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Meditation is a soulful practice that can literally be done anytime, anywhere. It doesn’t even need any special gear. 

Let’s face it, though. Meditation, especially for beginners, is more effective in the right environment. 

This is the reason why we enjoy lighting scented candles before our quiet sessions every morning.

The challenge though is how to find the best scented candles for meditation. 

That’s why we’ll review five of the bestsellers in the market right now.

Comparison Chart

Amorxia Scented Candles Gift
Thornwolf Scented Candles Gift Set for Women
Hausware Citronella Candles Scented Candles
CHAMBERY Aromatherapy Candle Gift Set

Best Scented Candles for Meditation: A Review

1. Amorxia Scented Candles Gift Set

Little is known about the company Amorxia. The only information we can get about them is that they specialize in candles, paraffin, and beeswax.

Their store is also sometimes known as Double Gift and they offer other candle gift sets via online marketplaces.

Among all their products, though, there was one in particular that caught our eye. It’s their eight-piece scented candle gift set for women.

It is an affordable option to get as a gift for someone special, especially during the holiday season.

It is also one of the best candles for meditation.


Each 4.4-ounce candle comes in a bohemian styled tin in eight different scents, namely secret mint, coffee, vanilla almond, wood sage, lavender, fig, lemon, and rose.

The tins are certainly reusable; in fact, we love using them to hold our succulents.

They also come in a stunning gift box that again, can be reused after you’ve burnt up all your candles.

Their candles are also made of soy wax and essential oils that are not only safer than paraffin but are also known to burn cooler and longer.

The only thing that we would want to improve on is the strength of the scent. 

They are very mild and almost unnoticeable even after a couple of hours of burning.

That’s why we recommend lighting one within arm’s reach from where you are meditating.


  • Eight candles included
  • Excellent, reusable packaging
  • Healthy ingredients used
  • Burn long


  • Really mild scent

2. Thornwolf Scented Candles Gift Set for Women

Just like Amorxia, there is very little known about Thornwolf as a company apart from the fact that they specialize in selling candles and different types of wax. 

They also offer four different types of scented candle gift sets. They offer a three-pack, eight-pack, nine-pack, and twelve-pack.

We’re going to focus on the eight-pack variant for the purposes of this article, though.

We believe that it is a good middle ground for people who enjoy candles but don’t want to get a nine or twelve-pack in case they didn’t enjoy the scents.

It also comes in a more affordable price compared to the three-pack.


Interestingly, their candles also come in reusable tins that look closely similar to Amorxia’s. 

Their candles also come in eight different scents: green tea, lavender, fig, coco cake, oolong milk tea, ponderosa pine, lemongrass, and coffee whiskey.

By the way, we find those with natural scents as the best candles for relaxation.

Their candles are also made of soy wax infused with natural ingredients that can burn for as long as 120 hours in total.

Finally, you can expect them to come in a stunning gift box, ready to be gifted to your loved ones. 

Please note that while this product is marketed towards women, their scents can certainly appeal to men as well, especially coffee whiskey. It has a masculine vibe to it.

Our only complaint is that these scents can be quite mild, especially when lit in a wider space. 


  • Eight candles included
  • Excellent, reusable packaging
  • Eco-friendly
  • Healthy ingredients used
  • Burn long


  • Really mild scent

3. Hausware Scented Candles Set

Hausware is another company with limited information online.

In fact, the only thing that we were able to find out about them is that they specialize in manufacturing candles: both battery-operated and actual ones, much like the set that we’ll feature today.

Their scented candle set is a four-piece pack of 4.4-ounce candles with a mid-range price tier marketed as a gift for both men and women alike.


The candle tin design actually reminds us of Amorxia’s and Thornwolf’s with their bohemian patterns.

However, unlike the previously featured product, Hausware’s tins only come in navy and white prints.

This makes it perfect for many spaces and peaceful home spas.

As for the candle scent, it’s citronella, which is a popular and very familiar scent, making them perfect for people who find complicated scents distracting during meditation.

The scent also makes them among the best candles for relaxation.

We also appreciate the size that the candles come in. The soy wax candles can burn for up to 95 hours a piece.

The only downside to this set is that Hausware didn’t really show what its gift box will look like.

Doing so would have been nice for people who are intending to give this away as a gift.


  • Reusable candle tins
  • Healthy ingredients used
  • Burns extra long
  • Familiar scent


  • Only four candles included
  • A bit expensive
  • Limited packaging information provided

4. Chambery Aromatherapy Candle Gift Set

Chambéry is a town in France known as being the “crossroads to the Alps.

Despite that, we have found no information about the company online at all, only that they are an online distributor of candles, candle sets, and candle-making kits.

We’ll focus on their aromatherapy candle gift set for this review, though.

It comes in three variants: floral, fruit, and ocean; and each comes with four candles in different fragrances.

We’ll explore each collection in a bit. Each set comes at a mid-range price, marketed as a gift set for your loved ones or as a giveaway for special occasions.

Each candle is also 4.2 oz each and can burn for up to 18 hours.


Anyway, let’s go back to the scents which are the main feature of these sets.

The floral set includes sweet French cade lavender, fresh wild bluebell, Mokara orchid, and lychee and tea.

The fruit set includes sweet strawberry, raspberry citrus, mango lassi, and lemon lavender.

Finally, the ocean set includes coconut breeze, Anegada walk, pink beach, and St. Lucia sunshine.

Like most of the previous sets we’ve featured, you can expect these candles to come in a tin and a stunning gift box.

What sets them apart is their pull tab mechanism. This means that they won’t come with a reusable cover.

They also don’t look as reusable as the other tin containers. They literally look like charming tuna tins.

We do enjoy their sweet scents, though, especially the ocean ones that are perfect to bring during quick beach retreats.

This factor of portability has gained them a spot among the best meditation candles.

As with all the other candles in our review, Chambery also used soy wax and lead-free cotton wicks.

The only difference is that some of their fragrances are synthetic and not natural.


  • Four set variants available
  • Portable
  • Healthy ingredients used


  • No tin covers included
  • Synthetic fragrances were used

Our Final Recommendations

You probably have an idea of which candle set to get already. As for us, we love all of them.

We wouldn’t have chosen to feature them in our review of the best scented candles for meditation otherwise.

Our absolute favorite, though, remains to be the Scented Candles Gift Set for Women by Amorxia [Amazon].

It comes with the most number of candles and scents. We love their packaging, especially those cute reusable tins.

They come at a great price too.

Our close second in our choice of best meditation candles is the Scented Candles Set by Hausware thanks to its extra-long burning time. 

You can’t beat the affordability of candles that burn for almost a hundred hours, after all.

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