Abundance Crystals: Top 3 Stones that Attract Prosperity

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Since early childhood, many of us have internalized the belief that we don’t deserve it all.

That we are not smart enough, pretty enough, hardworking enough, capable enough…you get the idea.

However, those who intentionally manage to make a mindset shift and start believing that they do deserve everything they want are often amazed at what they can attract.

Once you start believing that things are happening for you -not to you- you will open up to attracting more abundance, wellness, and prosperity.

Whether we call it the law of attraction, intention setting, or manifestation, understanding that we are worth so much more than we give ourselves credit for is a powerful energy that can attract more abundance into our life.

Many people use crystals as allies in manifesting abundance and prosperity.

The manifesting process starts with intention setting.

How to Manifest Abundance with Crystals?

Sit peacefully and start meditating.

Holding these beautiful abundance crystals in your hands can help you manifest pure focus towards abundance.

Mindfully focus on what you want to attract.

It is equally important to visualize the way you want to feel in the process of creating your manifestation.

Try being specific about your abundance manifestations because your subconscious mind will demonstrate only explicit requests.

Crystals have been known since ancient times for their healing properties.

They are beautiful amplifiers that can help you set the intention to attract success –whether you want to make money, find love, or attract health abundantly.

Here are the top 3 Crystals to keep on hand when you want to manifest Prosperity and Abundance.

1. Citrine: Abundance in Every Form

Usually pale yellow, Citrine has a deep spiritual meaning –symbolizing abundance and joy.

This beautiful stone belongs to the quartz family.

Citrine is a wonderful stone to project and amplify your intentions, transmitting energy to bring the desired things in your life.

This fabulous crystal is also known as the Merchant’s Stone because of its property to transfer energies quickly.

Since ancient times, it has been a powerful magnet for wealth and prosperity.

Citrine is one of the best crystals for activating the solar plexus chakra, increasing your ability to manifest things you want.

Solar plexus chakra is located at the top of the head.

It is a source of energy and a getaway to the profound dimensions of self.

Citrine activates the crown chakra –enhancing your intuition, spiritual connection with your higher self and the Universe.

You can easily include Citrine in your daily routine as this stone is affordable (depending on the stone and cut you get) and easily accessible.

Whether you choose to wear Citrine as a part of your jewellery, carry it in your pocket, or place it on your office desk, this crystal can help you manifest the abundance that you deserve.

Sprinkle Your Home and Office with Citrine

To attract positive energy and abundance to your personal and professional life, surround yourself with Citrine in your home and office.

Cleanse your citrine crystals and then arrange citrine patterns on your office desk, nightstand, or any other furniture piece in your living and working space.

Citrine will radiate positive energy and clear your space, at the same time protecting you and your space.

Citrine’s powerful healing properties can revitalize you when you feel drained after a long day at work.

This stone has been known to help recharge your batteries, prevent fatigue, and boost your vitality and energy level.

Also called the “Wishing Tree,” this crystal bonsai tree fills your space with positivity for its healing and energizing properties. 

You can have it in your living or working space for fortune and wealth.

This tree is also used for Chakra Crystal healing meditations.

You’ll feel joyful immediately just being close to or holding it.

Citrine brings enthusiasm, wonder, and joy in every aspect of your life.

It’s been known to help with releasing negative traits and emotions like fear and anxiety that may otherwise affect your work performance and happiness.

Place this Citrine tree in your living room or work desk for clarity and motivation to feel more energized to take on whatever life throws at you.

Plus, the Citrine crystal promotes mindfulness, improving concentration and creativity.

Hold it and really feel more present.

It may help you appreciate your world and everything about your life. 

Citrine has been known as the manifestation stone.  

It doesn’t only improve your life outlook but also encourages you to dream big and work towards your goals with vigor and energy (so it’s great to keep this around your home office space.) 

Having this crystal tree around, you’ll also be mindful to walk through life with more gratitude.

 Citrine Jewellery for Your Job interview or the First Date

Citrine has been used to help you feel more self-assured and capable, stimulating your energy so that others will find you magnetic.

Going out for a first date?

Wear a citrine pendant necklace that draws out the negative and in with the positive in your life.

The calming properties of citrine lets you feel your emotions and thoughts, while illuminating everything to get a clear picture if this man/woman is right for you or not (as you connect with your intuitive side with the citrine.)

Citrine gives you a (feeling) warning when your date might not be right  for you, helping you make a good decision.

It also encourages you to maintain a positive attitude during interviews, keeping you optimistic during a tough situation.

This crystal also invites comfort and love especially if you feel it’s lacking in your relationship.  

It also helps you and your partner reach an understanding for your differences.

Having a job interview?

Don’t let your fears ruin your chances of landing your dream job!

Whatever your concerns are, this stone will clear your energy space and metaphysically attract the right job for you.

Wear this stone of abundance and you may find more luck on your path and destiny.

The pendant necklace is a wisdom stone that people usually wear to bring them good fortune.

For the best results, wear it on the higher chakra to bring home the bacon. 

Practice the mantra, “Give me the luck, wit, and self assurance to win this job interview and receive the offer.”

Meditating with Citrine

However, the best way to manifest abundance with Citrine’s energy is to meditate with this powerful stone.

Hold it in your hands or place it on your solar plexus chakra and repeat your abundance affirmation.

Visualize your affirmation coming true and let your positive emotions wash over you.

Many Reiki healers also use citrine to help alleviate anxiety and depression.

If you are feeling down or hopeless, try meditating with Citrine to restore optimism.

2. Clear Quartz: Sending Intention Out Into the World

Throughout history, Clear Quartz or Crystal Quartz has been known as the “master healer.”

This stone has the power to amplify your thoughts, draw off negative energy, and balance your emotions, mental health, and spiritual being.

Since ancient times, people have believed that Clear Quartz has the power to enhance spiritual abilities, boost memory, and improve concentration.

Clear Quartz is all about clarification and amplification, so it can help raise your vibration, gain clarity, and manifest anything you want to achieve.

Although it primarily resonates with the crown chakra, Clear Quartz also harmonizes all the chakras and brings the body into balance.

This stone is one of the best crystals for manifestation –program your Crystal Quartz with abundance intentions and this will amplify vibrational energy and focus within you.

Placed together with other crystals, Clear Quartz can boost their energy too.

Wear Clear Quartz Jewellery to Enhance Intuition

One of the best ways to utilize the amplifying powers of Clear Quartz in everyday life is to wear it as some type of jewellery or talisman around the neck.

A Crystal Quartz necklace or bracelet may be an excellent way to stay protected and foster your inner wisdom and sensitivity.

Wearing this stunning crystal as jewellery can cultivate mental clarity, amplify your intentions, and energize your physical and energetic bodies.

It can protect you energetically, purify and balance your chakras.

Give yourself or loved ones the powerful healing properties of this gemstone pendant necklace. It is the perfect gift for a birthday, anniversary, or any special occasions.

Clear quartz, often called the master crystal can promote the general well-being of the wearer.

It’s also ideal for wearing with other crystals because it can amplify their calming and healing properties.

This natural gemstone can also make you feel more aware about yourself and your surroundings in general.

As it also promotes mental clarity, this can keep you alert and active, while also focused all day and at all consciousness levels.

If you’re looking to transmit, amplify or store positive energy, wear a clear quartz.

It can keep you stay positive in all situations and attract good things your way.

It also helps you achieve mental clarity, keeping you focused on your dreams instead of the obstacles and challenges you encounter towards your goals.

You can bring about your dreams into reality with this pendant necklace. It keeps you clear about what you desire and energized to do the work. 

You might also want to know that this crystal is a manifestation gemstone that activates and energizes your energy centers.

And when programmed with your intentions, it can help you achieve your soul’s purpose.

Reflect all energies with this stone necklace that purifies and cleanses, while also clarifying your intentions to the world. 

When Meditating with Clear Quartz

Meditation with crystals has been practiced in cultures worldwide for thousands of years.

To fully manifest what you want to achieve, meditate with your Clear Quartz.

Peacefully sit with your Clear Quartz stone, quiet your thoughts, and attune your mind to its energy, just focus purely on its energy and the feeling you get when you are attuned with your special stone.

It can help you switch off day-to-day distractions, clear your mind, and amplify your inner wisdom –making meditation much more effective.

Surround yourself with quartz crystals! Use them as a home décor, like in your flowerpot, fish tank or garden.

Clear quartz has been known as the master healer of all crystals.

It can amplify your thoughts and energy and can be used with other crystals like rose quartz to amplify the effects.

Having these natural stones in your living space, you can ensure regulating, releasing, storing, and absorbing energy. 

If you’re experiencing lack of energy, decorate your space with clear quartz that can also revitalize and balance spiritual, emotional, mental, and physical planes.

They can also deep clean your soul and connect your mind and body. 

With these crystals, you can also enhance your psychic abilities, unlock memory, and improve concentration.

The stones can also harmonize all chakras while aligning subtle energetic vibrations. 

They can also amplify your energy through regulating, storing, absorbing, and releasing it, giving you a productivity boost for your success.

The master healer stones are also the most versatile among crystals.

You can have them around in your workspace or living room, as they can attune all the members of your family to their higher selves and strengthen the aura.

3. Tiger’s Eye: Bringing Dreams to Life

Hues of golden and brown embrace this powerful stone, known for its ability to turn dreams into reality.

Tiger’s Eye is a crystal that can encourage you to make the right decisions, let go of negative self-thoughts, and is said to ease anxiety.

 It nurtures clear thinking, willpower, and courage.

This crystal is associated with the lower chakras: the root chakra, the sacral chakra, and the solar plexus chakra –energizing the emotional body and bringing good luck to the person who wears it.

Tiger’s Eye has the metaphysical power to stabilize mood swings, promote balance and harmony and increase mental clarity, helping you consider different perspectives and resolve your problems objectively.

It is famed for its motivational force.

Tiger’s Eye can stimulate action-taking behaviors, helping you think outside the box and make sound decisions.

It promotes assertiveness which will help you stand for yourself and express your opinion. 

Wear Tiger’s Eye jewellery and meditate with it to release tension and immerse your spirit with willpower, confidence, and courage.

It’s also a stone that people keep in their home to increase energy in the living space and protection from any negative vibes.

Tiger’s Eye is widely used in Feng Shui to bring a Zen-like feeling into homes.

This gemstone decoration also promotes Reiki healing and Chakra balancing.

And if you’re in a managerial position, this lucky figurine is an excellent Feng Shui decoration that promotes job stability.

It works well with the solar plexus, sacral, and base chakras, helping you make informed decisions with objectiveness and stimulates interventions.

If you’re an artist, you can also enhance creativity with this stone around.

It also aids in spiritual healing and developing one’s psychic abilities.

You might want to get this if you tend to criticize your actions or question your abilities and self-worth.

It’s also been used to eliminate any feelings of not being good enough or worthy of good things to come into your life.

When Meditating with Tiger’s Eye

To focus on manifesting abundance and prosperity, include Tiger’s Eye in your Meditation practice.

This stone can help align your vibration to enhance the meditation experience.

It can help let go of your fears, increase intuition, and attune to the energy of the Universe.

You can incorporate abundance crystals in your daily life by including them in your meditation.

You can place them alongside your daily writing journal to help you focus with pure intention and setting higher vibrational energy towards your goals.

Use it as talisman, thumb stone or just as a beautiful peace within your home environment as symbols of your desired energetic field.

It has a mystical quality besides clearing and protective properties.

You can also use this stone to amplify the energies from other stones and crystals, like Citrine and quartz.

You might choose to use all 3 of the above as these powerful healing stones can help elevate your energy, raise your vibration, manifest your desire, and attract prosperity and opulence into your life.

So, we’d love to hear on how you use your beautiful stones and the amazing energy shifts you receive from them. J

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