5 Magnetic Ways to Attract a Loving and Supportive Partner

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positive mindset - Meditation Hypnosis

Love is in the air. Singles are on the lookout for a match. But while anyone can go out looking for that special someone any time of the year, there’s just something special about February – or what we all like to call the “love month.”

But isn’t it all a little too cliché to look for the perfect someone? Other than that, isn’t it all too unrealistic? There have been far too many books and movies about finding love outside and very little about finding love within!

From the countless stories of failed relationships and lonely people left wanting, it turns out the answers have been lying within you all along – To love another wholeheartedly, you need first learn to love yourself.

We’re might be particularly lonesome on Valentine’s day since we rely too much on looking for another person to fill the emptiness inside of us. Only when we’ve learned to truly respect and love our self will we be ready to give love to another person. 

To begin the journey to that open and loving space, here are five super magnetic ways that we can integrate to attract a loving and supporting partner.

1. Write In An Intentions Journal

positive mindset - Meditation Hypnosis - self-care tips

Law of Attraction Planner - Undated Deluxe Weekly, Monthly Planner, a 12 Month Journey to Increase Productivity & Happiness - Life Organizer, Gratitude Journal, and Stickers​

Gather a notebook, a pen, and your emotions because it’s time to jot down your intentions! 

In the same way, making a to-do list helps you get through tasks, writing down your intentions in a journal is the first step towards personal priorities.

Intentions are more focused on changing mindsets and long-term results. They’re different from goals that rely on results and rewards.

This is why we are going to mention one of our favorite journals as it really encompasses all different phases of your life really, as it focuses not only on your goals but it also shows you on how to live and be the best version of yourself…..that is your new self.

Law of Attraction Planner embraces the mind/body and soul integration whilst honing in to the law of attraction.

It has different tools and techniques you can use to bring about the law of attraction into your life whilst showing you how to live the best version of yourself and to rid any old self sabotaging behaviors and bring about more mindful practices to empower YOU.

It’s a weekly, monthly planner journal which is not dated which means you don’t need to wait to the NYear, you can start your diarizing journey right now.

It talks about bringing in the BIG goals as well as being happy and knowing how to manage your time better to maximize the best mileage out of your day.

As anyone who uses a daily journal to their maximum benefit knows that it also helps with reducing the anxiety and knows how to manage the stress levels better as well.

But this one has a section on “how to master the art of stress” which is great, as we all could use some extra tips on how to do this right??

Not to mention there’s a section on overwhelm- well this is a great section when you are doing something totally new and you just need to sometimes stop and take a breath and really refocus and stretch your mind into “knowing YOU CAN do this”, cause we know you can!

This diary is gender free and occupation free as it comes in a variety of lovely covers.

It does have a money back guarantee.

BTW it also has a whole section/map on how to stop that procrastination once and for all and get on with your goals.

Oh and I nearly forgot to mention one of my all time favorite sections is that it comes with a fold out vision board , so anywhere you go it’s there for you staring you in the face and telling you………………….yes you can magnetize the life you want………..in this life.

So check it out here to see what you think, hoping you’ll love it as much as we do.

positive mindset - Meditation Hypnosis - self-care tips

Law of Attraction Planner - Undated Deluxe Weekly, Monthly Planner, a 12 Month Journey to Increase Productivity & Happiness - Life Organizer, Gratitude Journal, and Stickers

Because your intentions are supposed to help change your general outlook in life, it’s essential to re-phrase and re-invent the usual statements.

Instead of telling yourself to “lose twenty pounds before February,” instead, you can say, “I want to eat healthier food.” 

This sheds a more positive light on your well-being because it sounds more patient and understanding. 

Remember the more you learn to love yourself the better results you will receive, as you really don’t want those self sabotaging blocks like “I hate the way I look”, instead you could be saying something like I am loving the way I look each and every day towards my journey.

You must look deep into yourself and ask the right questions. Where do I want to be in five years? Do I feel confident in my skin? Is there something I want to pursue beyond my career? Don’t hold back from asking yourself these questions – but don’t beat yourself up for it either! Remember, the key to setting intentions is to be kind to yourself. Address your weakness while encouraging your strengths.

Once you’ve figured out the answers to these questions, you can start creating your own little mantra – which is really just an intention written as a short statement.

This will be easy to recite in case you need reminding. A brief, wholehearted sentence that’s full of good intentions for your well-being is bound to fill you up with a glow that’s just oozing with self-love.

Once you do this as your positive little ritual, you will see how you become a magnet to attracting love into your life as well.

On days when you slip up in line with your intentions, remember to be kind to yourself. Mistakes are inevitable and they help us to learn and steer us more towards the right direction, and becoming the best version of yourself takes practice. Instead of scolding yourself, thank yourself for trying and keep moving forward.

And if you are in the “soul seeking stage” and still asking a lot of questions within yourself about yourself then perhaps this 365 day soul therapy journal might be just what you need for now to support you through different stages in your life.

positive mindset - Meditation Hypnosis - self-care tips

Soul Therapy: A 365 day journal for self exploration, healing and reflection

This is a guided journal with prompts it will assist you with self exploration, healing and self reflection, with various quotes, questions for self reflection, it has soulful motivation and lots of pages to write in.

So if this is you right now- check this one on Amazon instead.

The patience and gratitude you show to yourself will resonate with the people around you. Not only is this refreshing, but it’s also quite attractive! Self-gratitude and positivity do bring out the best in us – mentally, spiritually, and physically. Without even looking for them, a loving partner may show up in your life – Valentine’s Day or not.

2. Seek out crystals that emanate vibrations of love and being loved

The human mind is vast and powerful but is not without its limits. 

Often, our minds get clouded in distractions, doubts, and fears – making us forget the intentions we’ve set for ourselves. 

Our minds’ duality being powerful and vulnerable is what makes us human, so we’re constantly seeking out some type of universal or spiritual help.

For as long as humans have existed, the stuff that the earth provides has always been the most reliable. Modern technology and pharmaceutical advancements have tried to debunk the power of natural-forming crystals, but its spiritual advantages are undeniably useful. It may not be a cure-all to all mind ailments, but the energies they emanate are a big help in meditating – which we rarely find time to do in our day to day lives.

Ok so I know we are talking about crystals in this section, but I just had to add this amazing rose and vanilla scented candle, cause let’s face it how can you have crystals near you without having the spiritual essence of a beautiful candle to complete your love spell sanctuary right?

This sanctuary is to create not only your ultimate partner in life, but it can also represent the love you need to nurture yourself prior to bringing in a new relationship.

Anything you need to let go of? From your past, any hurts, any regrets any sadness.

All emotional baggage you do not want to bring into to your new relationship, get rid of it all so you can bring in NEW energy for a beautiful NEW relationship.

self-care tips - self care advice

Spiritual Scents Love Spell Vanilla Rose Scented Soy Wax Candle with Dried Petals and Rose Quartz/Manifest Love/Attract SELF-Love, Friendship, Peace, Love

Ok this is not just a rose and vanilla candle it also has beautiful rose petals on top of the candle and also comes with a rose quartz crystal ready for your magnetizing that loving partner you want to attract into your life.

So if you’re looking into attracting more love into your life, one of your best bets can be a Rose Quartz. In the world of crystals and meditation, note that chakra refers to the centers of spiritual power in your body. The Rose Quartz is known to be a stone that resonates with your heart chakra – encouraging a healthy flow of love while helping you get rid of past emotional baggage that ways down your energy to attract the right partner.

Nowadays, it’s very easy to find crystals. You can choose to put a Rose Quartz wand up on your desk or wear one as a necklace. Besides Rose Quartz, other love-attracting crystals include Moonstone, Amethyst, and Lapis Lazuli. They focus on different chakra areas in your body and help you clear cloudy thoughts and dissipate some of those emotional toxins.

3. Meditate to let go of the toxic stuff

self-care tips - self care advice

Sitting down and focusing on your breathing for a few minutes in a day may seem like a task in itself – but you’ll surprise yourself with how effective it is! Meditation is an ancient practice that has helped keep people mindful and grounded. What better way to stay focused on loving intentions than to give a few minutes of your time to clear your mind and emotions?

Meditating can be as simple as sitting down, closing your eyes, and following a breathing pattern. Additionally, you can use the help of your beautiful and powerful crystals – rubbing your palms on them or rubbing them against your forehead. This not only helps you focus; it also releases a lot of negative vibes. Whatever stress you’ve carried throughout the day can be released by a few minutes of meditation.

If you’re new to the practice, meditating may seem strange at first. However, it’s been said to be guaranteed to keep you focused – mostly when you’ve set your sights on attracting a date!

There’s nothing more beautiful than a person who radiates positive energy. It beats hours of torturing yourself in the gym or buying new clothes. A few breaths to refocus should help you get that much-needed twinkle and luster to attract a potential valentine.  Tune in to your soul! Practice mindfulness.

Sometimes it can be hard to sit upright even for 10 minutes, so we thought we can introduce you to a supportive meditative cushion to keep your flow uninterrupted by a slouching back, I know I have done this many times only to find that my breathing is not long flowing breathes.

self-care tips - self care advice

Leewadee Foldable Meditation Floor Seat 2 in 1 Set Meditation Pillow and Cushion Underlay in One Eco-Friendly Organic and Natural, Kapok

My back starts to bend and before you know it the focus is more on having a fairly straight back than a focus on the meditative state for energy flow for deep and relaxed breathing.

This is a great meditation cushion not too large we believe, and its great you can just fold it away, or you can use it for just sitting around on floor space and relaxing.

Read more about it here and check out the price on amazon if this is you.

4. Hypnosis to hone in that ultimate partner in life

positive mindset - Meditation Hypnosis

Don’t think that we’re trying to get you into hypnotizing someone special, so they’ll take you out for dinner. 

Hypnotizing entails a much more focused state of meditation – where you become completely relaxed and immersed in your conscious and subconscious mind.

Releasing any old self sabotaging behaviors and bringing in new opportunities for a loving partner.

Did you know it’s possible to alter your mindset through a form of self-hypnosis? By reaching a totally relaxed state, you can have a more direct soul seeking conversation with your subconscious.

You can then weed out any negative thoughts and bring in more positive thoughts. If you get good at it, you can reprogram your mindset to be less distracted, less insecure, and ultimately more self assured and loving.

If you’re the type to self-criticize, scold, or stress yourself out, hypnosis can help you be more forgiving by removing those blockages from some form of possible regret or putting yourself down. Sometimes all you really need to do is tune out and re-connect with yourself. Sort of like a one-on-one with that voice in your head. 

Why am I reacting this way? Why am I so hard on myself? Can I let go of this once and for all?

Remember, a calm, stress-free mind will manifest itself physically. Once you get the hang of hypnosis, you’ll get better sleep, and soon, you’ll say farewell to those unflattering dark circles under your eyes that can make you look unattractive to a potential partner. 

That much-needed beauty sleep will bring out your best look yet – perfect for an unsuspecting encounter with a beautiful stranger who might be just around the corner.

5. Color psychology make-up and clothes

Now that you’ve cleared up the cloudiness in your mind/body and soul, it’s time to dress up the physical self.

Clothes and make-up are enhancers to a glowing, radiating personality. They also serve to highlight what makes you unique and are a way to express yourself and what you’re feeling on the inside.

The colors you choose to wear send a subconscious message to those around you. Red is fierce, fiery, and strong – and so putting on a red ensemble is one way to express that you’re a zealous, independent woman. Colors also have spiritual and holistic effects; red is said to stimulate circulation, while yellow helps purify the body. 

positive mindset - Meditation Hypnosis

Orange increases energy, while blue is soothing and helps alleviate pain, its also a color to open up with communication, as pink is a soft color to represent love which also means loving yourself and opening yourself up to attracting a partner.

There’s definitely a reason why red is the primary color for Valentine’s Day. This vibrant red color can ignite some intense, passionate emotions that are a surefire way to get that well-deserved attention. So, whether you’re going for a date with yourself, some friends, or with a potential partner, we suggest you wear something red or if you are starting out again and need to allow yourself to open up again to a new relationship pink is a great starter.

A Vigor for Valentines

positive mindset - Meditation Hypnosis - self-care tips

There you have the five super magnetic ways to supercharge those personal vibrational energies and attract that ultimate partner. But at the end of the day, remember this daily love ritual that will ultimately benefit you, single or not, “Love yourself first.”   

After all, you cannot give what you don’t have, right? Start loving yourself and attract that loving and supportive person that you deserve in your life. Hope these tips have helped you.

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