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Best Crystals For Protection

Many of us love to use crystals in so many different ways. 

Some of us like to decorate our personal space with them. Others like to wear them in jewelry or as a protective shield,for setting intentions, to clear aura, help in relaxing the mind for a soothing sleep, in feng shui for flow within the house.  

And many use them in a chakra balancing meditation or keeping them in the car, and so much more.

Let’s face it, they are wonderful natural gifts inspired by mother earth, and they come in so many beautiful colors and shapes.

These ancient stones and crystals, inspired by centuries of folklore, magic, mysticism, and power, continue to amaze us even today. 

Some of their stunning colors gleam in the sunlight and make us feel like we’re part of this whole cosmos, embracing contentedness.

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While others, with their deep rich hues transport us back to history and ancient civilizations.

Certain protection crystals are known for their metaphysical powers since they are said to contain potent positive energy, which is grounding, providing a shield of spiritual protection and boosts our well-being.

Many use a crystal or two for protection from negative energy. 

This can be used in a variety of ways, such as psychic protection from psychic attacks, clear negativity to help protect from bad vibes, instilling a soothing peace of mind and emotional balance of body, mind, and spirit.

Using crystals for protection in our own homes may help us recognize how essential it is to have nurturing energy and an all-empowering space where we can unwind, recharge our batteries, get a good night’s sleep and disconnect from the world.

All this can be felt when we use crystals for protection as they enhance the spiritual feeling of health and wellness all around us.

As you can see there are so many ways we can benefit from these beautiful crystals

But today, we’ll focus on some of the best crystals and stones for protection, whether in the home environment or wearing them.

1. Jet - Protection From Negativity.

With jet, it’s been known to purify our energy and protect from harmful energy in the four main focus point of life; the body, heart, mind and spirit. Also other spiritual areas of protection within the home and car.

Also known as black amber, lignite, or gem lignite, a jet stone, is created when the wood is compacted under pressure, then degrades over millions of years.

Jet gems are commonly black, but brown varieties do exist. Used in jewelry and decorations for several millennia and is an excellent protective stone from negative energy.

With innate energy that focuses on purification, jet goes well with practically all other spiritual protection crystals and stones. It’s said that one of the best ways to cleanse the energies of other stones and crystals for protection is to place them together with pieces of jet.

It’s no surprise then that jet is a versatile stone with many uses, not just protection from negative energy. 

The cleansing and purification properties can clear any negative energy that tends to accumulate within the chakra centers of the body.

Those prone to sudden bouts of negative emotion or stress may benefit wearing or carrying a  piece of jet.

People also use it as a grounding stone, reminding them to soothe any hyperactive emotional outbursts and ground themselves back to a healthy state of mind.

Jet Tumble Stone (20-25mm) - Pack of 10

In terms of healing crystals, jet brings metaphysical relief to those that suffer from anxiety and stress.

The suppliers have packs of 1/ 5 or 10
They don’t cost much with the 10 pack anyway
as they are great to use in different parts of the home and for chakra balancing

Its tendency to draw out negative energy helps promote calm and serenity.

In terms of luck and wealth, it promotes clear thinking, allowing us to make more composed and positive decisions. 

Jet is also known for activating the root chakra, which is the chakra of stability and security.

The jet healing stone used to help balance positive energy around where it is needed most.

As it goes well with all other stones and crystals for protection, it’s excellent for those who already have a collection, or are seeking to start one. 

Sizes can vary, however, and sometimes stones can be scuffed in transit, but this does not affect the energy itself.

Home Environment– Usually placed in the southwest corner of a room, in front of windows or doors, behind furniture and beds.

2. Obsidian Stone

With the invention of fidget spinners and stress balls, worry stones were used to help alleviate anxiety. 

Worry stones also known as thumb stones, come in a variety of crystals and stones, each with varying energy levels for different purposes in life.

Here is a great metaphysical protection kit and it doesn’t just contain obsidian. Some of the other stones are Fluorite, Quartz, Selenite, Tourmaline and others. Check it out and see what you think?

Here is a very popular pocket sized energy stone

Premium Grade Crystals and Healing Stones for Protection EMF in Wooden Box– Obsidian, Fluorite, Malachite, Hematite, Amethyst, Tree Agate, Quartz, Selenite, Tourmaline Gemstones + Info Guide

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Oval Worry Stones,Palm Pocket Energy Stone, Healing Crystal with Velvet Bag,
Black Obsidian

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Black Obsidian is created when molten lava is cooled very rapidly. This sudden extreme change in temperature creates volcanic glass that has been considered a gemstone for thousands of years.

Obsidian is another stone that activates a person’s root chakra. It’s a very energetic stone that allows us to connect with deeper negative emotions of one’s self.

Those that use a black obsidian worry stone can draw out innate negative feelings like anger or jealousy. 

This gives a person a chance to address these deep-seated emotions before they can fester.

This release of negative energy promotes calm and security, though it can be an intense experience for those that aren’t ready for it.

Black Obsidian is a stone used to clear the energy pathways from negative blockages that tend to build up over time. 

As mentioned, this can come with a sudden rush of emotions that could be a bit overwhelming.

Home Environment– Black obsidian stones can be placed on windowsills or near doors to keep out negative influences from entering the home, as well as under computer screens and television sets to deflect electromagnetic currents that may cause problems with these devices. 

Some suppliers offer a fine selection of these black obsidian worry stones. It should also be noted that obsidian can be somewhat fragile and can easily suffer cracks in transit.

3. Smokey Quartz

This particular crystal quartz can range in colors from practically transparent to an almost opaque black or gray. 

Smoky quartz is one that only recently became popular as a gemstone. In terms of being part of the protective crystal group, its energy has been common knowledge to ancient druids for thousands of years.

Containing high energy levels of power, yet still able to be used gently and slowly. Smoky quartz is good as a shield for spiritual protection from negative energy and also for grounding aura.

When used in ancient druidic rituals, this quartz is one to cleanse and shield negative energies, makes a great addition to any metaphysical toolkit.

Like many protection stones, it activates the root chakra, promoting stability and calm. Its ability to ground a person’s aura makes it an excellent tool for those who enjoy meditation, chakra balancing and feng shui.

Here is a smokey quartz wand

Here is a lovely 2 piece stretch bracelet set of smokey quartz. These suppliers also have other varieties of crystal bracelets

Large Natural Smoky Quartz Healing Crystal Wand, 3.9"-4.3" (10-11cm) Crystal Tower 6 Faceted Single Point Crystal Prism Wand Natural Stones for Healing Meditation Reiki Chakra Therapy

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Natural Bead Bracelet Semi Precious Gemstone Beaded Bracelet for Women Healing Crystal Stone Stretch Bracelet Men Couple Bracelets (2pcs,6-8mm/8-10mm)

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Also, it’s been known to help center one’s self and reduce or eliminate distractions clouding the mind. This is a great help for people seeking a calm environment in the house.

Many use smoky quartz as a concentration aid to help increase awareness. It also increases people’s perception as a protective crystal, making them more conscious of  bad vibes.

Using these protection crystals against the negative energies, aids in peace of mind. 

Its dark color helps absorb negative energy, allowing the negative energy to dissipate.

This crystal is a must-have for any holistic healing practitioner. 

It’s known as a very powerful crystal but can be controlled easily with just one focused and firm intention.

Home Environment– This quartz can be placed inside the front door of your house, shop, or office space, even in the car. 

Place it on shelves near entryways so that its calming energy will seep into every aspect throughout daily life. 

Like many crystals, though, the size will vary. It also tends to get scuffed in transit as it’s not the hardest stone around.

4. Fluorite Crystal

With its myriad of colors, its rarity, and its ability to activate different chakra energy centers depending on hue, fluorite has always been a sought-after stone. 

Throughout history, fluorite has been prized as a gemstone and also used as protection crystals from negative influences. 

With the many natural colors, it can activate a variety of the the body’s chakra centers, when doing a healing chakra meditation.

Depending on the color of your crystal, it can promote concentration,  communication aid, or even allow better understanding and power intuition in life.

Rainbow fluorite can have a combination of such effects and is  an excellent crystal to own.

Here is a very popular 7 piece healing wand set which includes not only rainbow fluorite but also Black obsidian and other stones that can be used for other intention and metaphysical techniques

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7 PCS Healing Crystal Wands | 2" Amethyst, Rose Quartz, Clear Quartz, Black Obsidian, Green Fluorite, Lapis Lazuli, Rainbow Fluorite| 6 Faceted Reiki Chakra
Meditation Therapy

Some fluorite crystals have magnificent hues of purple, blue and green colors throughout.

It’s intuitive properties have seen it used by Chinese mystics as a way to aid in lucid dreaming.

It also promotes an ability to sense external negative vibes and actively tries to ward them off.

It helps clear surrounding energies that encourage a healthy mindset away from lethargy and inactivity.

People that tend to encounter a good deal of opposition can benefit greatly from having a piece of fluorite around.


Home Environment– The soothing sound of the crystal’s melody will help you find your center and emerge feeling balanced. 

Place it on a coffee table or next to a meditation space as an elegant and vibrational piece from Mother Nature.

A calming energy radiates off this faceted gemstone that can work its way into any room with ease and beauty! 

Not only does fluorite restore order when placed in homes, but it also brings harmony by filling each corner peacefully – creating peace from chaos

The crystal is somewhat fragile, though, to help protect it from damage, great care should be taken. 

Also, its rarity can mean that it can cost more than some other crystals on the market, especially for new collectors.

That said, it still makes a great addition to any collection of crystals and stones.

5. Labradorite

Also known as spectrolite, labradorite, is a stone known to promote psychic intuition. Its ability to connect with both the Crown and Third Eye Chakra makes it a prized protection stone for anyone.

It’s said that everyone is born with the ability to use their third eye, and labradorite helps a person focus and fine tune their psychic energy toward their intentions.

Meant to promote strength, intuition, and self-transformation. It can provide its owner with a  great deal of spiritual and physical awareness.

The properties of labradorite have made it one of the more mystical protection stones available.

It can block negative energies from both the physical and spiritual bodies.

Because of its connection to the mystical, labradorite can be somewhat intimidating to some.

It’s an excellent protection stone, but it does take a while to get used to it.

7 Pcs Healing Crystal Wands with Gift Box 2.2" Amethyst Rose Quartz Clear Quartz Tiger Eye Obsidian Fluorite Labradorite Point Set Natural Reiki Chakra Stones Decor
for Home Desk Office

Home Environment– Labradorite is often a perfect choice for those looking for a crystal to bring more balance and peace throughout the household.

Here is a 7 piece wand set which includes a labradorite. You can always purchase a singular crystal on its own at various suppliers, but having a nice collection of various crystals are great for a metaphysical toolkit and when setting different intentions.

See what works best for you?

Specifically with feng shui beliefs in mind (and not just because it’s southwest side), placing this stone in any part of the home will help to decrease anxiety while also enhancing energy flow around all areas–especially when placed near entryways or bedrooms!

Those who adapt to the energies that it brings could well find a protection stone they may not be willing to part with.

6. Black Tourmaline For Protection

Even though this one comes from the tourmaline family, where there are different variations in colors, black tourmaline seems to be one of the most sought-after crystals in mineral collecting.

They can be very shiny and are perfectly shaped from nature itself.

Metaphysical properties of the black tourmaline are known for promoting a healthy mood, helping to detox from heavy metals and environmental pollutants.

Most commonly used as protection against negativity in any uncomfortable environment,  this stone acts like armor when you need it most!

We had to show you these lovely pieces of natural black tourmaline pendants 

Here are also some raw pieces of black tourmaline which are also popular. If you prefer to use them in different parts of the home, there are 3 different amounts of raw tourmaline you can purchase here

2 Pieces Natural Black Tourmaline Crystal
Necklace Hand Braided Chakra Gemstone
Pendant Necklace for Men Women

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1/2 lb Rough Black Tourmaline Crystals - Raw Natural Black Tourmaline Stones Bulk - Crystal Healing - Cabbing Cutting Lapidary
Tumbling and Polishing

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Home Environment– Black tourmaline is perfect for those times when you need to cleanse and protect your home. 

Place the crystal in an area that will be nearest or close by, like near a window or door where air flow can reach it easily.

Black Tourmaline is also an excellent stone for grid work. Place one in each corner of your house, either inside or outside, to provide protection and keep energies flowing smoothly within its boundaries.

7. Selenite For Protection

Selenite properties from a metaphysical level have been used for deep peace and enhanced meditation practice. 

It can be used for other spiritual work, helps with clarity to see the deeper picture in your life’s journey by removing any confusion from the mind 

It’s interesting to learn how some of our beautiful crystals are formed, here is more information you can read on selenite.

Home Environment– Selenite is a mineral that has many different uses for protection and well-being. 

We found a really popular and extremely  useful kit which includes different shapes and cuts of selenite  which can be used as palm stone, massage wands, tower and more.

This kit is also perfect for grid work and don’t forget this crystal is great for recharging your other crystals and stones you need to check out this kit for sure

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Selenite Protection Collection: 1.5-2" Sticks (17-20 pcs), Palm Stone, Heart, Tower, 8" Stick, 5.5" Massage Wand, Desert Rose Stone, Educational ID Card, Healing, Balance Chakras, Good Energy

It’s also said to cleanse unwanted energies from your surroundings, making it perfect in any environment!

Final Take

Whether you’re just starting to use crystals for protection, or already have a collection of crystals for protection from negative energy, already in your metaphysical toolkit, the Jet protection stone could be a surefire winner. 

It has the ability to complement all other protection crystals and stones, along with its properties of cleansing and purification.

It’s a piece that no avid holistic advocate should be without.

A lot of other protection stones may give a myriad of benefits, but the Jet gemstone seems to enhance all of those abilities.

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