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Best Crystals And Stones For Protection Reviews

1. Tumbled Jet: Healing Stones
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Tumbled Jet: Healing Stones, Metaphysical Healing, Chakra Stones

Also known as black amber, lignite, or gem lignite, a jet stone is created when wood is compacted under pressure, then degrades over millions of years.

Jet gems are commonly colored black, but brown varieties do exist. It has been used in jewelry and decorations for several millennia and is a very good protection stone.


With innate energy that focuses on purification, jet goes well with practically all other protection stones. It’s said that one of the best ways to cleanse the energies of other protection stones and crystals is to place them together with pieces of jet.

It’s no surprise then that jet can complement any other stones in your medicine bag quite well.

The cleansing and purification properties can draw out and clear negative energies that tend to accumulate in the body.

Those prone to sudden bouts of negative emotion would be served well to carry a piece of jet with them. It helps calm down hyperactive emotions and is a great way to pacify unruly children.

In terms of healing, jet brings relief to those that suffer from anxiety and stress. Its tendency to draw out negative energies helps promote calm and serenity.

In terms of luck and wealth, it promotes clear thinking, allowing you to make more composed decisions. Jet is also known for activating the root chakra which is the chakra of stability and security.

The Tumbled Jet Healing Stone provides a selection of jet gemstones used to help balance your energy.

As it goes well with all other protection stones it’s great for those who already have a collection, or are seeking to start one. Sizes can vary, however, and sometimes stones can be scuffed in transit.


  • Cleanses and purifies other stones
  • Activates root chakra
  • Goes well with other protection stones
  • Promotes calm energies


  • Sizes may vary
  • Can sometimes arrive damaged
2. CrystalTears Obsidian Thumb Worry Stone
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CrystalTears Obsidian Thumb Worry Stone Chakra Healing Pocket Palm Stone

Before the invention of fidget spinners and stress balls, worry stones were used to help alleviate anxiety. Worry stones come in a variety of materials, each with varying energy levels.

The CrystalTears worry stone offers the obsidian variation, among others.


Black obsidian is created when molten lava is cooled very rapidly. This sudden extreme change in temperature creates volcanic glass that has been considered a gemstone for thousands of years.

Obsidian is another stone that activates a person’s root chakra. It’s a very energetic stone that allows one to connect with their deeper negative emotions.

Those that use an obsidian worry stone can draw out innate negative feelings like anger, greed, jealousy. This gives a person a chance to address these deep-seated emotions before they can fester and cause harm.

This release of negative energy promotes calm and security, though it can be an intense experience for those that aren’t ready for it.

Obsidian is a stone used to clear the energy pathways from negative blockages that tend to build up over time. As mentioned, this does come with a sudden rush of emotions that can be a bit disorienting.

CrystalTears offers a fine selection of these black obsidian worry stones, if they may be a bit pricey for those just starting a collection. It should also be noted that obsidian can be rather fragile, and can easily suffer cracks in transit.

Dropping an obsidian worry stone is something that you may want to avoid doing.


  • Clears negative energy blocks
  • Activates Root Chakra
  • Energetic protection stone


  • Can be disorienting
  • A bit pricey
  • Quite fragile
3. Smokey Quartz Crystal Point

Ranging in colors from practically transparent, to an almost opaque black or gray, smokey quartz has only recently become popular as a gemstone. In terms of being a protection stone, its energies have been common knowledge to ancient druids for thousands of years.

Smokey Quartz Crystal - positive mindset - Meditation Hypnosis

CircuitOffice 1 Pc Large Smokey Quartz Crystal Point (1.2" - 2.2") Rough Natural Smoky Wand Specimen


Containing high energy levels, yet still able to be used gently and slowly, smokey quartz is a great protection stone for grounding your aura.

Used in ancient druidic rituals, its ability to cleanse negative energies makes a great addition to any collection.

Like many protection stones, it activates the root chakra, promoting stability and calm. Its ability to ground a person’s aura makes it a great tool for those who enjoy meditation.

Also, it can help center the spirit and reduce or eliminate distractions clouding the mind. This is a great help for people seeking a calm environment.

Many use smokey quartz as a concentration aid to help increase awareness. As a protection stone, it also increases people’s perception, making them more cognizant of surrounding dangers.

Its dark color helps absorb negative energies, allowing them to dissipate over time.

It’s a great addition to any medicine bag, as it can be used very easily despite its high energy levels. It can be placed around the house to promote calm, or worn as jewelry to give one constant stability.

Like many crystals though, the size that one may get can vary. This often means that it may be a bit pricey for a smaller stone. It also tends to get scuffed in transit as it’s not the hardest stone around.


  • Gentle but high energy levels
  • Activates Root Chakra
  • Promotes clarity and awareness
  • Great for meditation


  • Sizes may vary
  • Can be pricey
  • Can get scratched in transit
4. CrystalTears Fluorite Self Standing Healing Crystal

With its myriad of colors, its rarity, and its ability to activate different chakras depending on hue, fluorite has always been a sought-after stone. This offering by CrystalTears offers the customer a wide selection to choose from.

crystaltears - positive mindset - Meditation Hypnosis

CrystalTears Fluorite Self Standing Healing Crystal Point Wand 3.15"-3.5" Faceted Prism Wand Reiki Stone Figurine


Throughout history, fluorite has been prized as a gemstone, and as a protection stone. With the many natural colors, it can activate a variety of the body’s chakras.

Depending on the color of your crystal, it can promote concentration, communication aid, or even allow better understanding and intuition. Rainbow fluorite can have a combination of such effects and is thus a great crystal to have.

Its intuitive properties have seen it used by Chinese mystics as a way to aid in lucid dreaming. It also promotes an ability to sense external negative forces, and actively tries to ward them off.

It helps clear surrounding energies that encourage lethargy and inactivity. People that tend to encounter a good deal of opposition can benefit greatly from having a piece of fluorite around.

The crystal is rather fragile though, so great care should be taken to prevent damage.

Also, its rarity can mean that it can be quite expensive, especially for new collectors. That said, it still makes a great addition to one’s medicine bag.


  • Highly intuitive energies
  • Activates various chakras
  • Wards off external negativity
  • Great for protection


  • Fragile
  • Rather pricey
5. Labradorite Palm Stone
labradorite - positive mindset - Meditation Hypnosis

LABRADORITE PALM STONE Crystal Healing Gemstone Worry Therapy Smooth Soap Shape

Also known as spectrolite, labradorite is a stone known to promote psychic intuition. Its ability to connect with both the Crown and Third Eye Chakra makes it a prized protection stone for even mild empaths.


It’s said that everyone is born with the ability to use their third eye, and labradorite helps a person direct their energies that way.

Meant to promote strength, intuition, and self-transformation, it can provide its owner with a great deal of spiritual and physical awareness.

The properties of labradorite have made it one of the more mystical protection stones available. It can block negative energies from affecting both the physical and spiritual bodies.

This also comes with the added benefit of preventing the energies of your aura from leaking.

Because of its connection to the mystical, labradorite can be rather intimidating to some. It’s a great protection stone, but it does take a while to get used to it.

Those who adapt to the energies that it brings could well find a protection stone they may not be willing to part with.


  • Promotes intuition and strength
  • Activates the Crown and Third Eye Chakra
  • Powerful protection stone


  • Takes a while to get used to
  • Can be intimidating

Final Verdict

Whether you’re just starting, or have a collection of protection stones already in your medicine bag, the Tumbled Jet Healing Stone is a surefire winner.

With its ability to complement all other protection stones, along with its properties of cleansing and purification, it’s a stone that no avid holistic advocate should be without.

A lot of other protection stones may give a myriad of benefits, but the Jet gemstone augments and enhances their abilities.

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