose from, and they are made by professional clinical hypnotherapists.

Many who have listened to hypnosis audios over the years, have found a profound transformation in their lives by the way they think and feel.

Focus on gratitude

Gratitude provides opportunities for us to cultivate a more positive mindset by recognizing and appreciating what we have in the moment.  

You can practice gratitude by sending out gratitude letters, by saying thank you more, by taking note of what you are grateful for at the moment, and a whole lot more. 

Gratitude is a powerful technique for changing your thought process.


Affirmations can also help you shift your thinking. 

Focus on creating positive ideas that you can express through affirmations and reinforce consistently.  

They help you get used to thinking and saying positive things about yourself and recognizing the positive aspects of different situations. 

At first, affirmations can feel a bit unnatural and mechanical, but as you practice more often, they begin to feel much more organic, and you will notice a happier shift in your feelings.

At first, affirmations can feel a bit unnatural and mechanical, but as you practice more often, they begin to feel much more organic, and you will notice a happier shift in your feelings.

Here is a guided meditation to help you along- 

Gratitude Guided Meditation | Positive Affirmations For Self Love and Personal Growth


Some forms of meditation, like loving kindness meditation, can help you train your mind to consider the positives. 

It provides you a space when you focus only on something pleasant or nice. 

For instance, with loving kindness meditation you focus on sending good wishes to other people. 

Meditation can provide a sense of calm and serenity that allows you to feel more positive about life and let go of the stuff that really isn’t important.

Why a positive attitude can change your life?

We have talked about the specific advantages of having a positive attitude. 

But going beyond that, we can say that a more optimistic approach can change your life around. 

It will affect the type of emotions you are most likely to feel and can make a difference in the way you perceive yourself, the world around, your future, your possibilities, and a whole lot more. 

positive mindset - Meditation Hypnosis - self-care tips

We tend to focus on the negative, and that really colors the view we have of everything, which, in turn, impacts our emotions and the decisions we make toward our future. 

If we see the world as a bleak place or see ourselves in a negative light, it really makes a difference not only in how we live our lives but also in how much we enjoy it or fail to enjoy it on a daily basis. 

Positivity helps you live your life with brighter colors, to find a lot more joy in small things, and just to feel more willing to face the world every day. 

It changes you on so……………many different levels.

How can positivity change the world?

The change associated with positive thinking can go beyond yourself and extend to your community. 

When you are happier and doing better, you are more equipped to support others and can spread this positive experience and positive vibrations across the community. 

When you become happier, you can help make others happier as well and create positive change in your community, your society, and ultimately even the world, even if it is just in a small part of it.

Negativity is contagious, but so is positivity.

positive mindset - Meditation Hypnosis - self-care tips

By improving your outlook, you can also change how you engage with the people around you – your family, your friends, your coworkers, etc., and perhaps even they start to see things in a happier perspective. 

Positivity can make a big difference for you, your life and your future and also for those who recognize and begin to share your outlook.

We hope we were able to help in some way showing you a few options, which could make that positive shift in your life?      Namaste 😊

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