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Best meditation chairs and cushions.  Is it a mediation cushion, a meditation seat, a meditation lounge, or a meditation bench?

Did you know that meditation is one of the best practices you can pick up.

It contributes to your health, both in terms of physical and mental well-being.
It provides a wide variety of benefits, such as a calmer mind, better attention and memory, more positive emotions and fewer negative ones, and a better health overall.

In general, you can meditate anywhere and in any situation, especially as you gain more experience.

However, if you are serious about meditation, you might need to get some supportive aids such as some equipment, not because it´s essential but because it will make the practice easier and more effective as well.

For example, you could use a seat option, such a s a meditation cushion, seat, chair, or bench.

Let’s look at the benefits of getting specialized furniture for meditation, in general.

Is there a reason in getting a meditation bench or a cushion if you can do this practice from your bed?

There are several reasons.

When we are starting a habit, it is easy enough to give it up if things get difficult. When we are starting out, we have a risk of dropping it before it becomes well-established. Things happen – we have a lot of work, we get sick, life gets in the way.

Buying a meditation seat allows you to show your commitment and provides another anchor for sticking with a habit. It also allows you to remember how good you feel after your meditation each time you sit on this piece of furniture, as you will want to come back more often, cause of the relaxed feeling of melting away that stress each time.

A dedicated meditation practice can help you take it to a whole other level.
It helps you take better care of your back and your body, on one hand, and on the other hand, it helps elevate the practice.

It becomes a little easier to immerse yourself fully in each meditation.

It’s not necessary to do it to integrate meditation, but when you can create dedicated spaces in your home, it elevates the meditation to a whole new level.

It becomes more a part of our lives, and we can integrate it into our daily routine.

A seat or cushion or chair that can be placed within the home helps set up a sacred space for creating your own private sanctuary.

Meditation seats allow you to avoid back problems, knee problems, and other health issues. While these are not necessarily a consequence of meditation, they can occur if we practice it in positions that are not healthy for our bodies or lack a comfortable place to do it.

So, there are quite a few benefits to having specialized furniture, but which option is the best?

Let’s examine the available products.
What can you find and use without spending in excess?

What are meditation cushions used for?
A meditation cushion seat is the simple and classic option. It is simply a special type of cushion that is designed specifically for people who practice meditation.

Indeed, this is the option that many schools of meditation use and that allow the traditional “lotus” pose.
You can also sit or kneel on the cushion.

The cushion provides support for your lower back and allows you to maintain a posture easier.
It is easy to move around, light, and also convenient, as it takes up only a little space.

Cushions are traditional and decorative. It is definitely better than meditating straight on the floor.
Not all cushions work for everyone.
Denser, heavier options tend to be better for beginners, as they provide better support.

However, cushions might not be the option for people with back pain or those who feel discomfort upon using them.

Here we have provided you with some of the cushions that we have used over time, what we found are that these supportive cushions are really great for smaller spaces and if you love being more on the floor than on a chair when practicing meditation. They come in a variety of colors and see which style and price point you think is tailored for your needs here.

Florensi Meditation Cushion (16"x16"x5")
  • We use high quality, made-to-last materials.
  • Our meditation cushion set is the perfect yoga meditation cushion for yoga and meditation practitioners.
  • Modeled after the traditional Japanese Zen meditation cushion, Florensis meditation cushion design is inspired by the mandala lotus flower.

You might ask what is a meditation chair, as they tend to be a little less well-known than the traditional cushions.

Meditation chairs are a more advanced option, but tend to work best for people who need more back support.

These are chairs with a particular shape and cushions.

They provide back support and allow the person, even a beginner, to hold the pose they choose for a long while without pain or discomfort.

The chairs are more comfortable, but also tend to be a bit more expensive.
However, they are usually more apt for beginners, as well as older adults and individuals who want to take good care of their back and legs.
They are quite comfy and also look very nice.

If you are thinking of going for a meditation chair, let me show you this one, it is truly an amazing chair, has lots of space for crossing your legs as well as keeping your back upright.

Yes this chair is on the pricey side, but let’s face it, it’s no ordinary mediation chair/ lounge, you could use this particular piece anywhere in the house, although you would want to make sure you can set it up in a place where you DO “have time to yourself to meditate” as this is the reason for this review right?

But you need to check it out, it looks so comfortable you could sit there for a while right and imagine melting all that stress away in this meditational lounge chair?

A meditation bench is a middle point between a bench and a chair.
It is a small bench, made of wood or plastic, that facilitates the kneeling position for meditation.

It distributes the weight in a comfortable way, reduces the discomfort, and it can also promote a proper posture.

The bench is a good option for more advanced meditators or people who struggle with the cushion due to back or knee pain. Benches with a higher seat can be appropriate even for people with knee problems.

The bench, in terms of pricing, tends to be between the cushion and the chair, providing a good middle ground.

However, it can take a while to get used to and might not be comfortable for all people.

So, how do you choose the best meditation cushions or chairs?
Which option works best?
It depends on several factors.
First, consider your favorite pose.
A cushion and a chair work best for a cross-legged position.

A cushion and a bench are better options if you prefer to kneel. This is the first element to take into account.

The second thing to consider is your budget.

A chair, for example, tends to have a higher cost.

If you are a beginner and not sure whether to invest a lot of money, a cushion or a bench would probably work better. However, if you are in for the long haul, you might want to focus on quality over price.

The next element to consider is whether you have back issues or knees problems or are likely to develop them.

A chair is the most comfortable spot that offers the most support for your back and body, while a bench can be a good option for a person with bad knees (when choosing one with a high seat).

Another issue that can be important is placing and decor.
Some homes can’t comfortably fit a chair or there might not be a quiet and peaceful place that is always available for meditation.

Portable options that can be folded and moved easily might work better in this situation.

Overall, meditation seats tend to be attractive and easily fit the decor of your house, as there is a wide variety of products, especially among cushions.
These products are designed for comfort and for facilitating a better spiritual practice and are usually quite appealing and varied.
You can always try and see what works for you and which seats allow you to be most comfortable.

Are meditation seats absolutely necessary?
Many people go without them with no trouble, but if you are serious about engaging in meditation and want it to become a regular, even a lifelong practice, it makes sense to turn it into something more comfortable and special.

And also if you are more comfortable in a particular space or piece of furniture you tend to use it more as well, so this may become your favorite piece and remind you to relax and let go each time you sit in this piece of furniture to meditate.

A seat is an easy change to make, but one that can help you feel more engaged.

It also makes sense to think about our back and knees, especially if we often experience discomfort or pain after meditating for longer periods.
Special furniture or cushions can help us take care of our physical and emotional well-being more effectively and provides for a good support for a regular meditation practice. While we can meditate from anywhere, if you use kneeling or the “lotus” position, it does take a toll, and many normal chairs, cushions, and beds do not provide enough back support.
Over time, this can build up and lead to detrimental effects.

There is a wide variety of options in regards to meditation seats. There are luxury options from premium materials and with a lot of decorative elements, but also simpler options that are also more affordable.

Good pieces can serve you for a very long time, and there are also benches and cushions that can be adjusted if necessary (in the case of a cushions, it is possible to add filling, for example).
I think it also depends not just on price but also the environment you want to create with colors and moods.

It is a purchase that is likely to last you a good while and make a difference in how you engage with meditation.

It allows you to focus on your practice instead of other things and can reinforce your commitment.

The more you meditate, the more benefits you are likely to accomplish.
We’d love to hear about what type of meditation furniture you use, cushion, seat or chair??

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